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Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

(when Kenny was getting ready to take this picture I asked him how I should stand – which angle made me look the thinnest. Then we both laughed.)

I tipped over today. At church. In front of people. I was bending down getting Addison a water bottle out of my bag and the weight of my stomach pulled me forward and off balance and I just tipped over. Talk about embarrassing. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Kenny’s good friend was close by and he laughed – in a nice way – and helped me up. It was pretty comical I guess. I’m just a bit front heavy these days.

My doctor is going to induce me at the beginning of April so I’m down to just two months left. YEA. I was induced with Ellie because I was almost a week late and then she was big (8 lbs 8 oz) and broke her collar bone during delivery. Broken collar bones for babies have to just heal on their own. Made for a VERY fussy newborn (poor thing). My doctor said Ellie was way too big of a baby for me to deliver, so with Addison she induced me a week early. Everything went MUCH smoother (she was 6 lbs 10 oz) so the plan is to do the same with this little one. I don’t want to have him on April Fools Day, but we’ll pick a day soon after that.

I love being induced. Obviously I don’t know any different, but it’s right up my planner personality. I love that I wake up in the morning and know – today I’m going to have my baby. My bags are packed, house is in order, out of town parents are in town to help, Kenny has arranged his work schedule so he can be there. And I feel ready and anxious and excited. Guess I’ll never exclaim “I think my water just broke!” in the middle of a restaurant (which always looks so exciting in the movies), but I’m ok with that. I’m a planner.

This baby is moving around so much and I LOVE it. It’s a constant reminder to me that everything is ok.

I’ve gained 20 pounds so far. Good times.

I’m always hot. Kenny and I are sleeping under separate covers because I can’t stand our heavy blanket.

I’m not quite as hungry as I have been the past few months. I feel full for at least 45 minutes now instead of 10. Rootbeer sounds good all the time – full or not.

I miss sleeping on my back.

Because of my first trip to the ER I was put on “pelvic rest” (great term) and couldn’t exercise. My doctor told me I could start exercising again just in time for my second trip to the ER over Christmas. My knee still isn’t completely healed and this has been the longest time I have ever gone without exercising. I miss it. I really miss it. I miss aerobics. I miss my treadmill. I miss my workout mix on my ipod. I miss the regulars at the gym. I miss the kids club. I miss that 45 minutes of sweaty me time that made me feel good the rest of the day. Very much looking forward to being able to exercise again.

I’m puffy. I’ve entered the retaining water stage and everything is getting swollen. My feet, my fingers, my face. I so despise this part of the third trimester. Like it’s not enough to be gaining weight in every part of my body – but my face too? Can’t I just keep my face the way it is? Can’t I just look in the mirror in the morning and have one thing look normal? Apparently not.

My back is really starting to hurt. Especially by the end of the day. Back pain during the third trimester is the hardest thing for me about being pregnant. I feel lucky that back pain is the worst of it, but still, not fun. It’s getting a lot harder to do things like bathe the girls and bend over to wash their hair. They might not smell as good as they usually do during the next two months. :)

Speaking of my girls, they are so excited about this baby. They talk about him and to him non-stop. I seem to have little hands on my stomach all day long. This baby boy will have three mommys and more love and attention than he’ll know what to do with.

So…two more months. I can do that. We are all anxiously awaiting this little guy’s arrival!

xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

  1. I know…. since he will have my sons name, he should be born on my daughters birthday.. April 5th.. That would give the cousins a connection :-)
    Not sure where you are going to store him for the next two months.. Looks like you are plum outta room!!! HUGS!

  2. Only 20 pounds! I gained 20 pounds by 20 weeks with my last one, then I gained 25 MORE! AHHHHH!!!!! Pregnancy sucks–bottom line. There is positively nothing good about it except the end result. I am a huge pregnancy complainer. I am NOT one of those cute moms who has a cute belly and cute clothes. I hate every minute and I go into hiding for 9 months. You, however, are adorable. Jealous!

  3. You do look so cute! Amazing little belly ball sticking out. Very cute.

    And is that a crock pot sitting on your counter?????? :)

    You can do this Erin! Two months is gonna fly by.

  4. You look Fantastic and you must of taken the pic before the swelling because your face doesn’t look swollen to me!!! Very funny story at least it probably will be someday. AND I can’t believe you look that good NOT being able to workout for so long. Obviously you are careful with what you eat!!! ;) Hope the next 2 months are as good as can be expected! Congrats!

  5. Oh Erin! I saw you fall over!!! You were very graceful about it though. At first I didn’t think anyone noticed and I was ready to run across the room and help you. If it makes you feel better I’m 2 months behind you and fell the other day because I lost my balance.

    Also now I’m have you and your sister-inlaw to be jealous of. She’s at 0lbs and your only at 20! I’m at 18 and like I said I’m 2 months behind you!!!

    You look great btw!!!

  6. Oh Erin! You poor thing… although I am cracking up thinking of you tipping over! At least that is better than falling down, right, no injuries = good thing. Glad you are ok and that help was given. But, ok seriously, who looks that cute and stylish and impossibly great with such a huge belly?! You, my dear, ONLY YOU! I can’t believe that big belly, but can’t believe how great you look either. Totally unfair, totally. But so glad that all is well at the Rollins house and the air is full of baby excitement!

    Have I mentioned we miss you guys?! We really, really miss you guys!!!

  7. Are you sure you didn’t just shove a basketball up your shirt? I can’t tell you are gaining weight anywhere else, just a cute ball in the front. The tipping over is pretty funny though, at that point I guess all you can do is laugh!! The end is so hard though, hang in there.

  8. You are the cutest pregnant girl I’ve ever seen! I totally understand how you feel with the back pain and being excited to work out again. I can’t wait to see this little guy!

  9. you look adorable! you for sure can do two more months…just try & sleep now, right! ;) we look forward to meeting your little guy too. take care of you!

    p.s. LOVE having Ellie in my class. she’s too funny!

  10. You look so, so cute!! I am glad to see that you are up, and in your boots!! I have been thinking about you lately, and wondering how your knee was doing!?!? So exciting to have an ending date in sight…when you just ‘know’ that you are going to have him! I can’t wait to see that little guy!! (and to see how your house looks with a little ‘blue’ around!!) What are you going to do about the nursery?? It looks like it is a princess place!! Fun, fun!!

  11. It’s fun to hear what is going on–it’s been so long I have forgotten completely :-) And Yes–I do remember when your family came to visit us in Denver and we when to chuck-e-cheese and I remember having a blast–I also remember Carly shaking hot peppers all over her pizza, I don’t remember if it was her own doing…or due to a little pursuading from her uncle Lennie…but I don’t think she liked it :-)

  12. You may feel puffy, but you do not look it. You are a darling pregnant person!

    The end of pregnancy is the worst. Try to enjoy it, but if you can’t do that, just try to endure it well.

    It will go by so fast!

  13. You do look absolutely Mary Poppin’s terrific for 30 weeks!

    Sorry, I popped into your head when you tripped, but you’re right I do love a good trip. Wish I could have been there, we would have been peeing in the church isles.

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