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Weekend Favorites & Sales

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Sales and Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{cassidy denim jumpsuit/initial pendant necklace/similar ankle strap sandal}

Happy Saturday! 3 things! 1 – I’ve got a GOOD but quick round-up of some weekend favorites and sales for you. 2 – I’m wearing a jumpsuit in this pic and still trying to decide if it’s the cutest outfit ever or a complete disaster. And 3 – it’s March 11th and I’m 46 years old today. 46! I really don’t know how that’s possible since I was just turning 19 about 20 minutes ago, but I have to say that I’m ok with it. I might not feel ok about it at 50 (let’s re-evaluate then because it feels like 50 might be a hard one!), but 46? All good. Honestly I have loved my 40’s! This past year has been a little harder with Ellie moving out and talking all things college with Addison knowing that she’s next. Some days I let it get to me and just feel sad. I can feel the tide turning and the change coming that is life after all of my kids move out. But I heard the phrase somewhere the other day “the best is yet to come” and I decided that is going to be my new mantra. The best is yet to come. No more looking back and feeling sad that certain times or phases of life are coming to an end. There is SO MUCH to look forward to. What exactly am I looking forward to? I don’t totally know yet. Ha. But the best is yet to come so I’m going to be excited for it.

Also I think I love the jumpsuit. :)


Sales and Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Really I’m just so grateful for these 4 loves of my life along with all of my other family, good friends and all of YOU. Feeling very blessed this year and excited to spend the weekend celebrating!

Sales and Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{tondo rectangle serving board/woven serving basket/frida vase/real touch white tulip/small marble bunny/similar wood bunny}

{small sage green vase/small tulips – pack of 20}

Ok.. back to our regularly scheduled program. :) This is a quick round-up because I’ve been working on some fun posts for next week! Really feeling all things SPRING around here! Before my sale/favorites round-up I wanted to share another fun tulip option! The tulips on the left I’ve shared before. They are stunning and so realistic. I’m also in love with the less expensive tulips on the right! They are smaller and the stems are a brighter green. Also so good! They are incredibly soft to touch and easy to bend and manipulate so you can make them look very realistic too. Perfect for this cute sage green vase! I love it so much I bought two! One for my living groom and one for the nightstand in my bedroom. You can’t beat the price on the small tulips either. I have one pack of 20 in this vase for just $20! Score.

weekend favorites and sales (Sunny Side Up)

1- purple tulips   2-coral tulips

3-yellow tulips   4- white tulips

They come in other colors too! I’ve shared these before in this collage, but wanted to show a pic of them in person. So good.

weekend favorites and sales (Sunny Side Up)

1-small white vase   2-green vase   3- carved vase

4-round vase   5- small textured vase   6-small terracotta vase

Other small vase options that would work great with the Amazon tulips. :)

target bedding (the sunny side up blog)

1-pillowcase set   2-textured comforter   3-quilt sham   4-euro throw pillow

5- waffle weave comforter   6-oversized bed throw   7- stripe pillow

8-gingham pillow   9- sheet set   10-oversized throw   11-flannel quilt

Since we’re talking Target I wanted to mention a sale going on just through Saturday. ALL bedding is 20% off! I think bathroom rugs and towels are too. I’m so ready to give my bedroom a spring re-fresh! It’s still decked in forest green from the holidays. I’ll definitely be checking out this sale before it ends. This pretty throw is my inspiration piece! Clearly I’m not straying too far from the green family. ;)

1-bunny bowl   2-  flower nesting bowls

CUTEST stuff popping up in Anthro for spring! I’ve had this bunny and these flower bowls in my cart for a week now! I’m actually glad I waited because LTK is doing a sale this weekend. If you want 20% off all of this cute Anthro stuff (and lots of other favorites I’ve mentioned before!) head to over to my LTK shop in the app. To get the 20% off you have to shop on your phone through the LTK app using my code it will give you. I have all of these collages in the app and items on sale are highlighted!

anthro boards (

1-wildflower wood board   2-easter egg board

3-oversized rectangle boards   4-scalloped serving board

Love these board options for spring!

anthro easter (the sunny side up blog)

1- speckled decorative eggs   2-bunny dish towel   3- cake stand

4-wood serving bowl   5-candle   6-  bombay glasses  7-serving set

spring dishes (

1-white scalloped plates   2- villa del sol plates   3-dakota plate

4- abi dinner plates   5- white plates   6- levi dinner plates

Ok.. these plates are all so beautiful! I want #1! Or #5. Or #3!

Pottery Barn (thesunnysideupblog)

1- baskets   2-faux fig trees   3-  cambria dinnerware

4-terracotta vases   5-gallery frames   6-black vase

These are my favorites from PB that are on sale this weekend! I have and love most of these items.

