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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fun weekend! Ours started with a lot of rain but the rain cleared and the sun peeked out for Super Bowl Sunday and we had a fun low key day. Kenny cooked steaks so I was off the hook for dinner.  Pretty much all I need to be happy. :)

Valentine's Day Gift Guide (Sunny Side Up)

Our fireplace was on in the morning but by the afternoon Kole was in the pool trying to “drain” the extra water with his squirt gun. :)  I lost interest in the football game half way through and started organizing (no surprise there). Excited to share what I’ve been working on soon!

For today we’re talking Valentine’s Day! It always seems to sneak up so quickly and I’m usually scrambling to find a little something fun to give Kenny and the kids. I came up with a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for us all and I hope it’s helpful! A few fun ideas for loved ones and of course a few fun things for us if our signifiant others need a hint. ;)

Valentine's Day Gift Guide (Sunny Side Up)


1 – Fresh Bath and Shower Gel – My friends LOVE Fresh bath products!  I’ve been wanting to try them for a while now.  Fun V-day gift!

2 – Sugarfina Candy – Have you all tried Sugarfina candy yet?  It’s seriously so good!  These Kiss Me Sugar Lips are my favorite!  Dangerous stuff to have in your cupboards, but perfect for a V-day splurge. :)  They have so many fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

3 – Rails Heart Print Tee – Such a cute top for all year but especially in February.  I love Rails but it can be a pricey brand!  I also love this heart tee and this cute Lucky tee for this time of year.  And how cute is this top for little girls!?

4 – Pour Spout Mixing Bowls and Valentine Heart Spatulas – I have these mixing bowls in yellow and they are my favorite!  Such a fun Valentine gift idea in red.  Put them with the Valentine Heart Spatulas and this gift is perfect for the person in your life who loves to cook!  Or the person in your life like me who doesn’t love to cook but loves cute cooking accessories anyway. ;)

5 – PJ Salvage Loved Lounge Top and Jogger Pants – Cutest PJ’s!  You can’t go wrong with PJ Salvage.  They have so many cute new styles in right now!  My husband knows that pj’s are the way to my heart.  If not.. here’s a reminder babe. :)

6 – Dove Chocolates – You can’t go wrong with chocolate for Valentine’s day and Dove is delicious!  This is a fun pack of 6 bags.  Tie a bow around each and give them to friends, family, teachers.  Share the love!  Then keep a package for yourself. :)

7 – Valentine Love Cards – Such a cute set of cards to send someone a special note.

8 – WS Red Striped Dish ClothWS striped dishcloths are my very favorite!  A set of red stripes would definiltey brightens someones Valentine’s Day.

9 – Vince Camuto Ankle Strap Sandal – I’m in love with these red shoes!   Perfect for a night out.  I have them in tan and they are so comfortable for a heel.  Plus they just got marked down.. 50% off!

10 – Sam Edelman Odila Sandal – I’ve also been debating these cute blush gold sandals for Spring.  LOVE them!

11 – North Face Etip Tech Gloves – Perfect gift for the man in your life if you are living in cold temps right now!  These gloves are touchscreen compatiable and allow natural movement so they are also great for outdoor exercise and activities.

12 – Heart and Arrow Rouge Lipstick – I’ve wanted to try Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick for a while now (I’ve heard it’s amazing!) and would love getting this as a V-day gift!

13 – Mini Heart Pendant Necklace – Such a cute personalized gift idea!  I love this for my teen girls too. This initial heart bracelet is another fun similar option.

14 – Glisten Chemise – Want my advice to all the women out there?  Get this beautiful Satin Chemise for your partner (so pretty and comes in 4 colors!) and go for the PJ Salvage pajamas for you.  Win win.. everyone’s happy. ;)

15 – Personalized Valentine’s Day Cookies – These giant personalized V-Day cookies are too cute!  Such a fun gift for anyone.  Order by this Friday!

