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Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I want to tell my mom I love her so much! Hope you had a good Mother’s Day mom…lunch on me as soon as I come to visit! Car- hope you enjoyed your first Mother’s Day – you are a wonderful mom to Claire. And to all of my darling friends…I look up to each one of you – you are all amazing moms and set the standard pretty high! So glad I have all of you in my life.

I had a great Mothers Day today. We didn’t do anything too special – (celebrated last weekend on my girls trip :) but it was so fun because Ellie is finally old enough to understand this beloved holiday and she was so cute. Kept telling me “Happy Mothers Day” all day – giving me kisses – picking me flowers. Best present ever. This picture was on our way to church today…

Last night I enjoyed a “moms’ night out” with my cute neighborhood friends. Thanks for organizing this Kendra! It was so nice to visit uninterrupted without our little ones around.
Love you all!

In April when Car and Shawn came to visit we planned a photo shoot so we could get a picture of our daughters together for my mom for Mothers Day (all three granddaughters). My cute friend Autumn took the pictures and did an amazing job! We framed this picture below and gave it to my mom last week in Salt Lake. She loved it! Pretty sweet girls. Mission accomplished. :)

I have to share some of the other “not so great pictures” during our photo shoot. As you all know, getting pictures taken with kids can be so frustrating! The pose our girls are in in the above picture lasted two seconds! We were so grateful Autumn caught it on film! The first four pictures below are as precious to me as the one above. Carly and I were shouting out so many orders “Ellie, hold Claire up – you’re dropping her!” “Addison, look at us.” “SMILE!” “Claire is falling again!”… These show how hard they were trying for us!

Other fun pictures taken that day…

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Sis! The card you sent me absolutely made my day…especially after the weekend we had with Claire getting sick at Shawn’s Sister’s wedding! New moms definitely earn their stripes with sick babies; I am so glad I have you and mom to share your years of wisdom with me! Those photos for Easter are priceless – priceless!! I have framed a few of them for Claire’s nursery and will always remember what it took between stressed husbands, hyper kids, and all the other arrangements we had to make to pull it off. YAY US!

  2. What darling pictures of the VanAusdal granddaughters. Your Mom has been trying to show me her picture that she just couldn’t say enough about. I’m glad I got to see them on the blog. Your girls are darling, and I know what fun it is to get pictures of the little ones. Miss and love you much.

  3. Erin! This is the cutest post. Too many pictures to comment on! :o) You and Ellie are beauty queens!

    And when I saw the picture of you and your girlfriends, I had to look and make sure it wasn’t us! It looked like one the outings we have all been on! Looks like you have great neighbors!

    And what a great idea for a gift for your mom. You got a beautiful photo-all you need is one! (That’s what my mom always says to me in those situations! And I usually only get…one!) That is so sweet. I love how Ellie has her head resting on Claire and how Addie is looking straight into the camera with her cute little face. This is a novel…but so many fun photos!

  4. Thanks again for my priceless picture Erin. You and Carly gave me a family treasure this year for my Mothers Day gift. I have shown my picture to everyone I know…and a few people I don’t! :)But everyone agrees I am a lucky grandma to have three little angels for granddaughters!
    I miss my daughter Erin so much. She and her sweet husband Kenny are amazing parents. I am so proud of them. She is blessed to have such good friends.

  5. Cute Pictures Erin!!! Your girls and Carly’s little Clair are just darling!!! What a fun mother’s day present…I love the girls night! Aren’t they the best :)

  6. Cute pictures! Mostly I was looking at how cute your hair is…in all of them…and in every other picture you ahve posted. I keep trying to tell myself not to be jealous–you probably have many days where your hair doesn’t look this gorgeous-you are just posting the best pictures…but I don’t know if I believe it any more :-) Is it true–is every day a great hair day for you??

  7. Hey Erin!!
    It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been on the blog…but thanks to all of your work, I am now “caught up” on Erin’s life!! I love this blog idea…he he..
    So..what a fun weekend with the girls. The pictures are wonderful. I wish I could add my two cents about the Twilight series. But as you know, that would be ONE MORE THING to add to my list of things to do! AHHH. that darn list, I really should find a new hobby! Reading is on my list, it’s just at the bottom right now. Maybe someday I will move it up to the top. But for now, it’s p90X, 72 hour kits, Designing a better FHE schedule, switching banks (which involves so much work! New bill pay system), switching insurance companies (TONS of research…but it will save me over 200 dollars a month!), and working a ton on finances, you’re favorite topic! HE HE.. We are buckling down (not too fun) and working really hard to pay off our house. So we’ve been goal setting this past week.
    Then of course, there’s the 72 hour classes I’m doing, last one is tomorrow night! And other than that, it’s just the basics, ironing, dishes, making food, playing with my girls, squeezing in date nights, etc. etc…. you know the drill.
    But somewhere in there, I should find a spot for reading… We’ll see. Maybe once I start a blog!
    Love you! Tell the fam I said hello. Rachel still talks about playing with Ellie in San Diego.

  8. Well, if those aren’t beautiful pics. You’re all so photogenic, yes, even you Kenny. Not only do I ditto liking the green shirt with silver bangles (whatever those are, I’ll look closer), but I’m digging the hair. It’s gorgeous so don’t change a thing.

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