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Simple Summer Styling

*our annal Mother’s Day picture. See the end of this post for the outakes. ;) 

I hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend! We had such a nice, relaxing family day. Low key which was so nice after a busy week. Then right when we were all getting ready for bed around 11 pm Ellie realized her car keys were missing. She drove home with them and locked the car so they had to be in the house. We tore the house apart and looked EVERYWHERE until past midnight and then when I finally said let’s just go to bed and look again tomorrow I heard a “mom” coming from Kole’s bedroom. He was suddenly awake and not feeling good. So Ellie went to bed and I was up with him until close to 3 am. Good times! It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without some real mothering right!?

At least I didn’t have to cook. :)

Summer mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{rattan arched mirror/similar octagon mirror here & here/large natural basket/celine throw}

Sharing my summer mantel which could not be any more simple this year, but simple is really speaking to me. My rattan arched mirror is back in stock and on sale! So beautiful for the price. This basket (I’ve had for a while) is holding a few summer throws with my favorite celine throw on top. :)

Summer mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{green faux branches/matte terracotta vases}

I’m really loving these green faux branches from Amazon! The bright green feels very summery and one branch was just enough to add a little something to these black matte terracotta vases.  (You can see one branch has several smaller branches off of it so it doesn’t take much to make an arrangement!) 

Summer mantel (Sunny Side Up)

I love the 2 same black vases at different heights side by side. Speaking of vases!

Summer mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{large handwoven vase/brass metal nesting tray/faux branches}

This large handwoven vase is absolutely stunning. It’s HUGE and so beautiful for summer. I filled it with the same leafy green faux branches and love how realistic they look. My brass metal nesting tray is a long time coffee table favorite and is on sale right now!

Summer mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{spiral candles/set of 3 gold candle holders/modern black bowl}

My spiral candles add a nice touch! And a simple black bowl that I’ll fill with something at some point. :)

Summer mantel (Sunny Side Up)

Simple summer styling! I’m still on the hunt for a different light for this room and just haven’t found “the one” yet.

But the hunt is half the fun right? :)

My girls suggested a new idea for our traditional Mother’s Day pic. As you can see it didn’t go so well.

Not my most flattering picture but VICTORY! Ha ha.

Gosh I love them.


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Simple Summer Styling

  1. So happy you had a nice start to your Mother’s Day even if that ending was real life! And not cooking for the win! Curious minds want to know if you found the keys and if Kole is okay. The light and airy feel of the new decor is lovely. Thanks for sharing it and I hope this week is going by fairly smoothly. :)

    1. We did find them! After tearing the house apart and even going through trash (so fun). ;) They slid between the couch cushions and arm rest of the couch! In such a tricky spot that I missed them the first time I pulled the couch apart. Kole is all better and doing great. Just a tired start to the week for us all.. ha. ;) Thank you Jeanne! xo

  2. I ran to the comments to see if anyone else had asked – where did you find the keys? It’s like a mini cliff hanger in your post. Ha!
    Des Moines, IA

    1. Ha ha.. you made me laugh Renea! We did find them! The next day in the couch cushions! I had looked there the night before but missed them because they had slid down so far between the cushion and the arm rest. First place we’ll look next time! ;)

  3. Your pics are cute!!! We Moms are always on call…hopefully all went well and you could take a nap Monday :)
    I love the black vases on your mantle…stunning and the rattan vase is gorgeous!!

  4. Erin,
    Hi from your once again Late Friend! Well, better late than never! So glad you found the car keys! My husband just ordered one of the things you put on your keys to find them.
    I don’t know-it sounds an alarm or something? Hope it works b/c HE is just terrible w/this!
    So glad your Mother’s Day went well! Such an important day for us. Not sure WHY, but for me its above most holidays like Birthday! NOT Christmas, of course! I couldn’t wait till it was TIME to have a baby! The girls are different now, though, maybe it is a good thing? Not sure…..
    Anyway, you would have to put up the black vases! NOW I am mixed as to getting the black Minka for the family room or the shorter neck one you just photographed.! Love both! I missed the sale on Minka :-O

    1. Sherri we need one of those things for our keys in this house big time! Kenny is always losing his too! I am hoping those Minka vases go on sale this weekend.. I’ll watch for you! :)

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