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I’m usually not the type of person to get annoyed easily, but it seems with this pregnancy I’ve had a heightened sense of annoyance. I’m particularly annoyed with how annoyed I feel all the time. Maybe if I can get these annoyances off of my chest I’ll feel, well…less annoyed.

Here they are…in no particular order –

1) How quickly Kenny falls asleep every night. Way too fast. Like before I even brush my teeth fast. Before I even make it up the stairs fast. Or before I even turn off the lights fast. Does it not take a minute to unwind from the day? To find a great sleeping position? To think about what needs to be done tomorrow? To realize that you are never going to fall asleep with that tick tick ticking of the clock…

2) The tick tick ticking of the clock.

3) My all time favorite turkey isn’t tasting good to me lately. This is a tragedy above all tragedies. I’m at a complete loss as to what to eat for lunch.

4) A few spots on my walls need paint touch ups. It’s something that I know will take minutes to do but for some reason, I just keep walking by thinking how annoying those spots are. It’s annoying me right now that in the time it has taken me to write about those spots I could have painted them and been done with it.

5) Dust on hangers

6) Spending $200 at Costco (or any other grocery store for that matter) and coming home with nothing to fix for dinner.

7) Home Depot. I’ll spare you the details, but just know that I could dedicate an entire post to the annoyance that is Home Depot.

8) Speed Limits (and speed bumps for that matter)

9) The fact that Kenny still has Survivor on our fall line-up.

10) Fruit Stickers (previously mentioned)

11) Several wall hangings in my room are slightly crooked, too high, or too low.

12) Kenny’s attitude about fixing my wall hangings that are slightly crooked, too high, or too low.

13) The fact that Easter candy isn’t sold all year long. I’m really needing a Cadbury Egg right now. They are my “go to” for pregnancy (previously mentioned). Who am I kidding. They are my “go to” for all the time. I just feel more justified calling them my “go to” when pregnant.

14) “Obama 08 Yes We Can” bumper stickers. You can. You did. Get over it already.

15) Ever since I told the girls about the baby Ellie has stopped calling her stuffed animals “friends” and now calls them her babies. They refer to her as “mother.” They refer to me as “grandma.”

There. I feel a little better. Glad I got that off my chest. I’m off to bed now. Kenny’s already asleep and I have a date with a certain clock…

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Annoying

  1. I’m just sitting here chuckling…envisioning you reading back on this post in about 3 years and thinking…”Oh my gosh I was so hormonal!!.”

    Hey, lots of those same things annoy me and I’m not pregnant so vent away!

  2. You are sooooo having a boy! i would bet my life on it. Testosterone is an evil, awful, hormone/drug. No wonder most men are jerks (except for our husbands, of course). My pregnancies with my boys were a nightmare.

  3. Ugh! I totally feel for ya! First of all I’d say move the clock, or take the battery out for awhile. Get Kenny to fix those crooked pictures and while he’s at it, fix those paint spots for you. And as for Ellie, well, I don’t know about that. Great that she’s excited about babies, but sheesh, calling you the Grandma, I’m sure that would make me cry if I was the pregnant one! Good luck with that.

  4. It’s real. It’s all I can say. If you go fix all of your list…more will creep up. Let yourself be annoyed…you pretty much earned it and while you are there do ANYTHING and eat ANYTHING that helps. Retail therapy is always a good answer. (sorry Kenny)

  5. Annoyance is my #1 sympton of pregnancy. Serioulsy, the entire 9 months…worse at the very end of course. The paint touch ups bug me too…but you need to wait till you get that burst of energy in the 2nd trimester and everything will be fixed in a day. For now, just rest and be annoyed…that’s a full time job in itself…Grandma! :)

  6. I totally understand your annoyances. I’m not even pregnant and I have them. I think I have those same spots that need to be touched up on my walls too!

  7. I was laughing the whole time I was reading this post- I hear ya!! I was cleaning yesterday and was so irritated by all the spots that need touch up. But I have yet to do anything about it either.

    I had to laugh about the turkey too. I love Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, but it’s kinda pricey. It went on sale and I stocked up and then when I got pregnant I couldn’t stand it. I am just now starting to eat it again.

  8. I do love the grandma part! And I wish I had an excuse (just not the pregnant excuse!!) to be annoyed! But nope, just annoyed! Matter of fact, I have a broken toilet right now because I was so annoyed with the running toilet!

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