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Life with three

About a week ago, June 30th to be exact, Kole turned three months old. YES! I survived the newborn stage. Something magical seems to happen with babies at three months old (at least it has happened with all three of mine). Less fussiness, better sleeping, and more personality. It’s also about the time I start to come out of my “I just had a baby haze” and reclaim my life. Things are starting to calm down around here.

The last three months have been just short of crazy. I’ve had so many “are you kidding me?” moments but the one I’m about to share seems to top them all.

{warning: do not continue reading if you are eating, easily grossed out, or aren’t a mom. If you aren’t a mom you may read this and decide to never become one}

It was toward the end of a long day. Kole had been high maintenance and cried every time I tried to set him down. The girls were bored and fighting. We were all tired. I decided to give the girls a bath so they could play with their mermaids and mix things up a bit. I put them in the tub, got shampoo on their hair and then Kole became extremely fussy. I spent a while walking and bouncing him and then tried feeding him…again…while the girls played. So I’m feeding Kole in his room and all of the sudden Ellie screams “mom come quick!” I run to the bathroom (with Kole spitting up milk all along the way) to find Ellie on the toilet and Addison in the tub…bawling…because she just threw up. I guess Ellie had to use the bathroom and the smell made Addison gag causing her to throw up in the tub. (see…I warned you) At this point Kole is getting madder by the second because his meal time was interrupted and Ellie is also starting to bawl because she feels bad for Addison and is afraid she is in trouble. So I’m standing there – milk all down my shirt – assessing the situation – all three kids bawling – and all I can think is:

Seriously? Seriously. This is my life? This is my life.

I did nothing for at least a minute (had serious thoughts about turning and running straight out of my front door) and then snap. Time to move. I calm the girls, flush the toilet, open the window, empty the tub water, clean the tub out, run clean water, grab a binkie for Kole (who is on the floor still crying during all of this), wash the shampoo out of the girls’ hair, get them out, pick up Kole, finish feeding him, change my clothes, get all three kids in pajamas…just in time for Kenny to walk in the door and ask “how was your day?”

I think the look on my face said it all.

There have been many days like this in the last three months. Days that may not have included as many bodily functions, but that were a circus just the same. It’s the reason my house is so organized right now. Organization is my therapy. If I can’t control my life, I WILL control what my closet looks like. Some people have days that drive them to drink. I have days that drive me to pull everything out of my spice cupboard. And then put it all back – with labels – and color coordinated lids – in order from biggest to smallest.

Today I went to the gym for the first time since I had Kole.

With Ellie, I didn’t take her to the gym until she was over one year old. I didn’t trust anyone but me to take care of my baby. When I did finally leave her, I gave specific instructions on everything about her from what she liked to play with to how she liked to be held. Then I found a treadmill with a direct view into the Kids Klub so I could watch her the whole time I worked out. I took Addison to the gym around six months. I knew and trusted the ladies I was leaving her with by this time, but still gave them specific instructions each time I dropped her off and still tried to workout at least part of the time close by so I could peek in on her. With Kole I was counting down for him to turn three months – old enough to go to the Kids Klub. I dropped all three of my kids off today, handed the ladies a diaper bag, muttered “bless you all!” and headed for the exercise equipment as far away from the Kids Klub as possible.

Life with three. The last few months have been a challenge and I know there will continue to be crazy days in our future, but I look at these three faces and smile. Because I love them so much. And I know I wouldn’t want it any other way.
xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Life with three

  1. I knew you could handle THREE!! You asked a few months back what it was like to have three…well, now you know! ;) You are such an amazing Mom! I’m constantly inspired by you! Congrats on getting through these THREE months!

  2. Oh my goodness! First of all, all your children look like scrumptious cabbage patch dollies. ;-) And I know exactly how you feel! Does that bring any comfort at all? LOL. Over Christmas last year we had a horrid 48 hr flu hit. After both children puked in bed (my boys share) My husband threw them in the bath (he doesn’t do well with puke) I changed the sheet. After 20-30 min puking stopped, they settled down. New sheets on bed…ready for sleeping. NOT. I swear as soon as we got them back in more puking started. Thank goodness I had 3 pairs of sheets for them. Needless to say those were sleepless nights, and then I caught the bug. UGH. I felt like I was ran over with a garbage truck.

