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Ellie and Addison

This week

This week we’ve been missing the rain. Last weeks’ showers were a nice change from our always sunny always the same weather. Plus kids look so cute in their brightly colored rain gear. I love taking Addie to preschool and seeing all the fun patterned rain boots lined up.

Rain boots make great accessories, even with ballet tights.

Although it’s nice when your rain gear actually fits.

BUT…not much rain this week. Nope. It’s been nice and sunny… again. I took this picture at Ellie’s school when I went to see her become “Star Student of the Week” for her birthday.

She made an ‘All About Me’ poster that she was awfully proud of.

It included some of her favorite things, one of her least favorite things (snow), what she wants to be when she grows up (a whale trainer at SeaWorld), and a picture of our family. And no, we aren’t a family with exceptionally large ears…those are our shirt sleeves.

She had fun sharing her poster, making a b-day crown, and being the line leader.

She also had fun sharing the Valentines/Birthday cupcakes we made the class.

This week we’ve started getting out some of our Valentines Day decor. It’s easy to make my house look festive during Christmas and Valentines because I already decorate with so much RED. Love it.

This week I have been amazed that my red Target rug from this post is still holding up so great.

This week Kenny is heading up an IPO at work. For attorneys this translates into “Initial Public Offering.” For attorneys’ wives this translates into “kiss your husband good bye for two months.” It’s only been a few days and I’m really missing the extra help around here.

This week, aside from playing the single mom role, I’ve also been working on my Project Life scrapbooks for the girls. I loved what Ali is doing with her book and the way she is adding memorabilia gave me an idea of how I can combine these books with the girls’ school kit books. I’m playing catch up because I decided to start the books in August when both of the girls started school this year. Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon and have something to share. I’m feeling the urge to get “caught up” on a lot of things since I’m down to two months before baby #3 enters the picture. You might say I’ve been “nesting” a lot lately, although truth be told I think a part of me is always “nesting,” pregnant or not.
This week the girls have been racing around in pillowcases,

hiding out in their princess tent which takes up the whole nursery,

and playing a whole lot of “restaurant.” They’ve been serving up all kinds of yummy food like (quoted by Ellie) “hot chocolate stew which tastes just like hot chocolate only a little more cakey.” If you count all of the fake food I’ve been shoveling in I can pretty much say that this week I’ve been eating non-stop. A good friend of mine (who must really really love me) brought me several Cadbury Eggs this week. I love Cadbury Eggs and as this post shows, if they are in my cupboard I have an incredibly hard time resisting the urge to eat them all. I didn’t do so well resisting the other day and when I was down to one egg left I decided it best to just eat it as well and conceal all evidence that they had even been around. This way Kenny wouldn’t see it and wonder if there had once been more. Made sense at the time.

Then I felt so guilty for eating all the eggs in one day that I decided to have just broccoli for dinner. Baby Kole didn’t like that combination too much.

I’ll eat better next week.
xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “This week

  1. I told my co-worker that I bet the San Diegoans(?) really enjoy the change but I really did not like it.

    You can come nest at my house anytime – it is in need and I am not going to get pregnant just to get it done.

  2. Cadbury eggs and broccoli sounds excellent to me! That is my kind of dinner. As does Ellie’s hot chocolate stew, yum, I think I’d like to try that.

    How funny that Ellie doesn’t like snow. What a disappointment after all of the excitement to see snow! I guess it goes to show that things aren’t always as great as they seem.

    So you’re throwing “Baby Kole” around, does that mean it’s official?!

  3. That friend must really love you. That friend probably thinks of you every single time she sees a Cadbury egg and just had to bring you some. :)

    And look at you baking cupcakes AND boiling brocolli all in one week! You really are nesting. (There are certain words in the English vocabulary that I will NEVER remember how to spell and brocolli is one of them.)

    I love your red rug. I’m dreaming of having one. Do they have them in a smaller size?

  4. I really miss the rain also. I really love a change in our sunny skies every so often.

    Looks like your eating about as well as I am right now! I think I’m ok if I eat a bunch of veggies after my desserts.

    Come join me if your getting lonely. Todd has been gone since January 4th basically. He comes home from his latest 8 day trip and leaves a day and a half later. Boohoo for me I know. I don’t see it ending any time soon. I hope it does for you though.

  5. The rain gear is darling. I would have loved having that for you and Carly. We never get enough rain in Santa Clara to justify rain boots….plus we never had a Target when you were little. How did I survive without a Target back then?
    I am proud of my little Ellie’s poster. That must have taken a lot of time…well worth it!
    Sure wish I could have been there for her presentation to her class.

  6. The chocolate and brocolli thing – I would totally do that. and then regret it afterwards too.

    Fun post. You are so cute Erin!

    Maybe someday we’ll actually meet. :)

  7. Question: what do you use on your stainless steel appliances to keep them perfect? I don’t even have stainless now but I did and will again and it was hard to keep the fingerprints off…

  8. Beautiful memories – That all about me poster is priceless. You are incredible about capturing the moments. Ha – I can relate to consuming lots of chocolate and then trying to throw in a vegetable. Red is such a fun color to decorate (and wear).

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