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An organized purse.. with some rambling on the side

Oh.  The last two days have been exciting!  We met our builder yesterday at the lot.  I haven’t seen him in a few weeks and I couldn’t contain my excitement!  I gave him the biggest hug and could NOT for the life of me wipe the grin off of my face.  They chalked the outline of our house!  SO cool to see where it will actually sit.  We also discussed next steps for breaking ground.  It is really happening now.  I. CAN’T. WAIT.  This feels like Christmas on steroids.  I love my builder.  He probably thinks I’m crazy.  I also love my architect and I know he thinks I’m crazy.  :)  I’ve been dropping banana bread muffins off on his doorstep for months trying to make up for it.  Just today we informed him of yet another change we need to make to the floor plan.  Oh my word.  I’m getting totally sidetracked!  See what building is doing to me!  I can’t even remember now what I was talking about.  Oh yeah.  We are breaking ground soon!  And I am crazy.  Something like that.  Anyway.  It’s exciting!  And it’s all I can think about.  
Well.  Except I am thinking of a few other little things.  Other little things that are also making me so happy right now.  Little things like my new purse organizer.  Remember a while back when I shared this organizer that I was using to hold all of my cards and receipts?  

I loved having this to hold all of the “extras” that used to get lost in my purse or that made my wallet too thick to close.  While it was semi-organized and I knew which section was holding what, it was hard to grab something quick at the checkout counter.  I’m usually juggling a kid (or three) when I’m shopping so taking the time to find a certain coupon or receipt is not an easy task.  Kenny gets annoyed that I don’t write everything down right after I make a purchase.  He clearly has no clue what it’s like to juggle Kole at the check out counter.  By that point my toddler is completely OVER shopping and doing everything in his power to escape.  Clearly I need to send Kenny and Kole on a shopping trip together in the near future.  The only problem with that scenario is that Kenny will bail faster than our two year old.  :)

So when I got lost in Staples swooning over Martha Stewart’s new office supplies a few weeks ago, I knew this fabulous little accordion file would be a perfect way to organize my cards even better.

Isn’t she beautiful!?  I love the blue and grey.    

 I couldn’t wait to get to work labeling all of those adorable little tabs!  I made a section for coupons, gift cards, stamp cards, reward cards, business cards, pictures and notes (just a few pics I like to keep with me of the kids and some little love notes they have written me), and the back section holds receipts.  After I pay for something I just slip my receipt in my wallet.  Then later when I’m home and not dealing with my anti-shopper, I write down the amounts from the day in my check register so I can keep my check book balanced (making my husband extremely happy).  Then I throw most receipts away.  But if I think I may want to return something I purchased, I tuck the receipt into the back of this little beauty.  Now everything has an assigned place and I can easily find exactly what I need!  Even with Kole trying to do somersaults out of my arms.

This accordion file holds A LOT.  It opens really wide and there is plenty of room for all of my cards.  

 Then it tucks in nice and neat with the grey band that wraps around it holding everything in place.  

It fits perfectly in my purse and helps me keep everything oh so organized!
 I just love an organized purse, don’t you!?
I will be back soon with more house updates!  If I can stay focused that is.  
I seem to be having a hard time with that lately.  
xoxo, Erin
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44 thoughts on “An organized purse.. with some rambling on the side

  1. Cute! I saw that at Staples this last weekend and almost got it. I may still go back to get it. I got a few of the other products to update my filing system. Love the colors!

  2. That is such a great idea on organizing! Love it – so true we get so many cards to juggle even without a cute 2-year old. And oh, super exciting about your house!!

  3. What a great idea! I can’t count the number of times I’ve saved a coupon on my fridge and totally left the house without it. Clearly I need a better system.

  4. I read your blog because I am inspired by your organization. However, I find the description of your home building process obnoxious. You must not read or watch the news. With so many people in financial dismay, it is hard to read about your stressful event of leaving out a window in your walk-in closet. What a tragedy! Oh my, where should you put the second kitchen island? I hope you can help do dishes for a homeless shelter with that 2nd dishwasher. People are losing their homes everyday. Many fathers are having a hard time finding a job and putting food on the table. You constantly sound like a spoiled rotten brat! I will find other blogs for organization tips. In the meantime, I hope you can sleep tonight knowing that your architect & builder can change your home plans to accommodate that window!

