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Fond…and not so fond

I’m fond of my new family doctor. He’s hip and nice and plays tennis and wears cool shoes. I’m not so fond of my old doctor. She wasn’t warm and fuzzy enough. I like warm and fuzzy. And I like hip. And nice. And cool shoes.

I’m fond of Addison finally giving up her afternoon nap. For the first time in five years I’m not rushing home in the afternoons to get the baby down. I feel free as a bird!!! NOT fond of the meltdowns that inevitably start around 4 o’clock.

I’m fond of the scales at the gym. They’re like big, fun toys. I like to move the black thing back and forth trying to get it to balance. I’m not fond of the way my i pod always seems to add at least seven pounds when I weigh myself. (It’s a mini, not a shuffle)

I’m fond of visiting my hometown of Santa Clara, Utah. I love the crisp, dry air first thing in the morning, running into people I know everywhere, good straight hair days, and the small town feel of the place. I’m not so fond of the excruciating heat that follows the crisp morning air, running into people I know everywhere (make-up is an all time must), and the drivers. Lots of slow drivers. Lots of big 4-wheel drive trucks.

I’m very fond of Australian accents. I think Australian accents are the coolest. I’m not so fond of Kenny’s sad attempts to imitate an Australian accent. Every accent Kenny imitates comes out Jamaican. If he’s trying to sound English – Jamaican. If he’s trying to sound Indian – Jamaican. If he’s trying to sound Chinese – nope – Jamaican again. It’s hilarious.

I’m fond of fruit. I love to eat it and to use it to decorate. Not so fond of the stickers. The stickers on fruit bug me. When I get home from the grocery store I immediately peel all of the stickers off of my fruit. It just looks cleaner. And stickers on fruit just bugs me. Did I mention that already?

I’m fond of beach days. I love to visit with friends while my girls splash in the waves and play in the sand. Not so fond of the way we seem to always bring the beach home with us. Sand in the car, sand all over the house, sand filling up the bathtub, sand filling my washer and dryer…

I’m fond of the spry, little bunny living by my roses in our front yard. He’s awfully cute and the girls love to see him when he peeks out to say hi. Not so fond of the way he is nibbling away at my grass.

I’m fond of my weekends…not so fond of how quickly they’re over.

I’m fond of organizing things. Not so fond of the way my mom takes advantage of this every time I come to visit her.

I’m fond of my new Tarte shimmer from Sephora. It gives my legs just the right bronze shimmer for summer. I’m not so fond of the smell of the stuff. Too coconutty. I read somewhere that Carrie Underwood loves using it so I’m thinking maybe if I wear it enough, my legs will start to resemble hers. Or come dangerously close to looking like Edward Cullen’s chest in the sun.

I’m fond of blogging about complete randomness… it gets all of my thoughts out of my head. Not fond of the fact that while this post could go on forever, I’m yawning and it is time for me to go to bed. Good night!

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Fond…and not so fond

  1. I’m with you on the doctor thing… well, I’m with you on most of those!!! Do you remember Matt Chamberlain? His brother is our doctor and I love that he knows our family and knows me and still keeps me as his patient!!! Fun blog post!!!

  2. So you were typing this really great post, while I was running a 5K. You should have come, it would have been really fun to see you. BTW, I love your mom, she is great and is sounds like smart! Come over and organize my pantry anytime. It was fun to visit with her last night. Most of our conversation was about this wonderful blog, we all love!

  3. You are TOO CUTE!! Love the post!! You have the cutest posts ever!! I am really envying that pantry!! I think that it is my turn! I will take cute pictures of you organizng it if you’ll do it for me!!

    Loved hanging out and chatting yesterday! My kids are still talking about your cute kids. We’ll have to get them together again soon. Guess we’ll have to come to San Diego!!! (I wish!!)

    Darling post, once again!!

  4. I don’t know whether I’m fond or not of the fact that I didn’t see the mess in your mom’s pantry in the before pic. You are an awesome daughter!

  5. Erin what a fun post! I am so impressed with your organizing of the pantry! Your Mom is lucky to have you! I have been wanting to clean out and reorganize my pantry for months now. I love how big it is but I don’t love the angle shape it has. Maybe you’ll have to give me some organizing advice tonight!

  6. This is exactly what I’m talking about…you are the best writer and have the most creative blog. Thank you for always writing something interesting, entertaining and enlightening at the same time! Keep it up. I love it.

  7. Your posts are always so fun to read. I love you and it was so good to see you this past week. Your visits are never long enough! BTW will you come organize MY pantry? Man, what I wouldn’t give….

  8. I found your cute blog not-so-long ago via a link somewhere else (can’t remember where) & this is the first time I’ve left a comment. I love your sense of humor, your posts always make me laugh. Your girls are adorable too (I have two of my own – 4 years & 10 months). Anyway, hope you don’t mind me stopping by here!
    Btw….I have an Australian accent :)

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