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Fun with Friends

Last Weekend

A few pics from last weekend. Had a baby shower for two of my cute friends who are about to pop!

And went with friends to Disneyland.

Good times. :)

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Last Weekend

  1. Ohhhh, I so bad want to go see Mickey right now. We go every March but my sister-in-law had a baby, so we’ll go in Sept. instead. My heart races when I see your pictures!!!

  2. ps, what kind of curling iron do you have? I’ve been curling my hair everyday with rollers. The curls stay until around 5:00 p.m. then they die. Your hair seems to stand up to anything. So what’s your secret? The only curling iron I’ve tried that stands the test of time retails for 5 easy payments of $50. So I’m hoping you have the answer.

  3. Cute pics sis! Tis the season for babies – I had all my co-workers over last night for a baby shower too. It turned into an American Idol finale party though, which I never watch so I ate all the leftovers while everyone was glued to the screen! Can’t WAIT to see you in 2.5 days – viva la Mexico!

  4. Amy doesn’t even look pregnant in that group photo! I was watching her walk from behind in church and she doesn’t even waddle! Whatever, some women make the rest of us waddlers look bad. :)

    Fun shower by the way. You did a great job.

    And, just to let you know what I think even though you didn’t ask…I think that photo of your family at Disney could be a Christmas card or at least blown up and framed. It’s so good!

  5. So we flew down to Disneyland for a quick trip last week & none of my pictures turned out even remotely that cute! Its just not fair Erin!

  6. PS. I am so sorry to have spaced the shower!! Between long runs and baseball duties…I know no excuses, my loss! I was so looking forward to an ErinParty. so sad.

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