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Good Things

Good Things

Yea for Spring! Best time of the year in my opinion. Color color color. Sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and it just seems to make everyone so happy. Added bonus is the anticipation of summer right around the corner and all of the fun trips and activities that come along with that. So glad it’s March!

Park days! If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve been to the park… It’s especially fun on the weekends when the whole family goes. Ellie is way too big for these swings but when there aren’t many people around I love to throw her in one so my girls are both contained in the same spot. Love that they always have a “friend” along for the ride and I love the scrunch nose face Ellie has been pulling quite a bit lately. :)

Tea parties!

A few new Spring finds for the girls! Spring shopping is another reason I love this time of year. Everything is so bright and colorful. Can’t wait to see my girls in these sun hats at the beach. Also can’t seem to get enough of seeing Addie’s cute little tush in brightly colored panties!

And a few Spring finds for me! I’m in a bit of a Guess phase right now and since their clothes are a bit too promiscuous, I’m all about their accessories. I’ve loved this cream purse and the green bag is perfect for coloring books, crayons, and snacks. I grab it on my way to church, the doctor, and anywhere else I might need some quick entertainment for the girls.

How fabulous are these shoes!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I call them my “2 hour shoes” because that is definitely the limit for how long I can wear these babies. I wore them to church last Sunday and sat by a sweet lady named Marge (90 or so years old) and this was our conversation:
Marge: “Oh honey! Those shoes are amazing!”
Me: “Thanks! I know right? I just got them.”
Marge: “Can you dance in them?”
Me: “Hardly! I’m still working on walking in them!”
Marge: “Back in the day I had shoes just like that and I wore them to do the jitterbug. Mmmm…love those shoes!”
Marge is my new best friend. :)

Strawberry shortcake band-aids. They seem to be the perfect thing for halting tears these days.

Driving on the coast with Ellie’s new favorite song blaring (Trouble by Lenka…playing on my play list right now).

Comments from Kenny on my blog. My husband doesn’t comment very often (has twice) but I sure love it when he does. Gives a few people a peek into the sarcasm I deal with on a daily basis. As much as his constant sarcasm drives me crazy (it can be especially frustrating when I’m really trying to have a serious conversation with him) I do love it. He makes me laugh every day. (Kenny’s comments are here and here)

Evidence of my girls all over the place. Little “friends” seem to magically pop up around the house…in front of my shower, behind the end table, around my shoes in the closet…

Evenings at the beach.

A clean, organized bathroom drawer. When asking Kenny for the millionth time this morning to put his crap back in the cupboard when he’s finished with it he said, “you know what we need…two houses. One that you can keep perfectly organized and one that we can actually live in!”

Hmm…that’s actually not a bad idea.

Waking up to this cute face and morning hair. The lighting in this picture really shows how red her hair has been looking lately. I love it! She is Irish ya know. ;)

I got these display boards at Pottery Barn last year for the play room and they have been a perfect place to display the fun art the girls are creating in pre-school. They get so excited to hang up their art when they get home and I love that their creativity isn’t taking over my kitchen!

Cuties! These mini oranges are just perfect for a quick snack. I love how easy they are to peel and eat on the go. Plus they are just like their name – too cute!

My girls laughing. It’s not just a good thing – it’s the best thing. :)
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Good Things

  1. Love this post! The shoes are simply fabulous and I’m impressed with all your fun shopping items. Love the organized drawer – my whole house needs an “Erin make-over” in that department.

  2. Erin, Erin, Erin…You just make me laugh. LOVE all your good things this week! Cute pics of the girls, love all your new spring finds- so cute! And how did you manage to get the pic of your new shoe? Did Kenny take that for you? I love Marge’s commments! Can you imagine dancing in those?! I always tell Ryan I think it would have been fun to live back in the day when everyone danced. Love it!

  3. THAT was a great post and I absolutely LOVE Kenny’s sarcasm. I’m married to “one of those boys” also!!! It’s better to laugh than to fight!!! We laugh a lot. BTW, his St. Patty’s Day comment made me laugh hard enough I wish I was wearing my Depends!!! Tell him I said, “good job”!!!

  4. Love all the neat, fun things about Spring too Erin….Can’t wait to see my little sweethearts in those darling hats! And Addison running around in her panties!
    We are so excited to get down to see all of you and go to that beach with you and the girls.
    Love you!

  5. Erin – love the new blog look…and I love reading your posts. Your blog is my favorite. I know mine used to be yours. It has gone neglected lately and I’m sorry. ;) You are MY blogging idol now. You are darling.

  6. i love spring too! and your girls are totally adorable! and i have a really good idea for your prize – i will be e-mailing you shortly :)

  7. Happy Spring is right! I was so excited to see a new home page and new music, you had me and Rachie dancing in the office, too fun!! This was one of my favorite posts!! (especially the comment made by Kenny about having 2 houses, I can so relate!) love you Erin. PS- your feet look fabulous in your new shoes! Love them!

  8. Lovin’ Marge. And the organized drawer *sigh*. Oh the bygone days when a quick swipe with a Q-tip was the only cleaning tool for my drawers. Now as I rummage through my labrynth in the louvre, I can find broken nozzles from hairspray. Hairbrushes incrusted in playdough, and McKay’s lost formula bottle that went missing 6 months ago (yep). So if Kenny needs a little wake up call to see what hard time in a house that is lived in, go ahead and show him this comment; and clean up his “crap”, he will.
    ps, where did you find your blog style? I only know about “thecutestblog..” Must have something like yours.

  9. oohh, spring at your house is pretty! i second all of the prior comments, i could use a little “erin” effort at my house. somedays i feel organized and then in an instant not so much. i blame said feeling on the three kids.

  10. Very fun, thanks for pointing out Kenny’s comments, I would have never seen them, hilarious! I love the shoes too, wish I could dance in them! I would be lucky to walk in them too!!!

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