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No Doubt

Just got back from Cancun! Swine flu free. :) It was a great vacation. But before I attempt to sort through the mass of pictures I took on our trip, I first need to unpack, do laundry, buy groceries post about the concert we went to the night before we left. I finally redeemed my birthday coupons and Kenny and I spent the night with No Doubt (my all time favorite group).

Because of some perks through Kenny’s work we were given VIP stickers to wear and ushered past thousands of people to the front of the line to get in. We then entered the VIP lounge where we had a Mexican feast before the concert.

Then it was No Doubt time.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gwen Stefani.
So I wore my most Gwen Stefani-ish shirt…
And my most Gwen Stefani-ish shoes. Which proves I don’t have much in my closet that is Gwen Stefani-ish. (Something I hope to modify in the future)

The concert was AWESOME! Our seats were on the second row behind the mosh pit and we were rockin’ all night long. By the end of the night my feet, because of my Gwen Stefani-ish shoes, were killing me.

No Doubt about it – this concert was Hella Good.
xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “No Doubt

  1. Your Birthday coupons are cool. I just keep getting these LAME;) –“Free Hug” and “Breakfast in Bed” type coupons from my kids.–my last concert? Six months pregnant with my oldest as a chaperone to a bunch of highschoolers at The Backstreet Boys. Before that? Martika. At the Dixie Center.

  2. FUN! I am glad you are back and flu free!! Can’t wait for the pictures. The concert looked great, what a fun husband!! Thanks for your advice on our little trip, we had a great time. We ended up at the La Jolla beach, it was awesome! I could totally get used to hanging out there A LOT. :)

  3. Hella Good huh? I’m glad to hear it. I’m glad you got dressed up for the occasion. I remember seeing them in Vegas and Cake opened for them–which was pretty nice because I dig Cake. Can’t wait to hear about your Mexico trip. I guess Grandma Bonnie is relieved that you didn’t get the flu?

  4. Gwen is my husband’s “girlfriend”. I will gladly take her husband as my “boyfriend” (-: I was sad that there wasn’t more of her on American Idol this year and that she didn’t sing on the show.

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