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Dear Chargers,

Hi team. My name is Erin and I am a fan. My husband’s name is Kenny and he is a MAJOR fan. You may remember us from the Christmas card we sent you all a couple of years ago…dedicated to you. Did I mention we were Charger fans? Well, we are.

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that you need to step it up a bit this year. I know you won the first game you played, but just BARELY and it was against the Raiders. The Raiders? Way too close for comfort. And today. A loss against the Ravens? What happened?

You see, when you win and are doing well, my husband (who is a MAJOR Charger fan) gets giddy like a kid on Christmas. He lives for this all year long. Nothing can compare to the happiness that emanates from him when football is going and the Chargers are winning. In fact, he gets in such a good mood that I tend to benefit immensely. It’s during these winning streaks that I choose to discuss extremely important issues with my husband, like how I MAY have spent a little more than planned on the girls’ Halloween costumes, how the dishwasher MAY need to be fixed, or how I MAY have run another red light with a camera earlier that day. I might choose a winning game day to casually show him the new dress I bought, to mention that the girls and I would love another weekend at Disneyland, or to even discuss our Christmas budget for the upcoming holidays. Now normally these topics might not make his day, in fact, in the off season, they might even cause a fight. BUT… if football is on, and the Chargers are winning…everything is wonderful! “Overspent on Halloween? What’s new! Dishwasher? Call someone tomorrow! Red light? My babe and her crazy driving! (said with a smile and a ruffle to the hair) New dress? You look great! Disneyland? Name the day! Christmas budget? What budget??!!”

So Chargers, as you can see, I’m in desperate need of a few wins this season. I’ve got a “honey do” list a mile long and several items of business that need discussing. Think you can pull it off? After all, I am a Charger fan. And my husband, Kenny, is a MAJOR Charger fan. Did I mention the Christmas card? Made in your honor?

Yours truly,

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Dear Chargers,

  1. Wow, conversation and the love of sports has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s time that I save all of my “important” topics for spring baseball. You’re a genius.

  2. You are hilarious…and it’s so true. A win makes the difference between tiptoeing around quietly, and “don’t you think it would be great if we just pushed out this kitchen wall 6 feet and added a great kitchen island?” conversation.

  3. That was the cutest and most original Christmas card ever, loved that one! Well I hope they step it up for you so you can get on with your Christmas shopping! Good Luck!

  4. Maybe you could help me compile a letter just like this one to the Villa Park High School Varsity football team…it would do wonders in my house as well. Isn’t it amazing how sports can dictate the entire mood of a household?? I am blown away every Friday night by this fact.

  5. We are masters of ‘sneaking in those touchy subjects’ aren’t we? It’s all about the timing.

    Go Chargers! (For Erin’s sake since I really don’t care)

  6. Very Clever Post and I hope the letter works. I had often wondered about you family picture sponsering the Chargers. I thought, “He couldn’t have let Erin go through with this?” Did you loose a bet when you took this picture? I just don’t see you being the football sporting type, after all, you were a dancer. You are also such a classy dresser that it just didn’t add up. I do hope you were not wearing elastic sweat pants with those jerseys. It was always a puzzlement. I now have a little bit better grasp. Go Chargers! –but that’s only for you Erin, I don’t follow football.

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