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Lamps 2 ways, dishes and swimsuits!

Dining Room Lamps (Sunny Side Up)

{stetson table lamp/(similar option)/bayside sideboard/wool jute rug/sunken treasure canvas/similar wingback chair/long metal tray/similar bookcase here & here/similar pendants}

I’ve got a slightly random post for you all today!  Talking lamps and swimsuits.  They have nothing to do with each other that than the fact that they have both been on my mind this week!  Months ago I ordered these fun Stetson table lamps for my bedroom.  I loved them even more in person when they arrived and instantly knew they would look good in about 5 spots in my house!  That’s how you know you’ve hit a winner with decor right?  Finding pieces that are simple and timeless and will work in lots of spots in your home is gold.  I’ve narrowed it down to either putting the lamps in my dining room or my bedroom and would love your opinion!  I’m leaning towards the dining room but then I’m back to finding lamps for my bedroom which was my goal with buying these lamps in the first place.  So that’s just kind of funny.  Never fails right? :)

Dining Room Lamps (Sunny Side Up)

But I really do love these lamps in this spot!  I moved the chair to take this picture so you can see how they look next to my artwork.  The size is perfect! And I love the grey with the blue/navy in the art and table.

Dining Room Lamps (Sunny Side Up)

I’m kind of feeling like this is their new home. :)

Bedroom decor (Sunny Side Up)

{moroccan rug/similar white duvet/similar navy quilt & shams (on sale!)/similar tassel throw/pink tassel pillow}

But then I put them in my bedroom and love them in this space too!  Except they make me want to switch out my side mirrors (if you give a mouse a cookie syndrome..).  I pulled some navy pillows and a quilt in from our guest room just to mix it up for fun.

Bedroom decor (Sunny Side Up)

{winter art}

I still have my winter art up that I used for Christmas and it was perfect for Jan/Feb!  I need to figure out something for spring so I’ll be tweaking things in this space over the next month or two.  I was so excited to find this pink tassel pillow cover on-line (I have one in my living room too!) and then I added this pretty basket to the end of my bed and love the texture it brings in this room.

Bedroom decor (Sunny Side Up)

Slowly bringing in some spring!  I rounded up some lamps I’m loving right now below.  So many fun options and regardless of whether these lamps end up in my dining room or bedroom.. it looks like I need one more set!

Spring decor (Sunny Side Up)

{floral rim dinner dishes}

Speaking of spring.. the dishes I got for my birthday arrived and aren’t they beautiful!?  Talk about all the spring/summer vibes!  It made me so excited to entertain.  I can’t wait to start having people over again!

I love them even more in person.  I’m going to get a fun table set up with them this weekend.  My sister and her family are coming to visit over their spring break so we can use these pretty dishes while they are here and then be all set to go for Easter too!  Car and I were texting about the trip.. we’re so excited to all be together again but it feels too good to be true.  We keep waiting for something to happen that forces us to cancel.. 2020 post traumatic stress.. ha!  We all had one too many things canceled last year right!?  Schools are slowly opening up around here (my girls can go 2 days starting this week and 4 days starting after our Spring Break) and it feels amazing!

{faux white cherry blossoms/smilar faux pink cherry blossoms}

I also got a few more of the beautiful faux flowers in that I ordered.  Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms!

Kids Swimsuits (Sunny Side Up)

{atlas knotted one-piece/tropic moon one-piece/atlas knot one-piece/on twill hat}

Cherry blossoms and swimsuits!  With warmer weather making an appearance and our spring break right around the corner we’ve been in hot pursuit of some cute swimsuits before they all sell out.  I realized a couple of weeks ago that my kids had all totally grown out of what they were swimming in last year.  These 3 suits are the winners for Addison this year!  And the cutest summer hat. :)

Kids Swimsuits (Sunny Side Up)

We love this style of suit that has a little cut out.  Not quite a bikini but similar and it’s such a flattering fit!  We had this similar suit last year and she wore it right out so we just went with the same look in one size bigger.  We looked at so many girls swimsuits this year and I rounded up all of our favorites below!

