Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

{I'm warning you right now that this post is long.  I took way too many pictures and my indecisive nature causes me to just post them all instead of actually having to agonize over which ones I should cut.  You may want to grab some leftovers.  Or start a load of laundry.}  

Well!  Now that my warning is out of the way and you fully know what you're getting into, we're back.  Spent all of last week in Utah with family and had a great vacation.  The kind of vacation that is just such a bummer when it's over.  My kids had a fabulous trip.  My niece was at my mom's all week too and the three girls had a par - tay.  To say the least.  

They watched movies together on grandma's bed.  

Turned the back yard into their personal playground.

Created all sorts of interesting "soups" and "potions" out of vegetables from grandpa's garden. 

And out of pomegranates from grandma's pomegranate tree.   

They drove around everywhere on their fancy little scooters.

And were joined by their Uncle Austin and cousin Drew - Kole's mischievous partner in crime.  

They went on nature walks with mom and grandma and enjoyed all of the beautiful fall leaves.  

And the neighbors' Christmas decorations.  

They dressed grandpa up fancy.  

And enjoyed stories by Aunt Carly in matching Christmas p.j.'s.  

Realizing they had all of the adults in the palm of their hands, they got creative and came up with a little money making scheme.  Ellie led the charge on this one of course.

Who could resist buying this stunning turkey?  And for the bargain price of a mere $2.00!?  Those clever little illustrators walked away with pockets full of cash and smiles on their faces.  When we went shopping later, Addison was torn on whether or not she should part with her earnings to buy a stuffed animal.  Ellie said, "Don't worry Ad!  We'll just draw more pictures!"

The girls had their own Thanksgiving table for the big day.  I gave them some apples, toothpicks, and dots and told them to make their own turkeys.

And here are the finished turkeys.  The girls kept eating the dots and dinner was done before they had a chance to make the heads.  Oh well!  {I'd like to point out my mom's diet cokes in the background - she's seriously addicted.  Wouldn't be a trip to grandma's without a diet coke run every few hours.  I just felt that had to be recorded for our posterity.}  
Love you mom.  :)

The girls weren't the only ones who had fun.  I loved spending time with my family.  Parents, siblings, nieces and nephews - everyone was together and it was the best.  Totally crazy and loud and did I mention crazy!?  But the best.  We love to all be together.

This picture made me laugh.  My kids couldn't pull their eyes away from the TV long enough to smile for a picture.  Looks like Ellie at least attempted a smile even though her eyes are still glued to the tube.  I believe we were watching "Shrek the Halls."  That's right.  I only allow my children to view the finest in quality educational shows.  Last year at Thanksgiving I gave myself the parent of the year award when Ellie told her first grade class that the one thing she was grateful for was McDonalds Happy Meals.  Looks like that gold pleated trophy is mine again!

Here we are the night before Turkey day getting the stuffing ready and watching Gone With The Wind.  Because "after all, tomorrow -- is another day!"   Best movie ever.  They don't make em' like that anymore.

The girls.  

And the guys.  Who thought something on Kenny's ipad was a bit more intriguing than Scarlett O'Hara and breaking bread.

And if you aren't already super impressed with my mad bread breaking skills, I'll have you all know that I also cut the potatoes.  That's right.  And I wore my new anthro apron to boot.  Broke it right in cutting potatoes after Dayna peeled them.

Soon after this picture I took my apron off and decided I'd be in charge of the kids because, well, why push it.  I didn't want to actually spill on my anthro apron.  It is a crucial part of my kitchen decor you know.  ;)

Brother, dad, and sister.  Love these three.  And they love me.  Even if my idea of helping with Thanksgiving dinner is to prance around in a new apron rather than to actually help prepare the meal. 
 I'm lucky to have them.  

Also lucky to have these two.  

My mom and I made the executive decision that since we had six kids ages seven and under and since three of those six kids were one year olds that it would be ok to opt for paper plates instead of the fine china.  Nobody complained a bit.  Especially when it was time to do the dishes.

Yes.  It was a good vacation.  One that will be hard to recover from.  

Although some of us seem to be recovering better than others.  



Stephanie said...

You are so blessed to be able to visit family on the holidays. Looks like you had a fabulous time!! And I am sure you did great tearing up the bread ;)

Becky said...

Such a happy post! Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving with your dear family!!

Shari said...

