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Oh I can’t believe it…my little brother just bought his first house! CONGRATS AUSTIN! It looks darling and has such a nice yard. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to hang out there and see it myself this summer. Nothing like your first home!

I’m having a bit of a hard time with this though because it means my little bro is growing up. Austin and I are seven years apart (he and Carly are five) so he has always been the baby of the family. It’s hard for me to picture him old enough to own his own home! I still remember him so well like this…how cute is this little guy!!??

Aside from getting a home, Austin is dating a darling girl named Dayna (another sign of his recent maturity!). It’s funny because when my mom first told Car and I that Austin was dating someone and really liking her, we were a little skeptical. We kept talking on the phone about it wondering if anyone could ever be good enough for our Austin. Then we met Dayna. What a doll! She is the sweetest girl! Smart, funny, beautiful and SO CUTE with Austin. We’ve completely flipped now and keep warning Austin that he better not screw this up because WE LOVE HER! What a cute couple!!!

I know I’ve been posting a lot of older pics lately (I’ve been trying to organize my childhood photos) but I came across this picture and couldn’t resist. This is one of my favorite memories. Carly, Austin and I loved to play “court” when we were little. The three of us played this all the time. Austin made an amazing judge pounding anything in sight with his gavel. Carly always wanted to type super fast so she played the role of the court reporter (using a calculator to record everything said). I of course was always the dramatic and slightly neurotic attorney/witness on the stand defending and protecting the very rights we all enjoy. Good times…



xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Austin

  1. ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURTROOM! Ha! I love those older pics…what a fun walk down ridiculously bad perm lane. Auzzie is such a MAN these days! I can’t believe my eyes! His house is great, his girlfriend is wonderful and his job is perfect for him. What a lucky dog. I’ll always remember him best though as our little cowboy dressed, tractor riding, gavel pounding, diaper dancing little brother!

  2. Hey…it just occurred to me now…after this little spotlight on Auzzie…that mom also had a big Blog dedication on Mother’s Day and dad had an entire page dedicated to him yet Claire and I and Kenny have only made mere guest appearances. What the? I’m ready for my 3 page epilogue! Only you must use only flattering photos and tell nothing embarrassing. Same with Claire, but spare no details on Kenny!

  3. Those are such fun pictures…I remember all of them! I think Austin is in the old witch costume grandma made for you for Halloween.
    I would laugh so hard when you kids would play “Court”…where did you learn that stuff? One of you would yell,”Order in the court!!! Order in the court!!
    Sometimes I wish you were all three that little again, and all under one roof. Things like playing court were just so everyday. I never stopped to think about it. Now they are such fun memories. You girls need to make sure you write down what fun things your kids say and do…it is over before you know it!

  4. Oh, and I agree with everything you said about Dayna. I would have to add to it that she is also an amazing good sport about…well….everything!! LIKE Austin’s Denver Broncos football obsession (she even made him a Broncos quilt!)… His hunting and fishing obsession…Jazz basketball obsession…I could go on and on!!
    We all knew it would have to be someone special for Aust…and she is! What a gift Dayna is to our family… :)

  5. Such a beautiful family! Erin, I love learning about your memories and what’s going on with your family. Who needs to be neighbors or co-workers to bond?! (Is that kind of weird or sad? Hope not — We’ll blame it on the Jetsons!)

  6. Loved the childhood photos! I miss you guys! I am thinking of coming to UT for the July 4th Reunion–who is planning on comming? Car? Erin? Austin? Parade anyone? ;-) I think it is about time I let Rachel ride on a float down mainstreet :-)

  7. Erin,
    Why is it that everything you put your hands on seems to turn out PERFECT!!! You seriously amaze me with your blogs. The pics. are too cute but your stories and tributes are so hillarious and touching. I’m telling ya Erin, you missed your calling in life (and it wasn’t teaching). I’ve always said, you should have written books!! You would have made it big, oh wait, you did. You married Kenny!!
    Cute post Cutie!

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