    Love from Kansas ;-)

  3. Look at those sweet babies…totally worth it! Your story freaked me out because anything that involves vomit freaks me out. You were so brave and just dove right in…what a champ!

  4. Oooooooh. The pictures do make them look like little angels. So sweet. We moms know it’s CRAZY sometimes. Great example of crazy bodily fluids and crying chaos. Been there. So tired of doing that. But you are surviving!! I bet the gym helps your outlook on life a ton. Good job. :)

  5. I SO know what you’re talking about! Don’t you think it would be a lot easier if women were born with 4 arms instead of 2? I have to remind myself on a DAILY basis that this IS my life and that I CHOSE it. Yes it’s hard but, like you, I wouldn’t have it any. other. way. !!

  6. Aw, the joys of mommyhood! :) I’m due to have #2 in two months and have been having all the emotions of excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and everything else in between. This time around I’m more worried about those first three months after baby’s here… I now know the labor and delivery is the easy part! The good thing is how fast everything goes. I know soon enough I’ll be looking back and sad to think my baby is now one. Love reading your blog and seeing your darling littles! :)

  7. Yea 3 months! I am so glad you got to go to the gym, especially after the throw up incident. I took my 3rd to Pizza Factory just 4 days after she was born, I don’t think Landon ever left the house for at least 6 weeks! Isn’t it funny how life changes?!

  8. Yay! She is back! Erin-I think you need to come to the dark side with me and drop LA and join PAC! I used to love it when we would end up on treadmills next to each other and could multi-task. Get caught up and burn calories all at once! :) We are loving it over at you-know-where and go just about everyday….Ellie and Addie really like the waterfall! :)

    I was the same way with my kids at Kids Klub. Exactly!!!! I remember being in a yoga class once and they came to tell me Jake needed me. I remember lying there thinking, can’t you guys just deal with him for 15 more minutes so I can finish my class??? With Kate, I was pretty much working out in the Kids Klub so I could see her!

    Call me when you have a moment and let’s get together!!!

  9. I was laughing through that whole story- I think there are times that if don’t just laugh you would go crazy. I totally have moments like that and you just don’t even know where to start. I am just glad it happens to other people. We are in it for the glory, right?!!

  10. Hilarious, thanks for the laugh! So very true! I can’t even bring myself to think about what October is going to bring for us. You are an incredible mom and person, thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow! What a time of it you had! I’m sure you’re able to laugh about it now huh? Not something you’ll easily forget! Seriously? Who can resist those cute kids?! That last picture of Ellie and Addison laughing at each other is priceless.

  12. It’s moments like these that I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that what’s important is how I came out on the other side. The craziness passes and if I can just muster a little bit of grace to emerge triumphant and unruffled when the dust settles, then I win. I became a little more of what I’d like to be. You are doing great!

  13. Oh Erin! What a great post! Hahaha! & I’m still laughing! Oh so fun, but the kids are definetly cute & worth every bit of it! I’m glad that I am not the only one with days like that!

  14. I LOVED this post! I laughed out loud at the throw up story! I remember those days…..LONG LONG ago! ha!
    Glad your life is getting back to normal! Love you!

  15. His facial expressions say it all. Welcome to my club…”Babes biding their time until all their kids are in school”. You’ve had a tough time lately, I’ll waive the enrollment fee.

  16. I seriously LOVE this post! I have had so many days like this. I have actually wondered what in the world I signed up for. I seriously think three pushed me over the edge at the beginning. It does get better. Now my oldest is old enough to tend for me…that is so nice! This post defiantly made me smile and laugh! Have a great day!

  17. I read this post first on my little blackberry screen coming home from a road trip. I like it better big…esp the cute pics:) You don’t even want to think about how you leave #4 when you finally take that much needed mommy break…

  18. This made me laugh! You are an incredible mom and agree laughter lightens up those crazy times. Its been a while since those days for me!

  19. I just got done reading a really cheesey blog and said to my Mom, this is so unrealistic! Then I pop onto yours and I read it out loud to my mom and I said, That’s more like it!

  20. I just got done reading a really cheesey blog and said to my Mom, this is so unrealistic! Then I pop onto yours and I read it out loud to my mom and I said, That’s more like it!

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