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35 weeks and a baby shower

35 weeks along. Not much to update. I’m not sleeping well. I go to the bathroom about every 25 minutes. Everything is puffy and swollen. It was a cold rainy day and I turned off the heat and have had the fan on high. Kenny and the girls were watching the science channel in sweatshirts huddled together under our big Charger blanket. I’m uncomfortable. And big. And hoping to pop soon. And still wondering what was up with the science channel.

My darling friends threw me a baby shower last week.

A great night full of wonderful people…

wonderful food…

and wonderful gifts. Thank you so much to my friends – I love you all. The shower was perfect. And I’m thrilled about finally having so many fun boy clothes!

This picture just made me laugh. C’mon Erin. Stand up. You can do it. (Funny the challenges you face daily when pregnant – standing up, putting on your shoes, fitting through the grocery store isle…)

All of the gifts were folded up in gift sacks when I went to bed after my baby shower. The next morning I found this downstairs. The girls had pulled everything out and were oohhhing and aahhing over it all. “Mom! Is this all for baby Kole? Isn’t this so cute!? I love this! Will he wear this swimsuit to the beach!?” I jumped right in and showed them everything and the three of us oohhhed and aahhhed together. It made me so happy that I have girls. When I had tried to show Kenny some of the stuff the night before he had nodded and said “Looks good – glad you had fun.” Guys. They just don’t get it.

Ellie told me today that my stomach was so big she can’t remember what it looks like smaller. Then she asked how you make a baby in your stomach. I deferred to Kenny who said “Well….first you get married and then decide you want a baby and the girl gets pregnant.” (I’m thinking – that was the best you could do? Although I know I couldn’t have done any better.) Then she says, “So you just think it and then you’re pregnant?” I told her it was hard to understand and we’d talk about it when she was a little older. She said “Can you tell me about it when I’m eight? Eight is my favorite number.” Then we conveniently steered the conversation in another direction – we were suddenly very interested in knowing exactly why eight was her favorite. :)
xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “35 weeks and a baby shower

  1. Looks like you had a blast!!!!! And don’t you just love THOSE talks? We (meaning me) are very open about that stuff. I’ve had good luck with opening all those conversations with, “Heavenly Father loves us so much that he made our bodies so that we could make babies….. blah, blah, blah”. It makes it a little easier. Although, when my son first discovered his testicles, I was SOOOOO tempted to tell him they were from swallowing too much gum!!!!

  2. Love the profile shot…you continue to amaze me in your cutetothefinsih pregnancy:) Go on Mom…answer the question…you can do it!

  3. Here’s to hoping I look as good as you when I’m 35 weeks pregnant. I get fatter and frumpier every freaking day… This blows!

    Only a few more weeks until baby Kole!! HOLLA!

  4. Jeez Lueez Erin, I look bigger than you!!!! Ugh, tell me it’s true that the camera adds 10 pounds!?!?!

    The shower was sooo fun. Made me want to have friends over more often.

    You really are the cutest pregnant person ever.

  5. Erin-did I tell you I had the talk with Kate? I hated it!!!!!! I hated that she was at that stage. It was awful to me! :)

  6. Oh I am dying over Ellie’s big question! I have been DREADING the day that Pierson asks me that! So far I have been lucky and he has not asked me how the babies get in the Mom’s belly, but 3 days ago he asked me how they got out! AAAHHH! I managed, and it wasn’t so bad, very little detail and he was fine. Hopefully he’ll hold off on how they get in their in the first place!

    So glad you had a fun shower! Boy thing are cute, huh? I’m thinking we need to have a SG shower when you come this summer, is your fam planning on doing one? Let me know and I’ll talk to your Mom.

    And seriously, you are the cutest pregnant girl EVER! You look great, really you do. And that belly certainly doesn’t stop you from looking SO stylish and cute! How do you manage to look so great ALL the time?!

    Ok, I’m done. Love ya!

  7. Sounds like so much fun! Love the part of your girls oohing and aahhing — so true! Love your conversation with Ellie — priceless.

  8. You still look so cute- the ball is just getting bigger.

    That was a great way to dodge the bullet with Ellie. The talk is not a fun one to have- I avoided it as long as possible!!

  9. I would give anything to look as good as you do at 35 weeks! I’m only at 22 weeks and I’m so uncomfortable already.
    Looks like such a fun shower. I’ve already had a couple of friends saying they are putting a shower on for me and I’m so grateful because I need all the help I can get with boys stuff!
    We really do need to live closer together….being that I doubt you’d ever move to this COLD parts, we’ll just have to move down there!!
    So excited that you are so close already!

  10. Oh, and my 2 cents about the ‘question’ Ellie asked…

    You answered her in just the right way for a 6 year old. When Kate asked Ann, I told her to say a little more since Kate is a tad older. Ellie isn’t there yet.

  11. You are such a gorgeous pregnant mommy in that v. chic dress. Fun times!

    I just had the FULL talk with my daughter who just turned 11. Your answer was perfect – she knows just what she needs to know at this age. good job!

  12. Erin, you look GREAT, and you will look great in a few short months back to your normal self. What a fun time for you and your sweet family. I can’t wait to see you and see that darling baby Kole! I just love your blog, you post about the cutest stuff! Tell Kenny I said Hi and that I love you all!

  13. Very fun! It is fun to have girls and Kenny will love having a boy because they get stuff we don’t. I love having both! And I know 20 people already said it but you look Fabulous. :)

  14. Erin you look ADORABLE! Your shower was so fun!

    One favor..PLEASE photo shop me out of the picture with you, Kathleen & Angie. Even Aaron agreed that I look terrible. It’s such a cute pic of the three of you! Sorry to add the ugly factor.

    Here’s to counting down the days with you….22, 21…:)

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