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Fun with Friends

Too much summer fun?

This summer has been one party after another. Dates with my husband…

dates with my husband and friends…

and dates with just my friends.

In fact, come to think of it, my friends and I have been partying quite a bit this summer and I have been really busy. Busy with the beach. Busy with the pool. Busy with lunch get togethers and dinner get togethers and every other excuse for a get together we can come up with. I have NOT been, however, busy with housework. Not busy with laundry. Not busy with normal wifely duties. My husband noticed the change in my schedule. He noticed the dirty floors. He noticed the dishes piling up (so much so that the sink started to emit a strange odor). He noticed that he was out of clean clothes. He noticed that there wasn’t dinner on the table. (ok…no dinner is the norm, but the dishes, sink smell, and laundry…NOT the norm) This husband of mine who works hard at his job every day started giving me a bit of grief about the “rough life I lead.” And while we both know that being a stay at home mom isn’t always a picnic…it has appeared to be just that this summer. I was feeling a bit guilty so last Friday morning I went straight to work. And then I sent Kenny this e-mail:


Just wanted to let you know that this morning I did the following:

– Got the oil changed
– Cleaned the spots out of the carpet
– Did the dishes
– Scrubbed the kitchen sink (it is smelling oh so nice)
– Put away all the laundry that has been blocking every walk way upstairs
– Cleaned the kitchen but didn’t “stack” any of your precious papers anywhere
– Worked on reading/letters with Ellie
– Didn’t call to tell you this because I didn’t want to interrupt an important client call
– Didn’t text to tell you this since you think texting is completely overrated

No beach. No gym. No pool. No parties with friends. No “butterflies and flowers” for this stay at home mom.

Have I scored major points with my hardworking husband yet??? :)

Love, Cinderella

p.s. If you take the receipt from the oil change in with you sometime in the next two weeks you can get a great deal on a car wash. No I won’t “stack” and lose the receipt.
{side note*** Kenny thinks I “stack” his stuff when really I organize}

Kenny came home from work to a clean house and I felt my guilt wash away. In fact, I’m feeling so good that I think it’s time to head to the beach! :)

Enjoy the last few carefree days of summer….guilt free!

xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Too much summer fun?

  1. Love the yellow shoes!! And also love how quickly one can catch up from days of playing…see? No harm done. all better. fun post.

  2. I “stack” too. However I remind my hubby that if he’d take care of it and file it, etc. to begin with I wouldn’t have to “stack” it anywhere. :)

  3. I love it… you totally deserve some fun-carefree-summer time. I think we all know that “regularly” your idea of being clean and organized is a much better idea than the rest of ours. I love the e-mail to Kenny and I hope he appreciated it! Sometimes I feel like I have to tell Ryan what I did because he certainly wouldn’t notice on his own!

  4. So, two days ago, I ended up staying up all night to deep clean and organize my closets. I was up pretty late, about 4 am, when I decided it wasn’t worth it to go to bed. So I stayed up, cleaned, went on a early morning bike ride, came back and finished up. I was feeling pretty good. I only took a two hour nap, but was exhausted on Sunday. So I didn’t do any picking up. And the kids decided to make an indoor tent out of all of the blankets that I worked to hard to organize. So all that work was negated. BUT! If I could bottle up and sell the love and pride that came from Matt because he woke up to a color coded and labeled life, I’d be a millionaire.

  5. You’re so smokin’ hot in that first picture!

    My house looks like a wreck for the entire summer, NOT joking. You’d think it would be easier since my slaves are not busy doing homework but…it’s actually harder.


    How many more days?

  6. I was gone a week and I missed out on all of your summer fun minus the cleaning. I’m liking your yellow shoes. And, even though Ellie may not be stylish in her monkey shirt, her mother will make up for it.

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