Monday, September 26, 2011

Picture frame re-do!

Can I just say that I am SO excited good shows are back on TV!?  I stayed up way too late tonight catching up on some of my favorites.  Just when I didn't think I could handle one more movie picked out by my movie obsessed husband (who thinks that Armageddon should have been up for an Oscar) my shows start up again and come to my rescue!  Oh how I've missed them.  Anyway, just popping in to share the way I updated a few frames.  A while ago I shared my kitchen shelf re-do and since then have been trying to lighten up a few other things in my house.

These black frames, like so much of my house, have been feeling a bit dark.  

So I painted them yellow.  A nice happy yellow.  

And then I used some sandpaper to distress them a bit.

Here are the frames BEFORE.  Black frames, cream ribbon, dark pictures from our Italy trip.  Nothing wrong with this look, just not the direction I'm going right now with my home decor.

And here they are AFTER!  The yellow brightened things up a bit.  I also changed the ribbon to match the aqua wall in my kitchen.  And of course, added the pumpkin patch pictures of my little stud.  I'm going to start changing these pics each season.  

But for now I am loving walking into my dining room and seeing my little man at the Patch.  :)

A lighter, brighter, happier look!  It also coordinates great with my Fall mantel.  
Which I'll have to share tomorrow.  
Because tonight I stayed up watching TV way too late to blog any further.
Did I already mention that?



Bobbidee said...

Very cute Erin! Love them!

Evaly said...

Very very cute!! I also have a question. You were so sweet to answer my questions before, so hopefully you don't mind :) I have hair that is very similar to yours and I live in San Diego too, so same climate. I've gotten lazy doing it curly all summer because we were always at the beach, but I'm so sick of it! I loved your hair post awhile back, but I need more details :) Do you use any other products besides the straightener (like hair spray or a hair smoother?) Do you hair spray as you curl, or just give it a once over when you are done? Is your hair really perfect the next morning, or do you put a smoothing product on it and add some touch up curls? Do you have favorite shampoos/conditioner or other products? Okay, I guess that was more than one question! :) Thanks for any tips, if you get a chance. I just think your hair always looks so nice!

Lindsey said...

You are getting so handy with a can of spray paint. I have a whole stack of stuff waiting to be sprayed. My changes are beginning around here too, I am so excited.

Jess said...

Great job! I just blogged about my fall decor this weekend
( )and showed off my mantel! I love to decorate for the seasons! I had a question for you... what are your favorite shows currently???

Heather said...

Love the pop of yellow!

Krystle said...

LOVE them!!! They came out so good!

Shari said...

Very cute!!! I love the distressed look. Nice job.

Darci said...

ERin! I love it! That is such a new look! You really do make it all look so cute, so easy. so happy! xoxo!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear what tv you watch, too! Renea