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Mens Fall Fashion Favorites!

Mens Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Kenny’s Billabong Stripe Tee/My Ruffle Trim Tee}  *affiliate links used

Happy weekend everyone!  I’m excited to be partnering with Nordstrom to share Fall fashion favorites for the men in our lives today!  Last weekend I shared some of my recent Fall favorites with you all and today it’s Kenny’s turn.

Because he wanted a turn so badly. ;)

Mens Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

You might remember last Fall when I shared some of his favorite clothes with you all that my photoshoot didn’t go so hot!  He kept pulling faces like this one and telling me he was “the new face of Nordstrom.”  (Nice babe.  At least you amuse yourself.)  So this year I just followed him around day to day and took pics of him in some of his recent favorites.  Much easier than a scheduled photoshoot that requires me dealing with his humor and sarcasm. ;)

Mens Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

In-between the jokes last year I did manage to get this sweet picture so yea for that!  It’s a favorite.  So is this Cotton/Cashmere Pullover that’s back in stock!

Mens Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I bought it for him in both the tan and the blue and it was one of his go to’s for months.

Mens Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Another favorite that’s back in stock is this grey Crewneck he’s wearing under his vest.  He wears it all the time in the Fall/Winter.  Sometimes on its own.. sometimes under a vest or jacket.  It’s perfect for layering!  I just ordered him another one for this Fall in the green deep pine color.  I’ll link to some fun vests I’m loving for men right now too at the bottom of this post!

Mens Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Heading somewhere cooler!  He loves this Nike zip hoodie.  It’s comfortable.  That’s really all his criteria amounts to when it comes to fashion.  He’s easy to please so I just buy things I like. :)

Mens Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I love him in blue so I bought him this short sleeved Henly a while back and he must love it too because he wears it so often!  He also loves this blue Treasure and Bond pocket tee.  And Greek yogurt.

Mens Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I introduced Kenny to Zella for men a while back because I’m such a fan of that brand and we both love this performance t-shirt.  A good “transition to Fall” top while it’s still so hot in San Diego!  He loves vans too and this beloved pair is on sale.  He also loves it when I take pictures of him while he’s trying to read.

Mens Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

Caught him heading to work in this favorite Crewneck tee.  At this point he realized that he might as well smile because me and my camera weren’t going away. ;)  I gave him this backpack/briefcase last year for Christmas and he has loved it too!  This one is similar.

Mens Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Under Armour Fit Tee/Under Armour Fade Shorts/Similar Nikes}

Getting ready for an evening run.  Kenny has been training for his first marathon and he runs it in two weeks!  He has done lots of half marathons but never a full.  He’s so excited to check it off of his bucket list.  We’re both so excited to have the trainings done… such a huge time commitment!  He ran 20 miles last weekend (his longest training run) and feels ready.  I can’t imagine running 20 miles!  I run/walk 4 max and call it a day and feel like I’ve earned the right to eat chips for two meals straight.  Needless to say I don’t see a marathon in my future.

My chips and I are ok with that.

Mens Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!  We have lots of activities going on for the kids but in-between it all we plan on doing what we both do best.  He’ll watch football and catch up on work and then take a nap.  I’ll climb all over the counters decorating.

Mens Fall Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

It doesn’t take much to make us happy.


*Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Mens Fall Fashion Favorites!

  1. Dear Erin,
    Those last two pictures. I couldn’t make out whether it was you or your eldest. You look so little, lol, But I must say, I love your writing. You are so easy to love.

  2. Comfort is the name of the game, isn’t it? He looks great and comfy, too. Good luck to him on his marathon. That is impressive. I’m with you on your approach. ;) Thanks for sharing the great guy stuff. Giggled at you standing on your counter. I guess it’s how else are you going to decorate that spot, right? Have a great weekend.

    1. Yeah.. there’s a lot of crazy climbing always going on behind the scenes in this house! I’m too short to reach most of my shelves and mantels.. ha. :) Thank you Jeanne! Enjoy your weekend with your sweet family! xo

  3. What marathon is he running? My hubby is running Chicago. We live in the suburbs. He has a 20 mile run tomorrow morning. I can’t imagine! I will never be a runner! Best of luck to him!

    1. He’s running the southern Utah marathon! So exciting your husband is running Chicago! Best of luck to him too. YEA for our ambitious husbands! We will be good cheerleaders on the sidelines. ;)

  4. I can’t believe Kenny is running the marathon! I am in awe of the people who run it and when I’ve gone to watch friends finish before I always cry watching people run in! I can’t imagine!! Are you all coming for the marathon weekend? I guess I am assuming he’s running the St. George marathon! Let us know, we’d love to come cheer him on and watch him finish!!

    1. I am too Josie! It’s such a cool accomplishment! And yes! He’s doing the St. George marathon! But I might not be able to come and I’m sick about it! My kids have so much going on that weekend. We are still trying to work out details.. I’ll definitely text you if I’m coming! If not we are getting together over Thanksgiving FOR SURE! Miss you all so much! xo

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