Girls Swimsuits (

1- atlas knotted one-piece   2- pop trim two piece  3- aerie waffle scalloped one piece 

4- atlas knot one-piece   5- habitual two-piece  6- high neck two-piece 

7- kids stripe one-piece   8- surf girls one-piece   9- tropic moon one-piece 

Kids Swimsuits (Sunny Side Up)

{lido short sleeve rashguard/billabong rashguard /colorblock swim trunks}

Getting Kole’s swimsuit figured out was definitely easier than finding suits for my teen girls.  Ha.  Click click and I had ordered a few favorites that he’ll be great with! We get the same rash guards every year and he could care less what he’s wearing.  I’ve realized I’m always drawn to blue and orange when it comes to Kole!  Just seems to fit his personality. :)  A couple of the suits I ordered Kole have already sold out (suits fly this time of year!) but I rounded up lots of favorites for boys below.

Boys Swimsuits (

1- lido short sleeve rashguard  2- billabong rashguard   3- long sleeve rashguard

4- kanu beach swim trunk    5- echo quick dry swim trunk  6- hyperfreak heist board shorts 

7- kids setters volley shorts   8-  colorblock swim trunks  9 – four square stretch trunks

Then there’s me.. ahhhh!  I have to say that I don’t love swimsuit shopping for myself.  Always just so hard to find something that I feel good in!  I’d a lot rather buy lamps and dishes. ;)  But I do know what does and doesn’t flatter my body type at this point and I’m determined to find something cute that I can wear and feel confident in.  Life is precious and this last year was just one more huge reminder of that.  I will be in the water this year splashing around with my kids not worrying one bit about the cellulite on the back of my thighs!  (This is a little pep talk I’m giving myself in case you can’t tell.. ha.)

I rounded up all of the suits that I’m loving this year below and I ordered a few of them to try.  I’ll let you know what I land on when I figure that out!  I also ordered a few cute cover-ups and included a round-up of favorite cover-ups below as well.  Because lounging pool side is also definitely in the cards this summer.  Moms need breaks too and I don’t have to give myself a pep talk for that one! ;)

Women's Swimsuits (

1- knot front bikini top  (matching bottoms here) 2- la blanca one piece   3- one-shoulder one piece 

4-scallop triangle bikini top  5- asymmetrical one-piece  6-  ruched one-shoulder one-piece

7- gingham v-neck one-piece    8- scallop high waist bikini bottoms    9- plunge underwire one -piece 

10- j-crew one-piece   11- front crossover swimsuit   12- inside the lines one-piece 

Women's swimsuit cover ups (

1- pareo  (long time favorite!) 2- hooded sweater cover-up  3- cover-up romper

4- tie dye romper   5-wrap maxi cover-up dress  (ordered this in blue!) 6- fiona cover-up dress 

7- breezy basics dress   8- cover-up dress   9- sunset smocked scoop dress 

Bring on the sunshine!  I’m off to organize a closet. ;)

Enjoy the rest of your day!


xoxo, Erin
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33 thoughts on “Lamps 2 ways, dishes and swimsuits!

  1. I vote for dining room! They look perfect in there! Something isn’t quite perfect about them in the bedroom, I say continue the quest!

