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Ellie and Addison

I suppose (someday I’ll miss)

I suppose someday I’ll miss they way Addison goes through an average of 15 different outfits each morning before she finally gets dressed.

I suppose someday I’ll miss cleaning up constant food messes just in time to prepare another snack/meal and start all over again.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the fingerprints on my stainless steel fridge and sliding glass doors.

I suppose someday I’ll miss the obsession my girls have with bodily functions. The laughing any time one of them mentions poop or pee or “little fluffs” as my girls like to call it. (Great name right? Ellie came up with that one when she was two and it has stuck :)

I suppose someday I’ll miss the way I have to say “please open the lemonade gate” every time before the girls will let me undo their car seats to get them out of the car. They can be so annoying adorable when they want to be.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the help with home decor.

I suppose someday I’ll miss hearing voices screaming “ME FIRST, IT’S MINE, and GIVE IT BACK!” from the upstairs.

I suppose someday I’ll miss burning the chicken I was cooking for dinner because of these screaming voices from the upstairs. (*disclaimer – I have to be honest here – while tonight the chicken burning really can be blamed on my girls fighting, it usually occurs because I’m a crappy cook and am way too impatient for chicken)

I suppose someday I’ll miss cruising through the princess isle EVERY TIME we’re in Target and I suppose someday I’ll miss the fight that always follows as I attempt to leave without purchasing a toy. (I’ll admit…I don’t often win this battle)

I suppose someday I’ll miss having my scrapbook supplies, shoes, and jewelry strung all over the house because they seem to be much more appealing than regular toys.

I suppose someday I’ll miss having to gather all of Ellie’s “friends” each night before she goes to bed – hunting all over the house for a certain Snow White or Jasmine or her favorite stuffed bunny “Haula“.

I suppose someday I’ll miss pretending that I can’t find Kenny and the girls when he walks in the door every night. Even though they are hiding in the same spot that they hid in the night before…and the night before that…and the night before that.

I suppose someday I’ll miss getting into bed at night and being greeted by a My Little Pony instead of by my pillow.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the “help” with vacuuming and sweeping and dusting and laundry. So much “help” that it takes me twice as long to get anything accomplished.

I suppose someday I’ll miss all of the craziness that goes along with raising young children because I am told by nearly every other woman in the supermarket who has been in my shoes that I will.

And you know what?

I suppose they’re right. Even though it can be hard to believe, I suppose someday – I’ll miss it all very much.
xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “I suppose (someday I’ll miss)

  1. Cute post my dear sister! I think Ellie takes after Austin with the bodily function obsessions. Except, we call them “floofs” at our house… hehehehe

  2. Thanks for the reminder!!! When I was reading, Cambelle yelled from the bathroom, “MMMOOOMMMM, I’M DOOONNNEEE!!!”. I didn’t complain this time because of your thoughts. Thanks!!!

  3. You are so creative. I wish I had the talent of writing like you do. I seriously struggle with expressing myself through writing. So, I feel like my blogging is just matter of fact with a few pics! I sure hope that you are going to print your blog and save these priceless blog posts that you do. I am so entertained by them. Love you!

  4. Erin, this just made my day! I love it! And I totally know what you mean. I know there are many, many things I will miss…like the 3 of us hiding each time Ryan comes home from work, although we are getting more creative and hiding in differnt spots now, sometimes he acutally doesn’t know where we are and that is a little funny. There are so many silly things my kids do that I love, but there are a few handfulls of things I will most definitely be happy to have behind us someday! Great post, love it!

    And what’s with the lemonade gate?

  5. That was beautiful. Very well written and humorous. What joys! I’m glad your girls are giving you experiences to suppose about.Cute Picture of Elle lying in bed! Oh and the hiding thing. What’ sup with that. My kids hide like lumps under the blanket (so obvious), how ’bout yours?

  6. You will miss it…every dirty, messy, busy, second of it. And sometimes you will actually get a lump in your throat so big it hurts….like when they go out on that first date, or when they can’t wait to leave home and be out on their own. Because you remember how it used to be.
    But, Thank Heavens…. we get to re-live it all again…only better. We become a “grandma”..and this time around you savor every messy, busy, crazy second of it…and say a prayer thanking God for a chance to have fingerprints all over your house again…and you never even wash them off any more. Love you

  7. Cute sis – very cute. And I love mom’s comments as well (who is home with Claire right now and thanks to your post, I’m missing her even more than usual)! I miss Ellie and Add and wish they could see their little cousin more who would WORSHIP them and all their crazy antics!

  8. I really do think we will miss it!!! I hear it from my mom all the time. And I am a witness to the “lemondade gate” drill. I watched Erin with the biggest grin on her face ask Addie to open the “lemonade gate” before getting her out of her car seat. You are going to be so glad that you have all that written down because it is dang funny!

    P.S What your mom said is sooo true! Truman left a handprint on her window a couple of years ago and she has never washed it off! She loves it!!!

  9. It will never cease to amaze me how very similar our lives are!! I seriously feel like 90% of what you’ve written about could have been written by me. It really makes me so sad that we are not next door neighbors…our girls would have so much fun together!!

  10. I think every Mom can relate and I think I get annoyed with the little things that I should be cherishing. Anyway, I was wondering what kind of camera you have–details, details, because your pictures are perfectly clear and amazing. Now, I am sure part of that is you are better with a camera or you simply read your instruction manual, but…. I am sure you have a much better camera. Will you please E-mail me the info at Thanks.

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