I loved all those pictures!!! Especially the ones of the Diet Cokes! And I love your mom! :)

I am the EXACT same way you know. I need a fresh fountain drink by about 10 am and then I want another fresh one about 2pm since I only drank half of the first one and it gets all watered down. Soda sister power to Bonnie!!

I'm really proud of you for helping with those potatoes. And that apron is adorable. :)

Rhonda Dow said...

Will you please ask Carly where she found those cute pj's? Love them! !!

Kath said...

Doesn't anyone in your family object to blog picture taking?? You are so lucky!!

Tonya Winningham said...

Great Thanksgiving post! I also have to tell you that while I was out today, I got the Conair curling iron in the smaller size (half inch). I have the exact one you do, and agree it's the best. Going to try the small one now to see if it hold my curls better?! And, your hair looked great in all those pics! :)

Ashley said...

I like looking at all the pictures!

Erin said...

Hi Rhonda!

My mom actually bought those Christmas nightgowns for the girls - I know! So cute! She bought them at Carters. :)

Aria82 said...

I enjoyed the post! And Gone With The Wind is my absolute favorite movie! I've loved it since I was a kid :-)

Jill said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Great pictures! Have a wonderful week.


The Wallace Family said...

Hey Erin I just had a question totally unrelated to your post (Cute pictures and Happy Thanksgiving to your family!) I was wondering if you have a way of getting rid of pacifiers? I used your sleep method when Kendall was 10 weeks old and it worked miracles in this house, so I thought why not ask you about the pacifier. Kendall is in LOVE with her pacifiers and that is putting it very lightly. If we leave home without one then we better make a Target stop to get a new one. We try to limit it to bedtime and nap time, but I am a softy and I give in way more than my husband. I didn't know if your kids were pacifier lovers, but I noticed Kole with one in his mouth in this post:) Please do share if you have any suggestions for taking it away or when to take it away! Thanks a bunch.

Lacey said...

Looked like a great trip with your family. We were there too! Too bad we didn't see each other out and about!

Melissa said...

Hi Erin,
I always wonder when you post about Utah if your family drives or flyes out there? I live in San Diego too and isn't it like a 10 - 12 hour drive to Utah? If you drive, would be interested to know some tips how to make the drive easier with 3 little children. I have a 3 year old and just driving 2 hours up to L.A. to visit family can be tough.

amy said...

sounds like a wonderful thanksgiving week. so fun that all of you were able to be there. love being with family!
p.s. how was the drive?

Shari said...

And guess what? I have NEVER seen Gone With The Wind.

Erin said...

Hi Christy!

Oh man. The pacifier. Ellie LOVED hers and now Kole is the same. Your question is such a good one! I think I'll answer it in a post if you don't mind, just because my answer will be so long! I'll tell you what we did with Ellie. I'm going to do a question/answer post in the near future and I'll make sure to address this then. :)

Hi Melissa!

Same for your great question! I'll address it soon in a question/answer post. My family lives in St. George which is actually only 6 1/2 hours from San Diego (if there is no traffic) so not quite as bad as you were thinking. We ALWAYS drive and have figured out over the years how to make the trip pretty painless. I'll share all of my tips for traveling with kiddos soon! :)


Go rent Gone With The Wind immediately!! And come out from under your rock!! ;)

Josie said...

So glad you guys had such a great trip! We LOVED seeing you guys and were so happy to get together! We can't wait until next time!

I always love seeing pics of you with your family. I love how close you guys are and what cute grandparents your parents are!

And you do look darling in your apron!

Darci said...

Erin! Looks like a magical week! I had to laugh, because at Oliver's Thanksgiving performance in front of all the parents this year, where you know the other kids were saying things like they were thankful for their family, their mom, their dad etc....Oliver said, "I'm thankful for candy!" so I can relate to that mom of the year award!! But I'm with Ellie, I'm also thankful the Happy Meal!:) So glad you had fun!

Michelle Cheney Larsen said...

I love that you and your mom are wearing matching sweaters just in different colors. I wore that exact same sweater on Thanksgiving this year too. Except mine is tan.

Rhonda Dow said...

Thanks Erin! I will have to make a trip there to get them! They will be so cute for Christmas morning pictures!

DrRobison said...

Who do I make my $2 check out to?

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin.
I love the pijamas. Where did you get them?

Erin said...

Anonymous - Thanks! The pj's are from Carter's! :)

Malea said...

I love the VanAusdal Cottage Castle. I'm grateful to be able to live there as well; even if it is only vicariously :)