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A family favorite

In honor of my sister’s birthday today (happy birthday Car!) I thought I’d post our family’s favorite Christmas photo.

Guess we weren’t too excited about meeting Santa!
(Carly is on his right knee and I’m on his left)

Hope you have a great birthday today Car! Love you.

(for more old pics of me and Car you can head to her b-day post from last year)
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “A family favorite

  1. That is my favorite all time Christmas picture!
    Dad and I were talking last night about all the memories we have of Christmas from our childhoods to married with kids. But the very favorite, most cherished one, for both of us was the Christmas we got Carly. December 15th, 1998. She is our Christmas Angel and always will be. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

  2. OOPS! That would be 1978!
    Erin thought it was so fun that she got a new baby sister for Christmas that year. The next Christmas she told everyone that Santa was bringing her another baby sister for Christmas….everyone thought it was our way of telling people we were expecting which was not the case at all. We got her a rocking horse instead….it was 5 years later before we had another baby :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out Sis! I love that photo – we look so sad and pathetic and Santa looks like he does NOT get paid enough!! I just re-read your tribute from last year, and I love it, but that photo of me with the crazy eye is an atrocity! You should remove it it at once and replace it with one where I have skinny arms and good skin :) Love you!!

  4. Oh, that wins hands down! How did you get that photo so crystal clear? Is that a photoshop move? I’ve been working with old photo’s all week in my cheap-o free program, nothing like yours.

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