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Highlight #1

So I’m back from my extended VA-CA in Utah and had such a fabulous time. I’ll be playing catch up all week…catch up on the unpacking and laundry, catch up on the house work, catch up on a to-do list that was happily set aside, catch up on So You Think You Can Dance (I’ve been missing it so badly!), and time to catch up on some blogging. There were so many highlights of my trip so I’m going to post one highlight each night until I’m all….well…caught up!


PARTY TIME! But not for either of my princesses. This was a serious birthday celebration for….

SAGE! (Austin and Dayna’s dog) Oh yes. We celebrated Sage’s one year old birthday in style. Not quite sure Austin loved that his hunting dog’s b-day decor was a princess theme, but that’s what you get when Ellie and Addison are the main party guests. :)

(giving Sage her presents) My girls had so much fun. They’re still talking about how Sage’s party was the best birthday party they’ve ever attended. Thanks Austin and Dayna! The party was a such a treat…a jerky flavored treat to be exact. (I know…not funny. I’ve been traveling all day so cut me some slack)

(these two seriously need a baby)
xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Highlight #1

  1. My girls just went to a birthday party for a friends dog too! They had so much fun!! It was hilarious wrapping up a box of dog treats!

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