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Teacher Gift Ideas

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Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Sharing a few quick and easy last minute teacher gift ideas today! Two weeks for us! The countdown is on. I know that some schools are already out so if that’s the case for your kids, tuck these ideas away for the next school year. OR you can use these ideas for birthdays and other fun occasions. They are versatile! Very tricky like that. :) One of my go-to gifts for teachers is to get a medium sized vase and add flowers and a gift card. If you know their favorite store or restaurant that’s always great. If not you can never go wrong giving a teacher a Target gift card! It can be used for anything from school supplies to the next Mcgee home decor collection.

Tough decision for this former teacher. ;)

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{place card holder}

These cute heart shaped card holders are perfect to hold gift cards in a vase!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{green ceramic vase/faux tulips}

Here are a few fun vase/flower options! Of course my recent fav. :) I personally prefer spending money on faux flowers over real! I know not everyone feels that way, but two weeks later they will still be around to enjoy! And the next season? Still there. Add a gift card and now you have a really generous gift where the recipient gets to choose something they love and also keep something that reminds them of you.

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{clear glass fluted vase}

If you’re going the real flower route, add a beautiful vase that they can keep and use long after the flowers are gone. This is a recent favorite from Amazon.. so beautiful! I ordered one for me too when I saw how gorgeous it is in person!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{white ceramic vase}

This is another beautiful vase option! I choose taller flowers for this and love the look. Flowers and a gift card! It’s simple but always a win. :)

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{poolside tote/blue stripe towel/yellow stripe towel/stanley tumbler}

For years when my kids were little I wrapped up a cute beach towel with a magazine (sometimes adding a gift card) for a teacher gift. Some of you who have been with me for a while might remember! Summer items are always a fun gift and this POOLSIDE bag I recently shared is a perfect reminder that good times are coming. :) Fill it with summer items or just give the bag on its own depending on your budget!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{straw bag tote/yellow stripe towel/stanley tumbler}

Another cute straw bag option I recently shared!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

This year I added a towel, magazine, chocolates..

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{supergoop lip balm/supergoop lipscreen}

and Supergoop lip balm. I love both of these options for summer!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{woven bag}

This is another cute summer bag option! Love the inside lining on it too. It’s a floppy style so I had to get my assistant to hold it up for me. Thanks Kole. ;)

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Fun gifts!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{platters and boards/short marble cheeseboard}

I’ve shared this gift idea many times but couldn’t resist sharing again because my new marble board would make a fabulous gift! On its own or with a fun boards book. Here are other fun charcuterie book options!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{seagrass basket/oversized throw/green ceramic vase/faux tulips/spiral candles/made for living book/flower nesting bowls}

All of the fun gift ideas I shared for Mother’s Day work for teacher gifts too!

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{jute tray basket/rattan caddy/blue kitchen towels/yellow kitchen towels/blue gingham tumbler/lemon platter/fruit platter}

Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)
Teacher Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Friendly reminder to add a quick note of appreciation (from you and your child!). I still have most of the sweet cards my students and parents wrote me when I taught for six years 20+ years ago. I pulled this out of a binder that holds them all. :)

Cheers to the end of another school year and a huge thank you to all of the amazing teachers out there! As a parent I couldn’t be more grateful for all you do.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Teacher Gift Ideas

  1. Lots of fun options for teachers to show how much you care. Thanks for rounding them up. :) Just a few more days and I’ll be done for the year. Whoo hooo. I shouldn’t really do that big of a cheer because my schedule for work isn’t that bad. Most of the teachers joke they wish they could leave when I do at the end of my shift. But it’ll be nice not having to rush out the door in the mornings for awhile. ;) I hope the next two weeks run on an even keel, Erin. That binder you showed is super cute. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! The best part of summer for me is 100% not having to rush out so early in the morning! I love sleeping in a little and having a slow morning (I’m such a night owl I’m always exhausted!). So happy we both get slower mornings soon! :)

  2. Erin, I so enjoyed this segment. As a retired teacher I would have appreciated any one of those baskets. So simple but so elegant. Keep the ideas and wonderful productscoming. Have a great summer with your family.

    1. You are the sweetest Marie! Thank you so much! I feel so honored that you liked this post. Thank you for your years of teaching and YEA for being able to retire and spend time with loved ones! xo

  3. my daughters have been out of school for a number off years, but where were you when i needed you?……ha! you always have such great ideas, and you execute them beautifully. thank you for all you share….i get a lot of enjoyment from reading your newsletters.

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