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Dear Ellie,

Is it true?  Are you really 7 years old today?  It’s hard for me to think of you as a 7 year old.  It happened so quickly.  One day I was buying you and Addison matching outfits in the toddler section of Baby Gap – size 1 and 3, then 2 and 4.  That feels like last week.  And now, today, you’re 7.  And you’ve moved way out of the toddler section of Baby Gap.  And I’m having a harder time buying you clothes because everything your size looks so “pre-teen” and hip and cool and way too grown up for my sweet little Ellie.  And all I want to do is keep buying you tops with little butterflies that say “cute as a bug” on them.

But as much as I want to keep you little, I am loving every minute with you at this stage in your life.  You are such a happy girl Ellie.  You always have been.  You are vivacious and full of life from the minute you first wake up in the morning.  Your daddy and I start every day with a smile because of you.  
You were meant to be a big sister.  Kole adores you and Addison counts the seconds each day until you get home.  They both rely on you to entertain them because it’s always a party when you are around.  

You are extremely social and are loved by all of your classmates at school.  I hear constantly from other moms how nice you are to everyone.  How much you care about other people’s feelings and how much their children love being with you.  I’m always so proud.  You have a way of making friends so easily.  A couple of weeks ago we were at Nordstroms and you were waiting behind me while I bought something.  All of a sudden I heard you talking to a lady close by…telling her your name and all about the doll you took to school for sharing that day.  By the time we left the store the two of you were hugging good-bye like long lost friends.  Just like that.  It’s so easy for you to talk to people.   

You love to be “comfy.”  You care much more about being comfortable than you do about being fashionable (unlike Addison).  You won’t wear anything that is “itchy” and you put on your pajamas the second you get home for the day.  You love being home in your p.j’s – playing with your little “friends” (dolls and stuffed animals).  You take such good care of everyone.  I know that someday you will be an amazing mom.

I love how content you are Ellie.  You love just being with your family.  We hear several times each day how much you love us all.  Even when you’re mad about something, you always make it clear that while you’re upset, you still love us.  (see hairstyle post)  :)

When I was growing up I always loved the number 19.  I remember once soon after your daddy and I were married he asked me why I liked 19 so much and I said “I don’t know.  I’ve just always loved that number.”
Then you came into my world on January 19th and suddenly it was very clear why that number always felt special to me.  YOU are so special to me.  You make me smile every single day.  You make me happy every single day.  You make me feel gratitude every single day.

Happy 7th Birthday Ellie.  I love you so much.



xoxo, Erin
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43 thoughts on “Dear Ellie,

  1. Wow, that is so cool how you have always loved the number 19. It’s not like 19 is a very popular number (like, for example, the number 7) so for you to have had that as a favorite number even before Ellie was born….well, that was just meant to be.

    Happy Birthday to your Ellie! She’s a beautiful girl :)

  2. Awww!!! That is such a sweet post! It’s true, she has a real light about her that you can tell just by looking at her!! Beautiful! Happy Birthday Ellie!

  3. Erin, Can’t believe she turned 7! She is beautiful and a wonderful little girl. Congratulations on a fabulous little daughter. You are a great mom and I loved your post so sweet. Miss you guys

  4. Oh I love that little girl. She is the one who made me a Grandma. Made my two other kids aunt and uncle. Made Grandpa a darling gramdpa. We have all really spoiled her…but she is NOT spoiled. In fact, just the opposite. Ellie is so very kind, thoughtful and loving. And OUTGOING. I like to think she gets that from me :) It is like raising Erin all over again….she looks like Erin did as a little girl. And she has her smile, freckles, and hair.
    Ellie makes us all so happy. She just walks through the door at my house or in San Diego and the whole house gets happier. Ellie brings a light. A pure happiness about life. She is the only one of my grandchildren that I actually got to see come into this world so she holds a special place in my heart.
    I love you Ellie. I will think of you all day long and how grateful I am to have you for my granddaughter. I also am very grateful you have such a cute mommy who writes such heartfelt love and joy for her little girl on her birthday. We are a blessed family.

  5. What a sweet letter. I hope she has a wonderful birthday and continues to blossom into a beautiful young lady. How do they grow so fast…I too have a 7 year old.

  6. Bring a tear to my eye…MY oldest is turning 5 on the 26th and I have the hardest time with her getting older…Her and Ellie seem like they would be great friends…both have the same outlook on life :)

  7. beautifullly written, erin! ellie is such a happy girl. i always enjoy being around her. enjoy her a little extra today. i especially love that last picture of her. what a precious shot!

    p.s. it’s easy for me to remember her birthday b/c she shares it with my youngest brother who passed away as a baby. jan. 19th is a special day in our home as well.

  8. I feel like I know your special Ellie after reading this beautiful post! And, we share a birthday! Jan. 19th is the best! Everything you didn’t get for Christmas you’ll get for your birthday :)) I’m sure Ellie will pick up on that fact very soon.

    Happy Birthday Ellie

  9. What a great note! Will you be printing it and putting it in her PL album? Its so funny b/c I just wrote a post to my daughter a few days ago and it was called “Dear Jessica”. I am doing a regular PL album for our family but I am tempted to buy 2 more for each girl. Still deciding.
    Happy Birthday to your Ellie!

  10. Ok, really, how did this happen?! I know she JUST turned 6 because we were there, partying at Disneyland! Can that really be a whole year ago?!

    Such a perfect post Erin, Ellie really is the sweetest little thing.

    Happy Birthday Ellie! We hope you have a super fun day all day! We love you so much and we are so thankful to have you for our friend. We can’t wait to play with you again! Love, Ryan, Josie, Pierce and Madi

  11. K Erin,
    I’m just wishing I could give little Ellie a hug right now. That post just made me love her even more.
    Please give her a hug from me. What a sweet little girl.

  12. What a darling post!! She is so dang cute! Hope she had a wonderful Birthday today!! I am sure you did it up just right!!

    P.S. I saw that you must have gotten up first thing this morning to write this cute post! What a cute thoughtful little mommy you are :)

  13. Good post Erin! My Olivia will be 7 tomorrow! It is hard having them grow up so fast! Ellie is a cutie patutie! How nice to have such a great helper as your oldest!

  14. Another darling post Erin! (This seriously made me cry!!!!!!!!)
    Ellie is such a beautiful little girl, and you can tell how much she adores Addison and Kole. I thnk she’s following quite closely in her Mommy’s footsteps :0)

    Happy 7th Birthday Ellie!!!!!!

  15. You can tell how amazing she is just by her pictures. After all a picture speaks a 1,000 words. :-) Give yourself a round of applause too! Sweet, caring, sensitive girls don’t just “happen” they are a direct reflection of their mama- and I am positive you are simply wonderful!

    Hugs from Kansas.

  16. =sniff, sniff, sob=
    This is so beautiful, Erin! I see so much of you in her. You probably hear that so often. She is doll like her momma, no doubt! Birthday blessings to your precious girl!

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