  5. Wow, talk about obnoxious…if you don’t like it don’t read it! I think your blog is amazing and you are excited about your house and want to share-there is no shame in that at all! Your life is what you make it and you seem happy so enjoy! xoxo

  6. Wow…. if “Anonymous” doesn’t like what you are talking about, why is she on here reading?!

    I guess she also doesn’t realize that by building a house, you will be helping countless dozens of people keep their jobs – construction workers, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, drywallers, furniture makers….

    Anonymous needs to move on to some other blog! Erin, you keep talking about your new house! The rest of us would love to share your excitement!

  7. Oh and I think this file is brilliant! I have so many discount/reward cards that my wallet is stuffed! I will definitely be making a staples trip!!

  8. Thanks everyone! So glad you like the organizer. I love that whole line of office supplies by Martha Stewart! They are all so pretty and functional!

    Anonymous – Thanks for reminding us all of the realities of the world we live in. If you’ve read this blog for a while you know that it is dedicated to keeping things light hearted and “sunny.” My writing style about the house (and everything else I write about) is meant to be playful and fun, but if you find it offensive then please feel free to send me a non-anonymous email and I will be happy to send you links to some other organization blogs that you can read instead.

  9. Oh I so love your purse organizer…. I am pretty organized person and love to look for the ways to make life easy. you gave me great idea about receipts. I have same problem as yours while shopping. I need to buy one like this.
    Oh and what a great news about your new house!!! Congrats!!!!

  10. I have the exact same martha organizer and I LOOOOVE it! It says so flat an compact in my purse and fits so nicely. I had one from Wal-Mart previously, and it was so fat and bulky. This one is perfect!

  11. Anonymous – thank you! I found that purse at Dillards in Utah last summer, but it’s a Guess purse and I have seen similar purses at the Guess store at my mall. Hope that helps! :)

  12. So cute!! Where did you get the purse organizer? I love your blog Erin….let the naysayers go somewhere else! :) Well wishes from Missouri! Jessica

  13. Erin, I’m going to make it a point to go to Staples this weekend and buy one of the Martha Stewart coupon organizers. I love that! I will also check out the rest of her line while I’m there.

    Changing the subject: I was thrilled to see Emily, the Bachelorette, select Jef as one of the final two bachelors Monday night. I think he is the perfect man for her – he seems so kind and such a family-oriented man. I have heard rumors that they are engaged! I hope that is true!!

    I’m excited to hear more about your new home plans! Take care!

  14. I love this idea! And I desperately need a system like this too! I’m adding it to my list for when I shop for school supplies… if I can wait that long. lol

  15. Ok, I think I might need one of those too! It is cute and looks like it’s doing a mighty fine job for you!
    It made me laugh about taking banana bread muffins to your builder- when we were building our house I used to take baked goods to my contractor about every week. He accused me of trying to make him fat, but hey, who doesn’t like the girl who brings you homemade cookies?! So glad it’s moving along for you!

    And wow! I can not believe the extremely rude comment you got there! Obviously people love your blog and everything you write about- and since you write about YOUR LIFE, if someone doesn’t want to hear about it then they don’t need to read it! That kills me about people!

  16. Jessica – thanks for the sweet comment! I got the organizer at Staples. They have a section of their store dedicated to Martha Stewart’s new office supplies.

    Thanks Jane! I have heard that too! Jeff is actually from my home town and my dad knows his dad! Kinda fun. :) He has my vote!

  17. Erin, I come on your blog because it is such a bright, happy place. I love seeing what you and your adorable family are up to! And I love that you are so excited about your new home. There is no shame in having money. Your husband works hard as an attorney and you work hard as a mommy. You deserve to be excited about your such an amazing experience! Life is short! I’ve stopped reading the news and I’m so much happier!!!

  18. Hi Erin talk about rollercoaster of reactions to a blog post. When I first saw your post I got all grumpy because Im in the UK and the Martha Stewart range isnt available here – or so I thought! I decided to investigate to see if there was a launch date for for the UK and yippee it launched this week. Hopping over to the Staples website all excited to snag me some goodies, only to find the products I wanted arent available here! Grrr. So anyway I contacted Staples who advised me that the particular product I was desperate for (your little accordion file) wont be here till 2013. Cue ranting and tears (yes I know sad) but theres a happy ending. Hooray to the lovely lady at Staples, she emailed me back to say she’d found a sample and would send it to me FREE. So I am one happy bunny and all thanks to you really – Erin, you are a star and this has made my day!

