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A good reminder

Last Saturday we were driving home from a pool party and Kenny and I started a conversation that often comes up about our “someday” house and our “someday” yard. We were going on and on about how great it will be to someday have a bigger yard, a swimming pool, a huge area for entertaining, oh…and wouldn’t one of those Costco swing sets for the kids be fun? Wouldn’t it be fabulous if our house included a theatre room for Kenny, an exercise and scrapbook room for me, plenty of room for all of our kids, and how about a HUGE playroom? If only …someday. Ellie stopped us mid-conversation and asked what we were talking about. Kenny answered, “wouldn’t you love to live in a big house someday with a swimming pool?”

“NO, I don’t EVER want to leave our house!”

“Not even for a swimming pool?”

“But dad, we already have a swimming pool!”

You’re right Ellie. We do already have a swimming pool. We get a new pool each summer. A great pool. Thanks for reminding your parents that life is all about being content with what you have. And thanks to you, my wise five year old, what we have is more than enough.

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “A good reminder

  1. Very true. Because I wonder if we do get to that someday if there might just be the next someday to reach and then the next and pretty soon you realize that if you just kept going…you would never stop to enjoy being. kids are good to keep us on track like that:)

  2. I love it. Very true. What a sweetheart Ellie is. So true that sometimes we need the reminders from our children, they are so good to keep us focused on what’s really important! Cute post!

    But that someday house does sound pretty great!

  3. how sweet is your little girl? oh, to be so pure of heart; while i on the other hand seem to have a running tally in my head of our “somedays”. the biggest of which are someday parting with my kitchen table and someday parting with a futon that i am too embarrassed to say that i still own. i mean, really, who has a futon anymore? but i digress, your post was darling and a great reminder!

  4. Isn’t it funny how kids know what they want, and it’s not what you think? I do this too sometimes, but I get mad at myself everytime. We are staying put, and I try to be content too.

  5. Erin, NOTHING makes me madder than when Kate (or one of my other kids) says, ‘so and so has a computer in their room and their own cell phone etc. etc.” “They are so lucky. Why don’t we have that? We don’t have anything fun.”

    And then I launch into my, “You are so blessed, you don’t even know how blessed. You need to be grateful. There are kids that are hungry and we can go to Disneyland whenvever we want” “Now be grateful for what you have!!!”

    Back at me though! I need to be grateful too!

    P.S. Kate says the same thing all the time about our house too. She NEVER EVER wants to leave this house.

    P.P.S. That was a fun party! :)

  6. Hi Erin!

    I was just looking back at some of the older posts because i’ve only recently stumbled upon your wonderful blog.

    Just thought i’d leave a comment to make you reminisce about your wonderful “someday house” that finally became “house”! Your house is gorgeous, your family is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more!

    Must love,


    1. Oh my word! Alicia! First of all your comment was so incredibly sweet.. thank you! So happy you found my blog. :) And second.. how fun was that to re-read that old post!? I totally remember that conversation and that little pool! Ellie looks so little. I had to show it to my husband. Loved it. :) Thank you so much cutie! You made my weekend. xo

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