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Weekend Favorites & Sales

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Mother’s Day! My college girl is home for the summer so we are all 5 together again.

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

I’m a happy mom this year. :)

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

Very excited to spend Mother’s Day with my crew. Moms I hope you all feel loved and appreciated this weekend! Most importantly I hope you don’t have to prepare one snack or meal.

Sorry.. just projecting my Mother’s Day wish onto everyone else. ;)

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

This card made me laugh because it is SO spot on at my house! My first weekend favorite. ;)

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

{woven leather tote at Madewell/woven leather tote at Nordstrom/ramona slide sandals}

Next up.. I found the cutest sandals at Target! Fun right!? Just $20, so perfect for summer and I love them with my new Madewell bag. They come in white too!

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

{paily braided sandal}

I bought these sandals last year and have LOVED them. So cute. So comfortable. They work with jeans and skirts and everything and are on sale!

Below are more weekend favorites and sales! 4th of July decor is popping up and I’m excited to start pulling out some red, white and blue. All good things ahead this time of year. :) Enjoy your weekend!

1-ruffle tie neck blouse   2- beach frame wall art   3- swimsuit

4- flutter sleeve dress   5- paily braided sandal  6- skinny jeans   7-bath towel


1- 3-piece bistro set   2- wicker patio set

3-  3-piece conversation set   4- rocking chair set   5- barton 3-piece set


1-stars & stripes doormat   2- burlap flag   3- paper pin wheels

4- flag burlap banner   5- americano knit throw   6- flag salad plates   7-floral napkins


1-flag lumbar pillow   2- red outdoor pillow   3-americana stripe pillow

4- striped outdoor pillow   5- floral outdoor pillow   6- red floral outdoor pillow



1- striped t-shirt   2- red stripe pillow   3-july 4th banner   4- lumbar stripe pillow

5- blue stripe pillow   6- flags   7-blue glass vase   8-round tablecloth   9- woven basket

10- patriotic banner   11- gingham cloth napkins   12- plates   13-gingham cups   14- beverage dispenser


1- snack cups   2-stars   3-4th of July decorations set   4- mini dress

5- usa sweatshirt   6- star decorations   7- wooden bead banner   8- flag pillow

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites & Sales

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Erin! I’m so thrilled for you that your girl is home for the summer and you have the whole family together. It’s such a wonderful feeling! My crew is together for a few weeks, then my younger daughter is heading out to work a summer internship. She will be staying with her roommate’s parents since it’s too far for her to commute daily. Soaking in all the time I can until then. I love that card you shared. It IS spot on! And your goodies and finds are all so fun. You have a good eye, that is for sure. Enjoy your special day today! Hugs!

    1. Hugs right back! Love that you have some time with your family all together! That internship sounds perfect. What a neat experience for her! Definitely soak in the family time while you have them all together.. it really is the best. :) I hope you had a great day Jeanne! xo

  2. Erin, are those braided sandals really comfortable? I’ve been eyeing them for a while and even saw a dupe at Target. The heel makes me think that it won’t be comfortable to wear all day as it would push my feet forward and make the balls of my feet sore after a while.

    1. I’ve only worn them once (new find!) but they were super comfortable! I’ll keep you posted as I wear them more. :)

    Your Beautiful, TV (movie) ready family is more beautiful than ever! REALLY!

  4. I am so glad your daughter is home!!!

    Now it’s time to start looking forward to the Nordstrom sale! L O L I’m a little early, but I can’t wait.

  5. Hi Erin, love everything. Can you tell me about the awesome blue bags in your hallway? They resemble IKEA bags? I can’t zoom in enough in the tags. They look really handy. Thanks!!

  6. Erin, how wonderful your family is back together again! My daughter is graduating from high school next week and off to the University of Utah for nursing and those blue bags look perfect for packing her up for college. Would you mind sharing the source? Thank you

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