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Fun with Friends

Our Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day everyone! How stylish are we!!?? Because Kenny is so busy at work we weren’t able to travel to be with family this year (missed you all!). Instead, we spent the day with friends and had a great Thanksgiving. Angie brought these ever so festive hats to get us all in the mood. What am I thankful for this year? That we don’t have to adorn ourselves in these beauties on a regular basis! :)

Here are the pilgrim women after SLAVING in my kitchen all day. Oops! You can see the Claim Jumper sack and box behind us. Secret’s out! We had our meal catered. FABULOUS! The food was delicious and the only work was setting the table and warming things up. I’m thinking a new Thanksgiving tradition is born!

Of course it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without LOTS of football. While Ellie colored, Addison scored brownie points with daddy by putting on her Chargers dress to watch the game. The other night she came in the living room and shook her head and said “daddy…are you watching your flapball show AGAIN!” I feel your pain Addie.

Hanging out at Angie’s

After Thanksgiving dinner at my house (and a short break for naps) we headed to Angie’s house for round 2. The kids played and made gingerbread houses while we enjoyed pie.

Parents are stuffed and exhausted…time for a movie for the kids so we can chat! Great end to a fun day.

(Bring on CHRISTMAS!!!)

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving

  1. I was getting all excited thinking that you cooked!!! Then you had to go and break my excitement bubble. :(

    Hey, whatever works! You had fun, that’s what matters.

    Glad you had a great day.

  2. Love the hats! That is great! Of course you look fabulous in anything. Glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving. Hope you are having fun decorating like crazy today!

  3. Hi, Erin. Couldn’t help but peek at your blog. Everything looks sunny, and you and your family look great! I especially love the homage to 1994 hair in your Jetette pic. since that was the year I remember you:) I ran into Connie and her cute family. They had just gotten their baby boy, I was sooo happy for them, she is going to have a busy plate. CU!

  4. In some ways it’s kind of fun to live further away from St. George (family) because it’s so much fun to be with friends on holidays too. It looked like a lot of fun.

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