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Kenny’s birthday was at the end of August and my niece, Claire, turned two at the end of September. I wanted to get them both something special this year so I contacted one of my blog buddies, the ultra talented Jana, and ordered some paintings from her. I’ve always been in love with her paintings and was so excited to have my own done! The cool thing is that we started out e-mailing about painting costs and color choices and before long we were e-mailing each other our life stories including past relationships with guys. We quickly became good friends. :) She is also a great photographer and ended up coming to San Diego to do photo sessions for me and some of my friends. Thanks to Jana I’m actually on the ball for Christmas cards this year. We had such a great time! Thanks again for everything Jana!

As far as the paintings go, I sent her this picture of my niece Claire…

And she did this painting for me…

Then I sent her this picture of Kenny and the girls…

and she did this painting for me…

I wanted Kenny to have something fun to hang in his office aside from boring law diplomas and I think this did the trick. I was about to have her paint one more of my girls for me to keep here at my house, but now I’m thinking I’ll wait until #3 joins the family and include the little dude or dudette in the picture too. :) Jana – thank you thank you thank you! I love them both so much and so did Kenny and Carly. You can check out more of Jana’s paintings here on her blog and you can see the painting she posted of Claire here.
xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Very cute! I might have to get one of my cute family! Past boyfriends? I’m confused, I thought Kenny was the one and only since you were 15?

  2. Hey, that’s my sweet baby! I just read your last 5 blog posts (I’m behind) and you still look great in your skinny jeans, store bought rolls are the bomb and I think you are very cool. Before marrying Shawn, I used my oven for storage (usually sweaters, sometimes VOGUE magazines) – he was none too impressed. Still love the painting of Claire!!

  3. Oh my gosh Carly used her oven for storage??? That is awesome!

    I do love those paintings.

    And I am jealous, but not surprised, that you have a head start on Christmas cards!

    I tried to talk Butch into having you take our pictures but he is insisting that we have to have our Dorian family/set up the tripod/yell at everyone to smile before it flashes activity. Apparently it’s a tradition that I get to look forward to every year. *sigh*

  4. Amazing! She was able to take years off of Kenny’s face;) I may have to contact her about a painting I’ve been wanting to get done for my immediate family, including my angel brothers. Could you email, and let me know how much you paid her? Thanks!!!

  5. All these cute pictures and paintings makes me wish I had more wall space!
    They are all darling. I wish I would have had a painting done when you kids were little. When you are my age, it would be priceless!

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