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N sale, closet progress and the 4th!

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4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

{denim side tie dress/flip flops}

Happy Saturday! I hope you had a good week and a good holiday for all who celebrated! We spent the 4th in SLC with family again this year. Nothing like a good parade. :) It was a quick trip but so much fun. Sharing a few more 4th pics at the end of this post!

But first.. the N sale is next week and the sale preview is up! Who else is excited!? I’ve spent so much time going through everything and rounding up favorites in each category for us all and if you haven’t looked yourself yet let me tell you.. the sale is GOOD this year. A lot of repeats from past N sales, but there are also a lot of new items out for Fall that are SO cute! I’m having a really hard time narrowing down my wish list.. ha. Always the case with this sale! You can view everything HERE and start adding things to your wish list so you are ready to check out when it’s your turn to shop! Here is the breakdown of shop dates..

N sale dates

I’ll be sharing lots of favorites throughout the week and here is my first round-up!

1- blanket   2-serving board   3- shearling slipper   4- cap sleeve sweater

5- zella hooded jacket  6- eyeshadow set   7- makeup brush set 

8- olaplex shampoo / olaplex conditioner   9- flat iron   10- wool longline coat

11- faux suede jacket   12- knee high boots   13-mary knee high boot

14- jewelry box   15-madewell tote   16- suitcase   17- cleo top

18- sneaker   19-paige high waist jeans   20- mother wide leg jeans

Like I said.. so hard to narrow things down, but if I had to this is my wish list after previewing everything on-line! My favorite T3 hair tools are part of the sale again but I also have my eye on this ghd 2 inch wide flat iron with great reviews! My marble/wood serving board is such a favorite that I want it in black and you can never have too many Madewell totes in my opinion. :) I always get new eyeshadow and a new Natori bra each year (forgot to include that one in my collage but this is my all time favorite and the only bra I wear). I’m absolutely in love with the look of this wool coat! I’ll have to try it on to see if it’s too long on me. I’ll definitely be stocking up on my favorite Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and I need these sneakers in my life! Kenny says I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing wants from needs but he’s a little confused. I completely understand the difference and the sneakers? A need all the way. ;)

More favorites are coming! What are you seeing and loving this year!?

Organized Closet Progress (Sunny Side Up)


I was really hoping to get my closet organized before the N sale this year but it’s not done and I’m giving myself some grace because of travel and well.. just summer. Each day is an adventure with the kids home right!? I am slowly making progress though so I’m going to celebrate along the way! I went though my dresses last week and that is something that I have been wanting to do for over a year! This is the “before” with way too many dresses smushed together!

Organized Closet Progress (Sunny Side Up)

I told myself I would just spend 15 minutes going through them but of course it took longer. Which is FINE! That’s part of the beauty of the 15 minutes a day organizing plan. It helps get you STARTED which is the hardest part! Once you’re in the zone you’re set. :) I ended up trying on most of my dresses and this is the donate pile.

Ready for the after?

Organized Closet Progress (Sunny Side Up)


Hello singing angels. I’ve missed you. :)  So much better right!? I only kept dresses I really LOVE and wear often. If I wasn’t sure I asked myself “If I had an event to go to tonight (RIGHT NOW!) would I be excited to put on this dress?” With a lot of my dresses my answer was no. We keep so many clothes because they look cute or were expensive or will hopefully fit again when we lose weight. It’s crazy! If you aren’t excited to put something on right now because it’s not comfortable or doesn’t fit right or you just don’t love it anymore, you won’t wear it and it’s just taking up precious space in your closet. And by “you” I mean me! I’ll be honest.. keeping my master closet organized is really hard for me! Clothes spark major joy and I need to do a better job of donating items more often. The best way to stay organized is to have LESS to organize. Understanding and admitting my problem is the first step and I’m determined to really edit each section of my closet and only keep clothes I absolutely love to wear!

Just in time to add a few new “needs” in from the N sale. ;)

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

{denim side tie dress/red gingham romper}

A few more pics from our 4th! I shared these pics in stories and had questions about our clothes. My sister’s outfit is sold out and so is my denim dress in most sizes, but the red gingham romper my sister in law is wearing is still in stock! It comes in black too.. so cute! Love these two. Thanks for the crowns Car. ;) 

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

{coffee table}

My sister’s beautiful home. I love her clean modern style!

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

She broke a bone in her hand playing tennis and has to have surgery but still managed to cook a huge feast for us all and keep the kids entertained with treat bags, games and a piñata. Superwoman! I’m so grateful she does this every year! It’s the best all being together and the kids all agree that the 4th of July at Aunt Carly’s house is hands down their favorite vacation.

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

I’m just in it for this dip. ;)

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

{wood place card holders}

She used these cute place card holders to hold pictures of past 4th of Julys along the table for dinner. Such a cute and creative idea right!?

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

4th of July (Sunny Side Up)

Our best attempt at a timed iPhone group pic.. ha. Not the greatest!

But the memories made definitely were.

xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “N sale, closet progress and the 4th!

  1. Congratulations on straightening up your dresses in your closet. It looks great. I should just donate the items in my closet since I rarely wear anything from it. LOL I’m a jeans and t-shirt gal all the way, but I can’t seem to pull that trigger. Maybe I’ll take a deep breath and jump in. Sure would give my husband more room for his clothes. :) Love the pictures from the 4th. So neat that your family does this every year. Special times. Thanks for sharing a bit of it. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. :)

  2. The 2” flat iron is great! I have thick, wavy hair and it’s the best. My daughter also uses it.

  3. Erin,
    Wonderful family group pics! Always the best, right? BTW, I see some very cute shoes in that closet pic ;-)
    I love the outfits for the 4th. I forgot to do that this year (red/white/blue in clothing) LOL, travel to the vacay place and I wore what I traveled in. Black cropped jeans, a sage color, Vinyard Vines polo and a light weight, black, cotton cardigan! NOT too 4th ish! Oh, well, we had high humidity, drizzle/cloud cover and that layer of smoke, hazing up the sky coming from the Canadian wildfires. Smoke followed on the the wind to us. Yuk! Second night of fireworks in our actual beach community was much more visible tho…
    Hmmm… me: same cropped black jeans and a Lilly top! What’s wrong w/me!? Christmas on the mind, I guess :) :) :)
    PS. Cant wait for the Nords sale! Keeping the credit card on a diet, tho!

  4. That was a GREAT family photo!!! How much fun, being all together and the memories of years past too :)
    The place holders/photo spread was a great idea – that might be my hostess gift to our cousin who hosts TG every year – what a great idea :)

  5. Just love the 4th pics! (It’s my birthday, so I’m a big fan!) Do you ever feel compelled to consign or Poshmark your unused clothes? Sometimes I just can’t see donating a bunch of things that I spent some decent money on…but then I end up not doing anything!

    1. Oh happy late birthday MaryJo! I hope it was a good one! What a fun time to celebrate. Fireworks would be FUN on a birthday. :) I’ve never done Poshmark just because I don’t have time! I also have lots of people around who I love donating too so that makes it easier to give things up. :)

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