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House update

Ok.  Time for my blog to wake up!  It has been asleep for a few days while I have been a tad occupied.  :)  A few pics of some recent exterior progress…
 To the left… to the right…. a bit higher… perfect.

 Our vents are up!  I had so much fun picking these out.  
I may not live in Massachusetts, but I’m sure going to pretend I do.  :)
One in the back…
And one in the front…

Our favorite siding crew has been working so hard and the siding is almost completely finished!  

Rock will go up next week.  I can’t wait until it’s time to paint the siding.  I’m ready to see the grey house with white trim that has been swimming around in my head for so long.  
 Guys break for lunch.  I break for a picture or two.  Or three.  :)

The paneling under my copper roofs are done too. 
 It looks like a checker board but will all be painted white.  
And my favorite pic of the bunch.  
Training for the newest member of the crew.  
xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “House update

  1. Thank you thank you everyone! Sue – we are supposed to be done in July but I know houses always take longer than they are supposed to so I’m crossing my fingers we are moving by August. :)

  2. Love seeing your house updates!! Makes me want to build my own home. Of course After my visit to the USA in September, I will!!!

  3. Beautiful!! We are also painting our house grey with white trim this spring. We can only pick from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. What color did you choose? I am worried to pick the wrong color!!! I love seeing all these progress photos. Seriously awesome!!

  4. Ha! Colleen! Maybe I should have said “Cape Cod.” My goal has been to create a Nantucket house – and my vents looked “Nantucket” to me. But I have never been to Mass and really have no clue what I’m talking about! :)

    Thanks so much Courtney! Ok – I have been swimming in grey paint colors lately! We are leaning towards Sherwin-Willimas “Grey Matters” SW 7066 for the exterior BUT I need to see it on the house with the rock to make sure it looks good. I have a few other backup options to sample and try if that one doesn’t work. I’ll let you know the color we pick after it’s painted. So exciting you are painting your house grey with white trim too! :)

  5. Looks good! I bet your getting excited now that it’s all starting to come together! I think it’s fun to watch, because I’ll be starting to build my new house in about 2 months once it goes through all the council approval here.

  6. Looks fabulous!! We just moved to Carlsbad in February and are renting while we look for a home to buy. I have been searching in vain for a Cape Cod in the midst of the never ending Spanish/Mediterranean style that is so prevalent here. Apparently you have to BUILD it to get a Cape Cod! :) Now I know!

  7. Jenn! YES and YES! We looked at Spanish/Mediterranean homes for two years and I just couldn’t spend the money on something that was so not me. It’s such a bummer that there isn’t more of what we like around here! East Coast girls in Southern Cal. :)

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