16 – Guess How Much I Love You – When my kids were little I loved getting them a cute book for Valentine’s Day (I still do this with Kole!).  If you don’t have this classic in your collection you need it!  I love writing a little personalized Valentine’s Day note in the front cover to make it extra special. :)

17 – Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse! – Another Valentine’s Day favorite of ours!

18 – Mt. Hood Genuine Shearling Slippers – These cute slippers have been on my wishlist for a while now!  They come in 4 colors and are too cute.  I want them for Spring/Summer because they don’t look as hot as the Uggs I live in during the winter months.  If I’m home I have on some type of fuzzy socks or slippers.. always!

19 – Make and Model Chamois Crew Socks – Speaking of fuzzy socks.. :)

20 – Heart Coin Case – Such a cute little coin case to attach to your bag or to use as a keychain!  I would love this and so would my girls.

Happy Valentine’s Day planning everyone!  Enjoy your day. :)

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Fun ideas, thanks for sharing. How awesome that your hubby could grill and do so in shorts. And that your sweet son could spend time in the pool. Gotta love SO California! We were feeling spoiled that it was in the 60s near Denver! But, of course they have to let us know that more snow is on the way. LOL Hope you have a great week. I watched/listened to the game and kind of lost interest, too. Hope you have a terrific week!

    1. So happy you like these ideas Jeanne! Thank you! I know.. I feel like So. Cal has a “wannabe” winter. It tries to be cold but then just can’t cut it and the sun has to peek out. Ha. :) Love that you got some 60 degree weather in Denver! A nice break from the snow I’m sure. Stay warm! We have more rain in our forecast this week and I’m happy about it. Good excuse to stay in pjs and organize whenever I get a free minute. ;) Enjoy your week Jeanne! xo

  2. Happy Monday, Erin!
    Thank you for the great ideas, really appreciate them (and you).
    I don’t usually fuss over expecting much for myself for Valentine’s,
    but this year I already put in my request for an Ember travel mug
    just for using everyday when I’m home – I hope it works :) The YSL
    lipstick is very nice and the hearts are too cute, MAC lipstick is my
    all time favorite.

    1. Thank you so much Staci! I haven’t heard of an Ember travel mug and had to look it up. Oh my word.. looks amazing! I hope you get it and love it! MAC lipstick is what I wear too! I have friends who love and swear by the YSL brand so I’ve been wanting to try and compare it. :) Thanks again and enjoy your week! xo

  3. Hi !
    I read you from Belgium for months and this is the 1st time I dare to leave a comment. I love your blog and how you’re “real” in your articles, not pretending to be perfect, like when you totally accept that you’re not the best cooker in the world (and that would have been unfair anyway, you already have so many other talents !).
    So what made me finally dare to comment ? I was reading your blog during my lunch pause at work after a quite rough morning and I really wanted you to know that you made my day with your advice to all women to get the Glisten chemise for their partner. I did not understand what you meant as I was first imagining my husband in that outfit and no need to say I was in stitches ! Don’t worry, I then caught what you meant (I’m blonde but not THAT blonde !). Thank you for that huuuuge laught that brightened my day !

    Have a good day.


    P.S. Sorry for the very likely English mistakes, it’s only my 3rd language…

    1. Sophie! Oh my WORD! Your comment made my day! It actually made my week! That is too funny! I can totally see why you pictured your husband in that chemise for a quick second because of how I worded it.. hilarious! I read your sweet comment to Kenny and we both had a good laugh. :) I’m so impressed that you speak 3 languages! That is seriously incredible and your English is amazing. It means so much to me that you enjoy my blog and I’m so glad you finally decided to comment! It’s so nice to “meet” you! My new friend in Belgium. Too cool. :) Thanks again Sophie! I’m saving your comment to read on a rainy day when I need a pick me up. :) So thoughtful of you. Your sweet words brought a huge smile to my face! xo

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