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Have you ever?

realized just in the nick of time that you were about to brush your teeth with Desitin (diaper rash cream) instead of toothpaste?

had a toilet clog and (after multiple plumbers check it out) discovered that you have a tree root growing in your pipes? And the pipe is right below your kitchen which means your whole kitchen floor has to be torn up? And this is all taking place when you have a newborn and are trying to potty train a 2 year old?

gone to pick up your child’s birthday cake at the grocery store and after putting the cake in the cart your kids tip the cart over on top of themselves ruining the cake and causing a huge mess along with a multitude of tears?

driven your child to preschool only to discover once you get there that she doesn’t have shoes on?

spent hours making a pasta dish to eat later that night for dinner (and several nights after for leftovers) and while sliding the glass bowl it’s in into the fridge dropped it, shattering glass and pasta all over your kitchen? (and then after bawling about it on the phone to your husband he saves the day and rushes home with pizza in hand?)

taken your 2 year old into a public restroom and helped her go potty and gone on and on really loud about “what a big girl she is” only to walk out of the stall and see men standing at urinals and realized a little late that you are in the men’s restroom?

taken the groceries out of the back of your SUV and then closed your garage door BEFORE closing the back door of the SUV? (SCRAPE!)

Have you ever?

Or is it just me.

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. Erin, you are too funny! I am glad I can say I have never done any of those particular things. That doens’t mean I don’t have my moments, quite frequently.

    Here is a good one for you- I was making a huge batch of pumpkin choc. chip cookies, (my 1st time with the recipe) and I put in the baking soda, looked back at the recipe and realized it said baking powder. I burst into tears, thinking I had ruined the whole batch of cookies, sent Ryan to the store to buy more pumpkin, dumped the whole thing into the garbage…only to calm down, start over and realize the recipe called for baking soda AND baking powder! I blame being pregnant on that one. At least now I have the recipe down, they are great cookies!

    I have another good one that just happened the night of New Beginning I’ll have to share with ya. Thanks for the goo laugh! Love ya!

  2. Oh Erin! That was a great list. I remember when several of them happened! Especially the tree in the pipe! Fun post we can all relate to!

  3. I knew about most of those but you seriously went into the mens restroom and saw men standing at the urinals????????????

    Holy smokes that is so funny!!!

    And, yes, that kind of stuff happens all the time!

  4. Crap, life is not perfect. And here you were my last hope that it was possible.
    Well, check on number one only it was the boys and vagisil…triple yuck. After I sanitized their mouths, I gave them all a squirt of Antibiotic just to be safe. Bleck!

    And if I made money on all of my kitchen disasters, including setting a 6 foot fire (my fault), I’d be a rich woman.

    Sweet post!

  5. I can so relate! Having a moment like your list just today! But my best moment was plugging the sink in the upstairs laundry room, turning on the water and letting it run for 2 hours! I’m still blaming it on being 8 months pregnant, having a 3 year old and a 20 month old. Life is full of these little hiccups. Love your post.

  6. HA! I sooo remember all of these instances, as they were usually follwed by a teary phone call to me after calling Kenny! I love the birthday cake story still. Great photos of La Jolla cove too! You’ve become quite the protégé photographer!!

  7. Have you ever backed out of the garage with the passenger door still open and jacked it up on the garage door track…just because you were in such a hurry to get the kids to school on time?

    Erin you continually make me laugh! thanks for the funnies! I love you!

  8. Diaper rash cream really? That would have been a horrible mistake..

    Having been out of town, I noticed that Mat answered your camera question, but it was on our blog. I never check on someone else’s blog for the answer…so I’m sending it to you. Good luck!

    In answer to Erin, I would sell the camera and lens you aren’t fond of and buy a 12-24 wide angle or an 18-200, so you are almost wide angle, but have wide and zoom in one lens.

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