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Ellie and Addison

A lovely mess

Yesterday was a busy Monday! Aside from shuffling kids around to preschool and play dates, taking care of my baby (who has an eye infection right now – poor little guy), meal planning, getting groceries for the week, and exercising (which didn’t happen until 8:30 at night), I somehow manage to find the time to make a lovely mess out of my scrapbook room.

One of the items I bought at the container store was for scrapbook stuff and it inspired a massive re-organization of my supplies.

Kole was unimpressed with what I did to his room. Especially since he couldn’t lay on his changing table and look at the trees – his all time favorite hang out.

My little progidy was a huge help as always. :) Speaking of my little Miss Ellie, we have been noticing quite a few changes with her lately. She is becoming much more independent and starting to do things by herself that I used to help her with. Things like fixing her own snack, turning on her favorite TV show (with permission), doing her own hair, etc. She is also becoming a lot more picky about choosing what she is going to wear everyday. I can’t decide if I like the changes or not. She’s growing up and in some ways it’s so refreshing to have one child that doesn’t require as much assistance. On the other hand, I’m having a hard time giving up some of the control. I’m suddenly seeing flashes of waving good-bye to her from the door while she takes off driving by herself, heading to who knows where with who knows who!

(modeling her new nightgown she HAD to have so she could put a shirt under it to look just like DW on Arthur)

Give me strength for what’s to come with this one!

As for my other sassy pants, when I picked her up at pre-school yesterday all of the teachers were cracking up over a conversation that happened while she and another little boy were washing their hands in the bathroom. —

Griffin: “I like you.”

Addison: “I’m sorry. You can’t be my husband because I already have one. His name is Mitchell. My sister Ellie has a husband too named Evan.”


Here is a picture of her with her soon to be husband Mitchell who has since moved and is very missed:

ah….young love. :) Apparently I’m going to need strength for what’s to come with this one as well!

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “A lovely mess

  1. Oh those girls crack me up! I needed a little laugh and a good dose of Erin this morning! Although, I am a little concerned that Addie claimed El’s husband to be Evan. What’s up with that?! Good thing were coming to visit soon! :)

  2. Love those girls! Your thoughts about Ellie growing up are hitting home with me right now. *sniff sniff*

    And I LOVE seeing messes in your house!!!


  3. Oh such cute girls! Love their quotes – priceless. Each new phase comes with such mixed emotions. I have a few hours and my goal (again) is to get my home office organized. (Why do I hold on to papers that I can’t read and that have info I could find on the internet if I really needed it). Okay, typing that gives me power to dejunk! Thanks, Erin.

  4. It only gets better. Older children are the best help ever! I recently started leaving my twelve-year-old and nine-year-old boys in charge of watching the two-year-old. I’ve entered a whole new phase of freedom! I am loving life. It’s sad and exciting at the same time to watch your children grow.

  5. Ha ha–I have been jealous of your girls’ perfectly matched outfits, but now I realize that maybe it was the stage they were in–them actually agreeing to wear the clothes you picked out. :) I swear I buy Rachel clothes that match…but she comes up with some very interesting combinations which sometimes I choose not to fight that battle. fun stuff :)

  6. Too funny! My oldest is 4 and starts pre-K on Monday. I’m terribly excited for him, because he’ll love it and do great, but I sat down and cried because it was such an odd feeling for me and my husband that we are about to enter into another stage of life. The stage where your own children are going off to school. I remember graduating from high school, crap, I remember the feeling I had going from Jr. High to High school, how can I have a baby getting ready to begin the process?? *sigh*

    Erin. Shoot me your address, your necklace is done!!

  7. Erin, I’m always reading your blog, but never comment. Well today I will. I love it!! I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it, but I’m hooked. You have made me remember my love of boots, and have inspired me to start my own blog. Also, I don’t scrapbook, but because of you I ordered Project life and love it! Going strong for past 8 months. Thank you!

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