    1. I’m leaning that way too Kim! Totally why I feel like the lamps make me want new mirrors.. not a great match. Thanks for the validation! Ha. ;)

  2. Fun post, Erin. I’m all about the random. Kind of like life, right? I’m team dining room for the lamps. Have fun shopping for another set. I know you’ll find some that look amazing. Happy for your girls to be able to go back to insperson classes. Schools are open for 4 days a week here, but my high school daughter opted to continue remote learning for the remainder of the year. My college age daughter doesn’t have the choice, it’s just remote learning this semester. Fingers crossed next year will be in person learning at the college level, because in a couple of months, we’ll have 2 in college! Yikes. The suits you found for your daughter are adorable. Boys are easier for sure, but you did great for her. Oh and those plates you got for your birthday are beautiful!! Wow. It’d make me smile every time I took a bite, once I got over covering them up with food, that is. LOL Have a wonderful weekend, Erin. Thanks for all you do and share.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Dining room for the win! :) I’m so happy your schools are opening too and I totally get your daughter wanting to just finish at home. Not many of El’s friends are going back this year so it didn’t sound appealing to her either. We’re so close to summer at this point. That is just crazy you’ll have two in college next year! I bet you can’t believe it. Goes by so quickly. I’m so sorry both of your daughters dealt with the school at home stuff hitting during their senior years of high school. That just stinks. I’m so proud of them for getting through such a crazy time and I’m sure you are too. Sweet girls. You will most likely be an empty nester next year! Hard and wonderful all at the same time no doubt. ;) Enjoy your weekend Jeanne! Give your girls a hug for me. xo

  3. I vote for the lamps to be in the dining room. They look way too big and overpowering for the nightstands in the bedroom.
    Too heavy looking for the bedroom.

  4. Hi Erin,
    I just started following you recently….we really have the same tastes. I love those lamps in the dining room also. And as I was studying your picture, I thought “boy, that sideboard really looks familiar!”. It turns out that we are having the same sideboard (in the sea glass color) delivered on Monday!

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the link to the lamps doesn’t seem to work. I would love to take a look at those lamps for our home also!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know Leslie! The company I link through is having issues with some of their links and they are working on getting it fixed this morning. I’ll let you know as soon as they are! xo

    2. Ok.. lamp link should be working now! So sorry about that! And btw I love that you bought the same sideboard! We really do have similar taste! Ha. So happy you found me Leslie.. it’s nice to “meet” you! :)

  5. I vote for the dining room. I don’t think the lamps are tall enough to make good reading lamps in the bedroom. I also vote for ditching the mirrors over the night stands. I never did understand this trend and now I see it everywhere. Without the mirrors you could have wall mounted swing lamps that could be beautiful and functional. But then, it’s your house and you should do whatever makes you happy.
    Love the new dishes and the swim suits.
    Happy Spring.

  6. Lamps are gorgeous and look great in both places, but my first pick is dining room!
    So thankful you did the round-up of teen girls swim suits!! My girls are struggling to find something!
    Enjoy your weekend, Erin! :)

    1. I’m so happy that was helpful Lisa! Thank you. It took a while for my girls to find suits so I was happy to share what worked for us. And I’m going with lamps in the dining room! :) Enjoy your weekend too! xo

    1. It really is! Thank you so much Jo! I bought them for my bedroom but I agree.. just working better in the dining room. You really can’t tell until they arrive and are in the space! Thanks again and enjoy your weekend! :)

  7. Love the lamps and like them best in the dining room. They look great in there with the picture ! I think they could look nice in the bedroom also, but think you would need to change out the side mirrors to something less ornate. The lamps are more organic and look best with other things that have more simple lines.

    1. I totally agree Mary! I like them with my bedroom overall, but they just aren’t working with those mirrors. Thank you so much for chiming in! Feeling good about keeping them in the dining room. :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  8. I’d say the dining room. The look a bit heavy in the bedroom. For that room, I would think a more streamlined look. I just don’t care for them with the beautiful mirrors.

    1. I agree Tina! Just not the right fit with those mirrors. I guess the hunt for bedroom lamps is still on. :) Thank you so much.. enjoy your weekend! xo

  9. Originally, I said the lamps look best in the bedroom. But, looking at your post, they do seem “heavy” or the color is off.
    However, I think 1 lamp would look best in the dinning space. I think both look crowded on your console.
    Then you could enjoy the other lamp elsewhere. That would be best of both worlds😉😂

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