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Dear Chargers,

Hi team. My name is Kole and I’m your newest (and smallest) fan. My mother is a fan and my father is a MAJOR fan. I just wanted to thank you for finally winning a game today. This season was about to become a bust but after today’s win against the Texans, you’ve given us a glimmer of hope. You may remember the letter my mom sent you last year? About how greatly she benefits from a Chargers win? Let’s just say that if my mom’s happy, I’m happy. I not only got to eat my favorite meal of milk and sweet potatoes for lunch, but also enjoyed a nice long nap after the game (my sisters had to stay put for a change and let me sleep until I was good and ready to wake up). Mom and dad were all smiles after my nap and held me and played with me for the rest of the afternoon. Plus I’m pretty sure there are some sweet teething toys coming my way this holiday season. It was a good day team and I owe it all to you.

So thanks Chargers — enjoy your upcoming bye week. And if it isn’t too much to ask, how about another win the following week when you play the Broncos? A win over the Broncos (my Uncle Austin’s team) makes my dad really happy. And when my dad is really happy, my mom is REALLY happy. And there happens to be a shiny new binkie at Babies R Us with my name all over it.

Love, Kole (your newest and smallest fan)

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Dear Chargers,

  1. Oh Kole, you are the most adorable baby boy I know but a win over the Broncos, I don’t think its going to happen because when the Broncos win my mom & dad are very happy happen & when that happens, well you know the rest…
    Gracie V.

  2. i am cracking up at this post! i went back and read all the posts you had linked (all the way back to the christmas cards- LOL)! your letter last year was sooooo funny. :-)


    p.s. i LOVE the crib bedding and the mobile you chose for kole’s room. it is soooo cute!

  3. HI. Love your blog!! Don’t usually post because I have nothing important to say. But didn’t the Chargers beat the Texans? The Chiefs played the Raiders, didn’t they? Anyways I love the Chargers too!! Go Chargers!
    Kole has got to be the cutest fan – EVER!!!

  4. Oh my goodness – you’re right – it was the Texans! I’m so glad you pointed that out to me! Some fan I am, right!? :) I’ve got to stop blogging in front of the TV…

  5. What a darling little fan! Yes, a win can make everyone oh so happy. We had a big loss this weekend and my kids kept wondering why mommy was screaming so much at the TV. They then pointed out it wasn’t the TV’s fault.

    Fingers crossed for a win against the Broncos, Kole, I bet you can talk your mommy into more than just a few binkies! :)

  6. Hi Erin! I am new to blogging and was sent to your blog by my friend. Love the way you write! And I LOVE your Christmas cards! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing the fonts you used for the two Christmas cards that you included a personal note with??? I am very much a font person! :)

  7. Kole – if anyone can help those Chargers win, I think it will be you. You are adorable and seem to have your moms awesome ability to write and bring smiles to many! We are cheering for them, too. I know it makes my son in law happy, too.

  8. Cute post! And I love the bedding too! You’d think with three boys under my belt that I would’ve had a cute setup like that somewhere along the way….yeah, not so much. We were all too busy sleeping in the same room! I think I just heard you cringe. :)

    Anyways, super cute blog and I LOVE your organizational tips! Keep them coming!

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