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Daily Design Tip

pottery barn thatcher wingback chair
Do you want your home decor to stand out?

pottery barn chair
Do you need that special piece?  That unexpected item that gives life and personality to your home?

pottery barn thatcher chair
Then I highly recommend hanging a string of orange monkeys from your lamp.  They come in a barrel.  I know after posting this I’m going to be flooded with comments and e-mails asking for a source so I’ll give it to you now.  You can buy them here.  But I wouldn’t wait if I were you.  These are the next hottest design trend.  They are going to be bigger than sunburst mirrors.  Just you wait.

Who is giving us all this highly valuable information?

That would be my little monkey.

pottery barn lamp
Or should I say Tiger?

pottery barn thatcher striped chair
Thanks for the tip buddy.  We owe you one.

Happy Monday friends!

And you’re welcome.


xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “Daily Design Tip

  1. hey, erin. hope your week goes well. we’ve just woke up in heavy rain here in europe and i’m sooo jealous of kole’s short pants. what a handsome little boy he is.

  2. Oh boy, the gift that keeps on giving! Or should I say growing? LOL Seriously, how cute is this! Both the decor and the decorator! Thanks for the smile this morning. :) Great way to start my day.

  3. This was BY FAR the best post ever! Not to mention the best design tip! We too have those same monkeys …in a lovely shade of dark blue. I will have to look for just the right spot! Thanks for the tip! Adorable designer too! xo

  4. i literally laughed out loud when I found out what they were (orange barrel monkeys)!! At first I thought it was some sort of fringe or something! Oh how funny!! Kole is quite a fun little boy and good decorator – please thank him for making my day!

  5. Oh Erin, I Laughed so hard !! so cute, I will do this. Was wondering
    where you found the awesome floor lamp?
    Keep the great post coming! This made my gloomy day!

  6. Erin, Love the cute addition of the monkeys. They were on out Christmas tree this year!!
    Please share the source for the awesome floor lamp!! I MUST have one!
    Thanks for the fun!

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