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Christmas Decor

We are pretty happy around our house. The girls are counting the days until Santa comes and are having so much fun with all of the holiday festivities. Kenny is still flying high after seeing the Chargers play in Texas. Not only did the Chargers win and not only did he get to see the coolest stadium in the US, but he also got to sit in the owners box during the game and meet Jerry Jones (the owner of the Dallas Cowboys) because one of the guys he was with is related to him. Yes, Christmas came early for my husband. He should be on a high until at least February. As for me, I’m happiest when I’m home. Listening to Christmas music surrounded by my decorations and lights puts me in the best mood.

A week or so ago Ellie yelled from the family room “mom! there’s a sock for the baby!” I had taken the Charger sock down that she put up (I know, I said I was mellowing, but apparently not…it was bugging me so bad!) I went in the living room thinking she had put the Charger sock back up and saw a matching sock with “Kole” on it. So far Kole is the ONLY name Kenny and I have agreed on for our little guy. We don’t know if we’re using it or not, but Kenny ordered a matching sock with the name on it to make me and Ellie happy. He set it up and waited to see how long until one of us noticed. Didn’t take Ellie long. :) I said to Kenny “but what if we don’t use that name?” and he smiled and said “then we’ll order another sock next year.” I was already feeling emotional because it was such a sweet thing for Kenny to do and then I looked up and saw all five socks hanging there. Before I knew it I had tears running down my cheeks. It just hit me. There was my family. All five of us. I always knew there would be five. It felt so right and so…complete. Kenny didn’t even tease me for crying like he usually does. I think he liked the look of five socks too. (that or he’s finally learned not to mess with me when I’m crying during a pregnancy)

I’m especially loving all of the lights at night. You can’t beat dimming the lights and turning on the fireplace and tree and just feeling the coziness it all brings. Of course our fireplace is completely for ambiance. It doesn’t give off much heat and it’s a good thing since its been sunny and in the high 60’s all week. I love that here in San Diego we’re all running around in UGGS listening to music about how “the weather outside is frightful” when it might as well be June. :)

Hope you’re enjoying the coziness of your home this holiday season!

xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Christmas Decor

  1. Those are beautiful pics Erin, you do a great job and your camera is awesome too! AND your home is beautiful and looks so Perfect! Thanks for the darling Christmas card–the pic is GREAT! :)

  2. I don’t even need to thumb through my pottery barn magazine now! It’s all right here on your blog!

    And in my opinion, yours is even cuter.

  3. Your house is beautiful!! Oh!! I’ve been horrible at decorating this year! We’re heading to St. George for Christmas though so I keep telling my girls they’ll have a Christmas tree when we get there. Isn’t that horrible? No Christmas tree at our house this year. I just could NOT bear getting it and the decorations up! (You’ll understand why when you see my blog.)

  4. Awwww…… I love that Kenny got the stocking for the baby!!!! And I love his response even more about if you name him something other than Kole!!!! You guys are so cute!!!!

  5. I don’t even know Kenny, but he just moved up a few notches in my book!! You house looks amazing. Is your Christmas tree decorated with snowmen? I love snowmen, I can’t get enough of them on my tree… I knew we were meant to be friends! :)

  6. Just reading your post brought a tear to my eye. I get emotional right now too. I was listening to and watching the choir here at school and kept getting tears…even when they sang a song bout the “Cactus Christmas Tree.”

  7. It all looks so warm and welcoming! I love your little village with santa in the air. so fun!

    ps. That is the sweetest story. What a fun surprise. I really like the name Kole.

  8. Erin, can you PLEASE leave your Christmas decorations up until we come down? I am so excited to see you house anyway with all of it’s perfect organization and decor, but I am dying over your Christmas decor! I know YOU wouldn’t mind, so could you talk Kenny into leaving it up for an extra 3 or 4 weeks? :)

    Ok, I am so floored by Kenny!!! MAJOR points for you Kenny! That is the sweetest thing EVER, name decided or not! I love it! And I do like the name too! I’d definitely vote Kole over Aladdin. So glad you are so enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!

    Oh and I LOVED your Christmas card, I was totally looking forward to it. I can’t believe you made all those. You ARE Miss Overachiever! Love you guys!

  9. I was really excited when I saw your post knowing that I’d see some awesome Erin decorating. It was even better with the incredibly endearing story. Very very sweet. I love the name Kole. I know a Kole that is an awesome guy; very ambitious, athletic,and great dad. That is what the name reminds me of. Merry Christmas, sweet lady. I am so happy for you at this time.

  10. Your home sounds so beautiful and cozy. I love the word cozy and all it entails. Enjoy your holidays. My kids tell me I am a nester and very happy this year that we get all kids home this year — then we are driving down to St. George for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  11. way to go Kenny! such a thoughtful & sweet thing to do.

    your home looks so cozy & festive. i love your little village. i hope to have one of my own one day.

  12. I love your cute decorations. Doesn’t it just feel so “homey” at Christmas time. I never want to take my decorations down. We almost named Ty Kole. I love that name. So cute that Kenny bought the stocking. I would have cried too.

  13. The stocking is so cute-that was a great idea!! The house looks great and awesome pictures. I have really slacked off, the outside lights just never made it up. Next year it will be better though.

  14. OK Erin,
    I have to comment on this post…looking at these pictures made ME feel so at home! Go figure right? I know we’ve said this a million times before, but I really could move right into your home. So similiar. (except for the fact that mine is a disaster right now. I just finished hosting a 4 yr. old Christmas party for Rachel and 8 of her friends and I have popcorn everywhere!!) IT was totally worth it though, Rachel said to me after that party, “mom, it was fantastic!” That was enough to get me through this past 2 hour clean up job.)
    Love you Erin. Have a great Christmas next week!!

  15. Wow Erin your home is beautiful! I love the Christmas season too and your pictures just made me want to be there and enjoy it with you. I love the stockings and how cute was that for Kenny to order it on his own. Let’s get together when you come up over the holiday. Love you!

  16. That is the cutest thing ever!! It does look just right to have 5 stockings hanging there!! I love the name Kole!! That is one of my favorites. IF I have another baby, and IF it is a boy that is what we will name him,too!! I have always said, IF I ever have one more boy that I would name him that. Cam was so close to being Cole, until, my cousin took it from me at the last second…it was kind of a fiasco!!

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