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Favorite Faux Flowers

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Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{similar pink cherry blossom branches/Quin white vase/similar round tray/Abbott table/similar chairs/Arabesque rug}

It’s a new week!  And I’m feeling optimistic.  Covid numbers are down and there is a strong possibility my girls will be going back to school one day a week in March and two days a week in April.  That is reason to celebrate around here!  I’m praying the winter storms will slow down for so many of you who are affected (Texas our prayers are still with you) and we can all get back to more of a normal pace.  Spring can’t come soon enough this year!

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Speaking of Spring.. let’s talk faux flowers!  I started pulling mine out the other day and it was such an immediate pick me up.

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{similar clear vase/similar bowl}

Of course.. real flowers are beautiful and we love those too!

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

But real flowers are like real life.  Often messy. :)  And since I crave simplifying things as much as possible around here.. most of my flowers are fake.

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{similar lilacs here & here/Artisan vase/similar bowl}

Not all faux flowers are created equal and unfortunately the faux flowers that look the most realistic always cost more than I wish they did.  But they truly are a gift that keeps on giving when you pull them out year after year.  A smart investment in my opinion!  Along with cute shoes and comfy joggers.  You know.. a true need vs. a want.  Kenny still doesn’t think I’ve learned the difference between the two but I know my blog besties will back me up on this one. ;)

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

{similar dogwood branches/pink peonies/Adra vase}

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

If you swing by my house in the Spring or Summer you will always be greeted by faux flowers.  Sometimes paired with real flowers.

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Sometimes paired with more faux flowers.

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

And sometimes paired with a bowl of fruit. :)

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

Faux flowers are one of those “little things” that bring me joy every day.  I hope that you have little things in your life that do the same for you right now too.


I’ve rounded up my favorite faux flowers that are popping up on-line below!  Spring.. we are SO ready for you!

Favorite Faux Flowers (Sunny Side Up)

1 – spring cherry blossoms  2 – lavender purple lilac flowers 

3 – pink peonies flower bouquet  4 – faux dogwood branch

5 – faux peony bouquet   6 – lilac flowers  7 – pink faux cherry blossom 

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Favorite Faux Flowers

  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! You have a great eye for those faux flowers, that is for sure! Thanks for sharing the pretty posies and your lovely views. Yay for the possibility of your girls being able to go in person a little bit. That’s awesome. I’m so glad you numbers are going down. CA was hit SO hard! It’s encouraging for sure. Hope it continues to get better and better. Yes, our hearts go out to TX, and those who are now facing astronomical electricity bills on top of everything else. Hope your week continues to be happy one, Erin. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Encouraging news for sure. It was devastating to watch what was going on in Texas. Honestly one heartbreaking thing after another.. it’s hard to not sink into depression/sadness. We need Spring to come and nothing but good news for a while! xo

  2. Hi Erin-

    Love the faux flowers . I’m wondering if you can give links to some of your beautiful vases that you put your faux flowers in?? Thank you!

  3. Very timely, Erin. I was just looking for faux flowers. (Go away Virginia snow!) My question is how you store these. I’m dealing with an attic space that does get dusty, so containment is necessary.

    1. So happy this post was helpful Ingrid! I store mine in my attic space upright in baskets and vases. I added a link to a post with a picture so you can see them in storage. My attic doesn’t get too dusty so I don’t cover them, but if it did I would just throw a black garbage bag over them. :) And I remember that Virginia snow! We lived in Charlottesville for a few years and one of my most vivid memories is all of the snow days we had! Not always the most fun but your Falls are unbelieveable. :) Hang in there! xo

  4. It’s funny but I was buying some faux flowers the other day and actually thought of you! ;) Being a reader for awhile, I know of your love of them! I live outside of Chicago and we’ve had SO much snow and single-digit temps that today when it finally got up to 48, I was actually sweating! That’s what living in the Midwest will do to you. ;) But it got me excited for Spring! Fingers crossed your kids can go back to school even for a couple of days. It’s been quite the experience, hasn’t it?

    1. Oh my word Leah.. sweating at 48 degrees.. we’d all freeze to death here! Ha! Just goes to show it’s all about what you are used to. And yes.. praying all kids can get back to school soon. It has been so crazy. Who would have guessed last March that this would all still be going on!? I remember thinking when I picked up my kids’ school stuff.. well this will be an interesting 2-3 weeks. And here we are.. still doing school from home!

  5. Hi Erin! I’m new to your blog. I discovered you on Pinterest when I was looking for inspiration for my new master bath. I just love the tub in your bath! I love everything about it. The tub, the faucet the size of the window and the blinds. The built in shelves are perfect too.. Would you be willing to share what brand/type tub you have, the faucet and what you used for the stone/top of the tub area? Oh…and one more thing…Your paint color?
    Thank you so much.
    Mary Brehm
    Upstate NY.

    1. Hi Mary! So nice to “meet” you! I’m so happy you found me and like my master bathroom! My tub is Kohler and the faucet is Rohl. The stone around the tub is Carrara marble subway tiles. As far as paint you can download all of my house paint colors when you sign up for my email list here:

      It will take you to my printable library that has a couple of pages to print out for paint and other fun printables for organizing. I hope that helps! :)

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