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Saturday 6


{Amazon Summer Dress/Raffia Sandals/Pendant Necklace/Bracelets}

Hello hello! We made it to Saturday! What a week! May really is December without the Christmas tree. Personally if it has to be this busy, I’d like my tree and lights up please. ;) We’ve been in the thick of end of the school year activities like I’m sure many of you! Two week countdown time to summer and graduation. It always feels so good to end the school year after such a busy month doesn’t it!? We are feeling ready for summer! Speaking of summer.. how cute is this dress!? From Amazon and on sale for a steal! I love the smocked top and it’s such a flattering fit. Cute with sandals now and it would also be cute with a jean jacket and boots in the fall.

Summer Dresses (Sunny Side Up)

{Amazon Summer Dress}

It comes in lots of colors and patterns. I tried it on and loved it so much I promptly ordered it in a floral print too!


White dress (Sunny Side Up)

{Eyelet Shirt Dress}

Sharing a few more longer dresses for summer. We are taking the kids to Europe this summer! We have all been so excited for this trip. We are biking through the Netherlands and Belgium and then spending some time in Paris. Kenny and I have been to France before but we’ve never taken the kids to Europe. We actually booked this trip in 2020! It didn’t happen that summer of course and every summer since we’ve had to push it back because of obligations the kids have had. We finally have a free two week block this summer to do it! I’ve been looking for some fun summer dresses to take on the trip and these white dresses are cute options. I always love shirt dresses! This dress also comes in green and blue.

{Smock Waist Maxi Dress}

This dress is so pretty and also comes in black.

{Floral Linen A-Line Dress}

This dress is also beautiful and I’m sorry it’s almost sold out! A little pricey and more than I like to spend on a dress, but we are taking some family photos in France and I think this is what I’m going to wear for pictures. Special occasion dress! It has a summer in Paris feel to it right!? Below are a few other fun dresses I’m considering for the trip and just summer in general!


tank top hanger (Sunny Side Up)

{Tank Top Hanger}

Ok.. how cool is this tank top hanger!? I’m going to have my girls go through their closets as soon as school is out so that we can donate anything they aren’t wearing anymore. I was looking through things last week and noticed they have so many tanks and crop tops that are taking up hangers and space. I did a little digging and found this tank top hanger and couldn’t love it more!

I fit 8 tanks on one hanger and look at the space we saved! Great for tanks, sports bras, swimsuits.. such a genius solution. These will be perfect for college dorms/apartments too! They come in gold, rose gold and black too.. I just ordered Ellie a set of 4 in rose gold. :)


{Acrylic Vase}

I’m pulling out my beloved acrylic vase this weekend! A summer favorite.

I’m going to fill it with hydrangeas like I did last summer.

If you try this remember not to cut the stems too short! You want them a little long so that you can lay them on an angle to really soak up the water!

{Eloise woven counter stool/Hanover pendants}

Ready for this summer scene again. :) My barstools just went on sale! I love them every bit as much today and I did the day I bought them years ago! I have them in my office too. I always wait for the Mcgee & Co sales to purchase big items like furniture and light fixtures I’ve had my eye on. Most of their site is 25% off! These are other favorites I have in my home or on my wish list..


Jute Amazon Rug (Sunny Side Up)

{Jute Rug/Stars & Stripes Doormat/Planters/Faux Plant/Faux Geraniums/Americana Wreath}

My porch is taking shape with a similar look as last year. I might switch it up, but for now this is where I’m at because there isn’t time for much else. Ha. I do love my new jute rug! There are a few sizes left in this rectangle and some cute round options for inside too!


{Burlap Flags}

Re-sharing this fun patriotic table from last year if you’re hosting for the 4th! The hydrangea centerpiece/acrylic vase really shines in the center of a table. :)

{Round Chargers / Similar Striped Napkins / Similar Gingham Plates / Americana Salad Plates / Similar Flatware}

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy end of the school year to those in school or with kids or grandkids finishing up! I hope you’re able to enjoy it all regardless of the madness! I’m trying to do the same. If you’re struggling with that picture a Christmas tree and lights!

Always seems to help me. :)

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Erin,
    Europe! Its been a while since I’ve been but the memories last for a lifetime! The first time I went I was 12 1/2 years old and London-oh wow! Can still remember the feeling back then.
    I’ve been 3 more Khaki times since ( husband on business and me as a “tag along” and then days extra as pleasure. A couple were family trips. Netherlands-so good! so much to see even thru time number 2! My daughter just had to go back and did early Spring this year! For me, Belgium was just Bruges, but I shouldn’t say “just.” Ohmygosh, Bruges just might be a fav. even over London! I did like England over France but as I said, things do change, and it’s been a while.
    My close friend was just in Paris and well, it’s her fav.! I’m going to stick to the little walled city, Bruges on a horse and carriage tour!
    You know, we get so used to “resort vacations” with warm, turquoise water beaches and enormous pools, that we forget there are SO MANY other things to see!
    As far as the wardrobe, dresses are fab for dinner but like most of Europe, the whole black/white, neutrals thing is still “a thing”. Erin, you know, there is a green that fits in with neutrals, black and white……
    Army green AKA Olive! Well, nevermind….. you will look beautiful whatever you wear whenever you wear it!

    1. LOVE hearing about your time there Sherri! I’m so happy to hear how much you loved Bruges! I can’t wait.. and I’m taking my green favs with me. ;) Will be so excited to discuss it all with you when we get back! XO

  2. The Netherlands is my favourite place. My parents are Dutch, and I have a lot of family there. I took my three boys there last summer. They loved it; my oldest was ready to move there :). I hope you have a great time!

  3. I cannot wait to hear about your European trip this summer!!! Please share all the details when you return! Fun of a lifetime for your family! We are going to Italy this summer for the first time! Can’t wait!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! You will LOVE Italy! Hands down my favorite trip we’ve ever taken! Rome is just incredible. Have the best time! I will definitely share details! xo

  4. Yes, May can get crazy! The beginning of the month was busy, had a lull and now it’s the end of the school year for my job. A little crazy again. LOL It’s all good though. How fun that you are going to Europe! What a grand family adventure. I hope you have an amazing time. Looks like you’ll be looking so good, too. :)

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