Happy Valentines Day

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    right back at ya! hope you had a great v-day.

    p.s. sorry about Ellie’s hand getting caught in the door today. i hope it’s okay. i feel so bad. tell her i’m sorry that door got her!

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    Erin! That is soo cute! My favorite picture is still the one of you hugging Carly in the hospital! I love that picture!

    And I was so excited to hear from you again on my blog! :) It has been a long time! :) It made me smile when I read your comment!

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    Hey long lost friend!! I had to comment today. I must say how much I enjoy seeing your darling self each week when I check your blog. My life has been busier than normal as of late, but today I’m taking a breath and feeling caught up once again.
    You have such a beautiful life Erin. I really enjoy your blog. You inspire me in so many ways! I hope you guys had a great V.D. week!! Love you.

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