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Ellie and Addison

Our Tether Ball Rules

(pics from our Thanksgiving in Utah)
RULE #1: Everything is acceptable. Ignore all regular Tether Ball Rules.

RULE #2: It’s perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to take a break from the game altogether and play chase with the ball.

RULE #3: If scared of the ball, or anything else for that matter, you are allowed to take refuge in-between daddy’s legs.

RULE #4: You are especially encouraged to play Tether Ball when you have a ball in your hand and one in your belly.

RULE #5: Try not to get carried away and hit your three year old sister in the head. If you are the three year old who is continually getting hit in the head, make sure that grandpa isn’t far. It’s well known that grandpas give the best hugs.

RULE #6: Stop every now and again and smile for a picture. It makes mom happy and if mom’s happy you can play more Tether Ball.

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Our Tether Ball Rules

  1. Okay. Stop it. You are too stinkin cute rockin those high heeled boots with your belly and being athletic all the while. I hate and love you all rolled into one.

  2. Ya know I’ve never really been a fan of tether ball, but playing by your rules, now that sounds like a game I could play! Much better than regular tether ball for sure! Way cute pics. Love Ellie’s perfect little pose. And love you lookin’ SO stylish with your little belly.

  3. I haven’t seen a tether ball since Elementary school! Looks like your girls love it! Your little belly is the cutest thing EVER! Especially with your stylish boots to top it all off! I’m quite impressed!

  4. We plan to just leave it up for more fun over Christmas. Grandpa and I are sure getting excited to have you all come back. Our house it too quiet! (Plus, every night I feel the need to start boiling water for Mac and Cheese or pasta).

  5. Love you and hate you too. Dang cute boots.

    Very cute pictures.

    Oh the tetherball days. :) Now tetherball reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

  6. Who’s amazing? Whoa, the last couple of post’s are! I am so proud of all you are able to get accomplished. I was never that hard core before the last trimester. AH-MAZING

  7. Why weren’t those the tether ball rules when we were little? And why weren’t any of the moms as hot as you? I guess we just lived in a different world back then!!!

  8. Tether ball is the best! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving and I love the fall leaves all around. As always darling pics and the girls are so adorable! I’m so excited for you to experience the life of raising a little boy… so fun!

  9. I so want a tether ball poll! That looks like so much fun! I NEVER look that cute when I’m playing with my kids! You are adorable!

  10. Look how pretty Ellie looks in that last picture. You would have never known that she had it in her to smack her sister in the head!

    Fun post to read. You’re so witty.

  11. How fun! Such cute pictures. I remember playing tether ball when I was younger…but I don’t think my kids ever played it. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

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