Pottery Barn (thesunnysideupblog)

1-rafia tray   2- wood cheese board

3-chunky handwoven rug   4-handwoven serving tray

Such good prices on these favorites! The rug is a slightly different version of the rug I have in my family room. Looks so beautiful!

straw tote bags (thesunnysideupblog)

1- top handle rattan bag   2- straw tote   3- island key backpack

4-straw handbag   5-straw clutch   6- beach tote

7- straw shoulder bag   8- woven straw tote   9- straw basket bag

I love picking up a new straw bag for the spring/summer! These are my favorites I’ve seen so far. Perfect for trips, pool time, beach time and every day running around.

McGee & Co (thesunnysideup)

1- moxie rug   2-augustine rug   3- callahan rug

4- bullock rug   5-nash rug   6-ahern rug

Signing off with some fun indoor/outdoor rug options! I need to decorate my front porch but it has been too cold and raining non-stop! As soon as I see the sun again I need to do some serious sweeping and decorating.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow though so I think I’ll stay warm inside by the fire and eat cake instead.

I was right. The best IS yet to come.


xoxo, Erin
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28 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites & Sales

  1. Erin,
    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look all of 29 1/2 yrs. old! :) You are adorable in the jump suit, of course, BUT my eye went right away to the moss (OK. ARMY GREEN!) color one from Nords. 3 more words-DECOR CLOSET Please!

    1. I want that green one! Of course I do. :) You are too kind Sherri! Thank you so so much! Decor closet is coming! Done and I just need to photograph it! XO

  2. Honestly, age is really just a number. Much better to have birthdays than the alternative!! I turned 55 last month am excited to be on this planet for 5 and a half decades 😊
    Happiest of birthdays to you!! 46 looks great on you 💗. Enjoy your day 🎂🥳🥂

  3. Your family is beautiful!
    I’m 10 years ahead of you and I feel more confident and bolder than ever.:)
    Happy birthday!

    1. It’s the best isn’t it!? So much confidence comes with age. Thank you Elaine! I love hearing that! The best is yet to come. :)

  4. HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY, ERIN!! I hope you have a fabulous day, weekend, and year ahead!!
    With best wishes,
    Jane Carden

  5. Happy birthday, Erin! I wish you the BEST day! You have such a bright and joyful spirit and set such a wonderful example of loving your family first, being a generous neighbor/friend, and making the most of the passions and skills God has given you. Thank you for being you and for sharing your life with us! Also…I loveeee cake…. Yellow with chocolate or red velvet with cream cheese. What’s your favorite flavor!? :) Hugs to you!

    1. Genelle your sweet words made my day! Seriously so kind of you to say. THANK YOU! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is always my #1! (Although now I have red velvet on my mind..) :) XO

  6. Happy Birthday Erin! Enjoy celebrating your special day!-week ;) Also, you are correct, the best IS yet to come.

  7. Happy Birthday! I just turned 42 this week; also hard to believe. Hope this is a wonderful year for you. Love your blog and look forward to reading your posts :)

    1. Thank you Alison! That makes me so happy! So kind of you to let me know. Happy birthday to you too! March is a fun b-day month with spring right around the corner. :) XO

  8. Erin you look amazing in the jumpsuit. I’m ahead of you in the stages of life , but I’m here to tell you being the parent of older children has just as many rewards as when they were younger. It makes aging worth it!❤️

  9. Happy happy birthday…okay a day late! I’m sorry. But I’m just extending the celebration. ;) I hope you had a fabulous day eating cake by the fire. I keep seeing that CA cannot catch a break weather wise. It’s totally feast or famine. Will send positive thoughts that it will soon clear up and dry out a bit without too much damage. The best is yet to come! You are doing your job as momma so well. This is what we’ve worked so hard for, to raise happy independent children who grow up to step out on their own. It’s a good thing. But yep, it is also hard. I try to look at it as I would much rather have my kiddos pursuing their dreams than sitting at home doing nothing but keep me company. LOL Not sure if that helps. Enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend and thanks for rounding up all these great spring items. I think you rock the jumpsuit, by the way.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! So kind of you! The weather has been crazy here and especially in northern CA. Really hoping it settles down for them!

  10. Happy belated birthday beautiful! When I turned 50 I started peri-menopause! I will be 58 on the 15th and I’m still dealing with some symptoms! I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been a fun time for me and the belly fat I gained – just ugh! Anyway… hopefully you will fare better than me! I like the denim jumpsuit on you! I wore a lot of denim overalls duirng my prregnancy and for a while after. Loved the comfort!

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