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Cyber Monday Deals (when retail therapy is needed..)

I’m sitting here on my laptop by the cozy lights of our Christmas tree with red eyes and a stack of tissues.  My oldest daughter (11 years old) is heading to 6th grade camp tomorrow.  She will be gone through Friday and aside from leaving her with my parents for quick couple getaways, this is the longest she has ever been away from home and away from me.  She is SO excited.  And I am SO sad!  I put on a brave front for her.  We packed her bags today and I told her how she is going to have a blast and to remember to wear sunscreen when it’s hot and a coat when it’s cold and to make sure she eats (even if it’s food she doesn’t like) and to brush her teeth in the morning and at night and to keep track of her stuff and about 15 other things to remember.  I told her how much I love her and how we will be lost without her (we really will – she is our peacemaker!) and how proud I am of her.  Then I kissed her good night and came downstairs and started to cry.  I quietly sobbed and sniffed on the couch while my husband watched his recorded episode of Survivor until he finally turned to me and said “are you going to be ok?”

Sigh..  I’ll be fine.  But it’s hard.  My kids are growing up.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.  So I set down my tissues and grabbed my laptop and decided I needed a little retail therapy.  Because Survivor certainly isn’t going to cheer me up.  Unless it’s the episode when family members surprisingly but not surprisingly show up.  That episode I like.  But it wasn’t that episode.  So retail therapy it is!   (Seriously.. who is still watching this show!?  Other than my husband?)

Anyway!  There are SO many good deals happening right now and I’m excited I’m making major progress on my Christmas “to buy for” list!  Here are some of the deals going on right now that I’m taking advantage of!

ANN TAYLOR – 50% off of everything!  Plus free shipping!  (Use code EVERYTHING)

BANANA REPUBLIC/- 40% off of everything!  Free shipping after $50.  (Use code BESTCYBER)  Got a few new tops for my Survivor loving husband and may have spent some time checking out their new arrivals for me!  SO many cute things.

GAP/OLD NAVY – Also 40% off of everything!  (Use code BESTCYBER)  – Excited about a few cute things I bought for the kids to wear!

KENDRA SCOTT – 15% off of everything!  (Use code Sale15) – Kendra Scott jewelry is my favorite!  I mentioned a few favorite Kendra Scott items I love last week in my Favorite Things post.  I told my husband about this sale.  I’d be happy if one of anything on her site popped up under the Christmas tree.  :)

KATE SPADE – 30% off of everything!  (Use code SHINE) – I didn’t splurge on any Kate Spade bags (even though I wanted to!) but I did find a few fun things for family/friends in the gifts under 50.

SOLE SOCIETY – 30% off of everything!  Speaking of bags I love… My cute new purse I mentioned in my Favorite Things post is on sale!  Looks like my black and white striped bag sold out but this nay striped bag is similar and really cute too.  I have several pairs of shoes from Sole Society (will share them in a post at some point) and I really like them!  Great quality and good prices.

NORDSTROM – SO may great deals.  Up to 50% off some things.  I really like their gift guides – great for when you are looking for certain people in a certain price range.

AMAZON – Of course Amazon has all sorts of deals going on.  So excited about a steal I just got on something for my parents!  I’d tell you about it but my mom reads my blog (hi mom!) so maybe later.  :)

There now!  See.  I feel better already.  Kind of.. {sniff!}  Off to kiss my too big little girl one more time before I head to bed.  I’ll be so happy when Friday rolls around and it’s time to pick her up!

Enjoy your week everyone!  I’m secretly hoping it’s a speedy one.  :)

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xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Deals (when retail therapy is needed..)

  1. Oh Erin! I feel for you! I really do! It’s so hard to let them go even a little bit. It IS so good for them, though. You want them to be able to handle themselves in this world and these little forays are the perfect opportunities for them to practice that skill. How exciting for her! Our district used to do that kind of thing, but wouldn’t you know, they stopped right before my kiddos hit that grade? But Girl Scouts give them that opportunity to practice independence too. I hope you do okay this week. Oh and by the way…I watch Survivor, but not as rabidly as I used to, though. Only if I am home and there is nothing else on. :) I have to watch live, though. Big hugs to you as you navigate through this week.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! It is probably good for both of us but still so hard! I am missing her so much today. But happy I have one day down. :) Thanks for the hug! I needed it! xo

  2. Oh, Erin, you are such a sweet Momma! I know it’s difficult, but the good thing about these little baby steps, is that we find out that we are doing a good job of raising our children. You will see, through her excitement, that you have taught her independence….you have, I know you have! You will hear from others, that her actions & behavior, while away from you, reflect the kind, caring and good person you have taught her to be. You will survive this, because you know you have taught her well.

    I have a new appreciation and mantra for shopping: “First Chemotherapy, quickly followed by Retail Therapy, helps keep Psychotherapy at bay!” It really works!

    Warm hugs,

    1. Carol you just made me laugh out loud!! Ha! LOVE your new mantra! Retail therapy cures all. :) I so look up to your positive attitude about all you are dealing with right now! You are an amazing example. Thank you so much for your kind words about El. That means so much to me! Hugs and happy holidays sweet friend! xo

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