  19. Thanks so much Angela! You always leave such sweet comments that totally brighten my day. I feel incredibly grateful to have so many kind readers like you!

    Anonymous in the UK – YEA! That is AWESOME! I love that you are getting a free one! You go girl!! :)

  20. who wants to read blogs about homeless and jobless numbers. NO ONE!! I dare say not even the homeless and jobless. We all need a little sunny side up now and then…you go Erin!! How’s a girl to post fashion friday without natural light in the master closet. like duh!

  21. And of course that little beloved organizer is your favorite color!

    So exciting about your house almost reaching the ‘break ground’ part. Can’t wait to see some pics of the progress.

    You will be posting or emailing pics on a regular basis right? Don’t make me stalk you like I do Ann.

  22. Hi Kathleen and Shari! Fun to hear from you both. :)

    Kathleen – that is exactly what I was thinking! ;) HA! Loved your comment. It made me smile. Thanks for covering me. :)

    Shari – is there any doubt about how often I will share pics? :) Calling you soon!

  23. Hi,
    I love your blog. I love to read about you & your family & your new house. I’d be excited too.

    I was quite shocked too by the negative comments. In fact, I thought she was quite rude.

    I like the purse organizing thing. Is a purse something you put money in or carry on your shoulder? A purse here in the UK is for putting money in & we carry a handbag on our shoulder. Still a brill idea tho:)

    Thanks again for a great blog:)

  24. I absolutely love your blog. Don’t change a single thing!!! I look forward to every single blog post and love your happy, bubbly little self. I am a friend of genn’s by the way. Keep it up…

  25. Hi Erin. I just read your post from last night. I know…I am usually up and reading it at night…lol. I love your purse. Not only cute it looks soft. I have a Marc Jacobs that is really soft but it is heavy, empty. If I put a few things in it I feel like I am carrying luggage.
    Love the accordion file too.
    I am so sorry that someone has to write such ugly things on your blog. I don’t know you IRL but I love you and your such a sunny and happy person. You make me laugh so much. That is why I always come back.
    Enjoy your house planning. Has anonymous read your blog long enough to know that Kenny works long hours and worked hard to be able to build the house of your dreams. It is blessing and you should be happy and excited.
    I am excited for you!!! Just saying
    Don’t let people like that discourage you. I love hearing about your plans. Makes me wish we did that instead of buying a newly built home.
    Keep bloging Erin. I’d be lost without your humor and those cute babies of yours!

  26. Oooh I need that little Martha Stewart organizer! Thanks for sharing :)

    Um, why do people feel they have the right to leave rude comments? Obviously they were never taught the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything all” rule. It’s YOUR blog, you can write about building 5 new houses if you want to! Way to take the high road, Erin.

  27. A “different” anonymous reader here… Anyway, I can see both sides to this, above anonymous wasnt really rude per say, but she was a bit confrontational. With that said, if it were my blog, I would want honest feedback and criticism because perception is reality and if one person actually is annoyed enough to say something, then its likely that others are feeling the same way and are choosing to say nothing at all if they dont have anything nice to say, as the person referenced above. I would think that someone who is blogging would want to make sure that they retain a good reputation, as the blog is a reflection of who you are. This means that one should choose their words wisely. There has only been one time that Erin has left me thinking wow thats kind of bratty/entitled sounding. Other then that, I have always had a stellar impression of Erin. I hope you view my comment as constructive and respectful.

  28. I would love to see pics of everything you have in your bag. I always love those on other blogs. Love the Guess bag!

  29. I want to see a purse dump! Always one of my fav blog posts and i am sure yours has super goodies and ideas in it.

    Blah blah and blech to the two people on here writing about what you have to say in a negative tone! Get your own blog then negative nillys!! Your blog isnt about the economy or politics so bug off i say. Also i am a firm believer if you work hard you shouldn’t be punished…so good for you guys.

    I want you to come organize my closets and cabinets and drawers. Please. Let me know when you are free. Lol

    And i cannot wait to see the house in progress. Jealousy is evil….being happy for someone is fun!!!

  30. Hi Erin,

    Love the purse organiser, I need to see if I can get Martha Stewart things here to Australia!! I am with CMD above, would love to take a peek inside your handbag and see the organisation in there! :)

    I was so shocked to see the negative comments to your blog! I started reading your blog for the organising tips and have come to now love reading your blog on a daily basis to see what you and your gorgeous family are up to. Obviously anonymous hasn’t read your posts about you and Kenny struggling to make ends meet when you were in college. There is nothing wrong with working hard and enjoying the money. You stay as you are Erin as you are such a happy loving person and I don’t even know you personally. You brighten up my days with your blog as I am sure you do for the many other readers out there.

