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Gift Guides (round 1!)

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All product selections and opinions are my own!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend! Things are looking cheery around here! I’m sharing my first round of gift guides today with some fun ideas from Walmart to help you kick off your holiday shopping! Or maybe you’ve already kicked things off? Who is completely done? I’m always so impressed with people who get it knocked out early. My holiday planner really helps me organize my shopping so that I don’t get too behind, but I still always end up ordering last minute gifts every year. November and December always fly by too quickly for me! I’ve rounded up lots of my favorites for him, her, kids, and teens! I also put together a few fun gifts for people who love to cook! Or for people who don’t love to cook but do it sometimes anyway because they don’t want their family to starve.

That would be me. :)

Walmart Gifts for the Chef (

1- round placemats  2-  griddle  3- cooling grid

4- kitchenAid  5- metal baking sheets  6- oval platter

7- stoneware round bowls  8- slow cooker  9- mixing bowls 

10- waffle maker  11- hand mixer   12- cast iron dutch oven

I have and love most of the items above! I bought El the waffle maker last year for Christmas because every time we travel and stay at a hotel that serves breakfast she always loves the waffles! They are usually made in the fun waffle maker above that you flip over to cook. I bought her one and she has been in waffle heaven ever since. :) The baking sheets and cooling grids are long time favorites and I can’t say enough good things about my red kitchen aid hand mixer. Hands down the best I’ve used. The round neutral placemats would be beautiful for all holiday dining!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up){KitchenAid mixing bowls/set bundle}

I shared these fun KitchenAid mixing bowls last year. They are my favorites! Last year I bought sets of the red bowls and gave them as gifts with a fun cook book to several friends. I love giving gifts like that at the beginning of December. Then my friends have something fun to use during the month and I can wrap up some my gift giving early. Win win! :)

walmart gifts for kids (

1- luna sonic face cleanser  2- flat iron straightener  3- biolage shampoo & conditioner

4- detangle & style   5- women’s winter coat  6- caddy tray  7- hiker boot

8- luggage set    9- dyson vacuum cleaner   10- wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Some of my favorites for the women in your life!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

{dyson vacuum cleaner}

I can’t believe I went so long without a Dyson. Love at first vacuum. :) I also ordered this wet/dry vacuum cleaner above to try. I want something that works as a mop too for times I need to clean up quick spills/sticky floors. I’ll report back whether or not I love it!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

{hiker boot}

Cutest boots! I love wearing them with sweaters this time of year. Do we have snow and need boots like this? No. Are they cute and comfy anyway? Yes. Indeed they are. :)


Walmart gifts for him (


1- champion muscle t-shirt   2- apple watch   3- orca cooler

4- champion jacket   5- tool combo kit   6- portable heater

7- long sleeved t-shirt   8- grooming kit  9- tent

A few things I’m looking at for Kenny. You can’t go wrong with anything Champion and he’s been talking about camping more with Kole so I know the tent and Orca cooler will be a hit! He has the portable heater in his home office and loves it on chilly days (he works mostly from home now.. never going back!) and his Apple watch is probably his number one favorite gift from a few years back.

walmart gifts for littles ( set  2- sensory toy set  3- marvel 8-pack

4- cash register  5- my little pony figures

These toys! They make me miss having little ones and bring back ALL the memories. Five of my kids’ favorite toys growing up. Cash registers and fake food were always a hit and we still have our little ponies (my girls will never part with them!). The pop it fidget toys are still some of Kole’s favorites. I take them to church every Sunday and he loves to sit and push the little buttons in and out. Hard for boys to sit still for so long and this takes his mind off of how much he wants to bust out of his church clothes and run free outside with friends. ;)


Walmart Gifts for Kids (

1- sorry   2- jumanji  3- art set   4- hot wheels track set

5- percy jackson book set     6- mario kart nintendo switch

7- slinky   8- simon game   9- lite-brite  10- headphones 

11- radio flyer ziggle  12- portable basketball hoop

13- youth kayak  14- hoverboard

More recent toy favorites! Sorry is hands down my kids’ favorite board game. We probably all play it at least 3 times a month. Simon is a fun old school alternative to the iPad when Kole is board and he has always loved hot wheel tracks. The hoverboard is a tough one for me! My girls BEGGED me for one a few years ago so we got it for Christmas and they kept it inside. They loved it. Me and my baseboards hated it and out it went. Ha. But I think if they would have used it outside I might have felt differently! I added it to the list because my girls loved it so much and still beg for another one.

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

{lite-brite/simon game/slinky}

Classic old school toys are still my favorites. Who doesn’t love lite-brite!? And so funny.. one Christmas years ago all Addison wanted was a slinky. That’s all she asked for. Santa brought her one and my kids still play with it! Kole wants his own for Christmas this year. I’m telling you.. the old toys never get old. Kind of like all of us right? Aging so nicely. ;)

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

{radio flyer ziggle}

I had to throw in these pics of my little buddy on his ziggle. He loved it for years! Such a fun gift for kids this age.

Walmart gifts for teens (

1-LED lights  2- basketball  3- holiday chapsticks

4- bose headphones  5- hobbit deluxe boxed set

6- slam dunk basketball  7- hot air brush

8- suede boot  9- hat & scarf  10- plush throw

FUN things for teens! I actually love shopping for teens. Some people things they are hard to shop for but I think they are easy! Especially teen girls. Most of the stuff they love and things I love too!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

{hot air brush/flat iron straightener}

These are two of my girls’ favorite hair items. Addison loves the hot air brush when she wants to straighten her curls and El swears by this flat iron. They have had these two items for several years and they have held up great! Both perfect gifts for teen girls.

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

{plush throw}

Last but not least I picked up my 3 kids these fuzzy plush throws. A fun tradition my mom started years ago! She would always give us a fuzzy throw to go with our Christmas pjs each year so now I do the same with my kids. Then we go to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and she gives them a fuzzy throw and pajamas too and before long we realize that we all own way too many fuzzy throws and Christmas pjs.

But I can think of worse things. :)

I hope this post gave you a few fun ideas! Walmart has made it easy with their gift finder (so many fun ideas here!). You can easily find gifts for anyone on your list. I’ll be sharing more gift ideas soon.

Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Erin
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  1. Great round up of ideas, Erin. Thanks for sharing them. I like the pics of Kole, too. What a happy guy! Thanks for helping to keep us prepared for the holidays. Have a great week. :)

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