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Ellie and Addison

The Rule Is:

If the bed looks like this… it’s off limits. But if the bed looks like this…it suddenly becomes a…

– tent
– beauty shop
– swimming pool
– castle
– boat

– tree to support the vine that swings people into the mud (mud being the brown pillows)

– pet store
– skating rink
– warm place for “friends” to rest
– volcano full of hot lava
– picnic spot
– and of course – a trampoline
Lucky for them, the bed usually goes un-made.
xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “The Rule Is:

  1. First thought…your room is gorgeous! Second thought…you are such a GOOD MOM!!! Your girls are so creative and find fun in doing simple things! Love their imaginations! (I keep coming back to your butterfly picture so I can get ideas…I’m totally doing one for Alison! Super cute and I’m stealing the idea!)

  2. You are a really nice mom because my bed is off limits whether its made or not! For me it’s a control issue. There is not one inch of space in this house that is MINE. So, I’ve decided MY bed is MY sanctuary and no one is allowed on it. (We let sleepy kids snuggle in the morning but that’s it!)

    I love that you posted this. It will be a great memory when your girls are older and your room is so pretty!

  3. Love it!!! Ok, 1st of all your perfectly clean and decorated bedroom is -well, I guess just beyond me! My room is always the last on the list and therefore is always a mess! I don’t know how you do it all. Seriously can’t wait to come see your house. And 2nd, way cute pictures of the girls! They are so cute. It is so fun watching them pretend, I love it!

  4. Total FLASHBACK! I’ll tell you where Ellie and Add get their creativity – their mom and aunt! How many times did the couches become our boats, the carpet a stormy sea, and the fireplace and hearth a dramatic courtroom?! Glad to see our ingenuity has been passed down!

  5. So cute!! What darling creative little girls. I bet they don’t get to pretend play very much in there…because I am sure it is made MOST of the time!! I love your blog. How did you change it so that you could do the cute layout and have your own fonts and test colors on the side instead of the 3 blogger gives you to use??

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