    Stay “sunny side up”! :)

  31. My wallet is bursting with all of the store discount and reward cards! I have a cheap accordion organizer for coupons but it is bulky and hard to open. Will have to try this one instead! Thanks!

    And to Anonymous – my husband lost his job when I was 9 months pregnant. He was unemployed for another 10 months or so before finally settling for a job that pays less than a third of what he made previously. We lost our beautiful 2500 sq ft house and are raising now a family of four in a tiny 2 br condo. I have suffered from this economy, yet I never read Erin’s blog and think she still sounds bratty or entitled. It cheers me up and gives me hope that the American dream still exists and that I can have it again one day.

    And Ps – there is nothing bratty about shopping at forever 21 and carrying a Guess purse. Can’t imagine what you would say about the Gucci one I toted in more prosperous days.

  32. Erin —

    I love your posts! Don’t listen to a word these negative posters have left on your blog. I find it amazing that they are suggesting you should donate food to the homeless and work in a soup kitchen without knowing whether or not you already do. For all we know you are doing all sorts of wonderful things for other people without bragging about every single accomplishment. It’s easy to lob in mean posts behind an “Anonymous” veil — you can say any mean and hurtful thing you want without knowing whether or not the allegation is justified and knowing that you’ll never have to defend the mean thing you said.

    These posters should also keep in mind that whether buying or building a home, that home is probably the biggest financial decision you’re ever going to make so OF COURSE you’re going to worry about little details like putting in windows becuase if you miss these details now then you’ll be ticked about it every time you walk in that closet for the next 25 years. Would these negative posters say to their friends that because we live in a bad economy they couldn’t care less if their cars fit into their garage or whether their existing house has windows? Of course they care and of course they would be doing exactly what you are doing now.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing and ignore these people — you inspire me!

  33. Again, thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and support everyone!

    To the anonymous commenter whose comments I have deleted – I would be happy to discuss your opinions with you. Feel free to email me anytime. ( I’m just not going to put up with the negativity on my blog.

  34. I just want to add that as LDS (Mormons) we usually fast once a month. This is usually for 2 meals.

    In the church we have something called fast offering & the money from the 2 missed meals is given to fast offerings. These help needy people, both members & non-members all around the world.

    When something major happens in the world, such as tornados, the LDS church are usually the first to help.

    What I mean by my comments is that just because a person may not help in a soup kitchen or wherever, they are helping in other ways – like fast offerings.

  35. Hi Erin, its Mags from the UK – I posted about how the Martha line just landed here and about snagging myself one of the accordion files. So my parcel arrived this morning and to my complete shock and utter delight it contained so much more than the file – they also sent me a small notebook, gift labels, dry erase labels and notetabs. Talk about wallowing in office supply heaven!! Just wanted to share what has totally made not just my day but my week!

    PS In my excitement I forgot to share my opinion about the other anonymous really negative comment – for what its worth, why should you apologise for your success and about sharing great things that are happening in your life. Someone else said who wants to hear about the negative stuff and I agree, we are constantly bombarded with the stuff and its lovely to share some sunniness for a change. Besides what right do they have to judge when they have no clue as ro how much charity work and charitable donations you make and equally whether your husband does probono work too – thats your business and nobody elses. Sorry Ive come over all indignant for you, but really!! Rant over Im off to bond with my office supplies lol.

  36. Hi Erin, I love your blog, especially your house stories and your organisation tips. I too am in the uk and enjoy seeing the sunny skies in your photos! Please keep us up to date with the progress on your build, and ignore the nasty comment!

  37. Julie, Mags and Jan (and everyone else who left a sweet comment on this post!) –

    Thank you so much! It’s funny – I got these really negative comments, but all I have been able to think about ever since is how many WONDERFUL, sweet readers were so quick to come to my defense. I am so lucky to have readers like all of you. You all inspire ME! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  38. Erin I am new to your blog and I love it. You and your husband have worked hard for everything that you have. Enjoy all of it. I think that blogger was very rude and jealous.

    Please don’t change the way you blog. I can see that you are a good wife, mother, and friend.

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