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Over 30 ways to organize your home

Hi friends!  I’ve missed you the past few days.  :)  We are checking off our “end of school year to do’s” right and left around here.  I can almost say one week down, one week to go.  And that will be a happy thing to say. I haven’t been this excited for summer break since I was in school myself!  I’m about to end what I’m hoping will be my craziest school year, although with new house stuff heating up and becoming more and more time consuming I think I’m in for one more crazy year.  But no more crazy talk for now.  Instead let’s talk about something fun.  I have been planning my organization presentation for tomorrow night!  And that is FUN.  :)  The basic outline for my talk is to first go over my tips for getting and staying organized.  I’ll have a projector and computer so I’ll be able to pull my blog up on the screen so everyone can see pictures.  Then I’m just going to share different ways I’ve organized some of the spaces in my home to give everyone ideas.  I was thinking it would be fun to take some of my favorite organizers to share because I like visuals and well – I kinda like organizers too.  But which ones?  I have too many favorites!  So I rounded some pictures up to help me decide.  
Baskets are beloved organizers for sure.  Here are some of the ways I use baskets to organize things in my home…
baskets in the pantry for food…

baskets in the living room for books and baby gear…
baskets in the bathroom to hold toilet paper.  
(These last two pictures were taken in December.  Makes me want to pull out the Christmas decor!)  
 Baskets in my closet for accessories like belts, hats, and scarves…
and in the laundry room for smaller laundry items.
Bins for blow dryers and curling irons…
bins in the playroom for toys…  
bins in the linen closet for cleaning rags and supplies…

bins to organize wrapping supplies…
 and doll clothes in the girls’ room…

and “currently reading” books in Kole’s nursery.  
While I love a good basket or bin I’m also crazy about clear organizers!  I love to be able to easily see the items I’m organizing.  
Clear organizers in the pantry to organize food…
and in the fridge to organize more food.  
Clear organizers in the garage to hold nails and clips and screws… 
clear organizers in the girls’ room to hold bigger toys…
 in the closet to hold smaller toys…  
and in the craft cupboard to hold craft supplies…

in the bathroom to hold bath toys…
and clear organizers in the playroom for even more toys.
I know – have a toy, right!?
(Move over barbies!  These bins have recently been taken over by trains and trucks!)

Clear organizers in the hutch to hold miscellaneous items like cords, decor, and remotes my husband won’t let me get rid of…

clear organizers to hold extra dolls/stuffed animals my girls won’t let me get rid of…

and a clear organizer that I’ll never get rid of.
For when the girls and I are in the mood to get fancy.  :)

The rest of my favorite organizers are random.  I like random and well – I kinda like organizers too.  Have I mentioned that before?  

A rack for magazines…

a case for cords…
some ribbons for bows…

dividers for clothes…
stackable shelves for canned goods…
and for spices.  
A crate to hold files…

files to hold school work…
and folders to hold anything else I can come up with.  

Boxes to hold keepsakes…

and Christmas decor.
And last but not least, drawer organizers for bathroom essentials.  
WHEW!  See why I’m having a hard time deciding on a visual?  
Have a favorite.  Or two or two hundred.    
Wish me luck.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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44 thoughts on “Over 30 ways to organize your home

  1. You will do awesome…this is a perfect talk for you to give! Those photos make me want to go organize every little corner of my house.

  2. You will do great. It will flow naturally because that is something you are passionate. Well… Now I’m off to organize something.

  3. Wow. You are awesome! When we were in San Diego a few weeks ago for Natalie’s graduation, I thought of you when we passed the Container Store :)! Best wishes – you will do fabulous.

  4. Amazing! Wish you lived next door, we’d get along great. I have a lot of the same baskets/bins/trays! LOL You’ll be great. It is something you are very passionate about, it will show!!

  5. Just show them all :) once you get started there is no end….:) it might be long time…I would LOVE to be there hearing you :)!!!!!Good Luck!

  6. Show all the pics so you won’t have to bring anything, that way you can see them in action! My favorite is the clear pantry storage. In love with those. They are so pricey!

  7. There is no doubt that you will do great! I think they will all be running home to organize something after you are done showing them all of your organizing ideas! I know it makes me happy in my house!!
    Enjoy your presentation! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  8. You are like my kindred soul… wish there wasn’t 600 miles between us…..I’d love to watch everyone in the audience as they soak up all the knowledge you give them. There are sure to be many “ah-ha, I never thought of that” moments. Enjoy!!

  9. I’d love to know where you found the black zippered organizer you use to hold your charging cords. Or what it’s called? You always have such great ideas, I’m sure your talk will be both inspirational and fun!

  10. Erin!! I want to hire you to come do my house!! Love it!! Question… and maybe you don’t have this problem.. but bath toys… i hate the clutter they make… love that you keep them under the sink… but do you let them sit out every time to dry? Do you have problem with water sitting in the bottom of your plastic containers?

    Keep Organizing! And inspiring us all!!

  11. Hi Erin! I LOVE organizing, so this post made me extremely happy! When you show them the photo of your closet, you might also point out that you organize your clothing into categories (tops, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.) and also by color within each category. I’m sure the girls at church love you, and you will make them all want to go home and get busy organizing!! :-)

  12. Thanks Heather! The black cord organizer is from Target. It was a seasonal item a few years ago so I’m not sure if they still carry it!

    Amy – I’ll answer your question in my next Q & A and share a link to a post about that.

    Jane – good idea! I will for sure share all the details. :)

    Thanks everyone!

  13. So sorry to have missed your presentation!! I was in line at the highschool for the Fall sports physical when I realized you were taking the stage. I am CERTAIN it went fabulous!! And I am just so happy to have your blog for my personal preview and review. you rock organization, erin!!

  14. oh for the love! organizers eye-candy right here, girl! i hope your presentation went well (i’m sure it did!) and also, i came across this blog and thought of you, our littlest’s are the same age and the tips i’ve read so far are super helpful! it’s written by a speech/language pathologist that specializes in early-intervention.

  15. Sarah – thank you so much for that link! I have been on that site all night – SO wonderful. Great advice to help me help my little munchkin. :)

  16. You are the perfect person to give a talk on organization. I use most, if not all, of the organizers you have listed here! I love to organize, too. It is so much nicer to live in a home where everything has a place! You will do great on your talk!

  17. My question is if your house always looks like this! I have 3 boys and a busy life and I have tried to stay organized, but it always seems like the little tornado comes through and while chasing him… things become a disaster! What are your tips?

  18. Hi Jen!

    My house is messy ALL the time. It’s so hard to keep things clean with kids so I totally get what you’re talking about! The nice thing is that my cupboards, drawers, (everything I shared pics of) stays relatively organized so even when the house is a mess, everything has a place and clean up doesn’t take too long. My main advice (after organizing things so that there is a place for everything) is to constantly stay on top of your kids and make them clean up one mess before making another. I know I drive my kids nuts, but they know where everything goes and they know if they make a mess they are going to have to clean it up! It’s never ending work, that’s for sure!

  19. WOW!!! you are so awesome and you do such a wonderful job of managing your home. I aspire to your level one day. Baby steps. I am trying to start with my closet and the kids’ closets. Next up is toys and paper clutter. You have given me so many wonderful ideas. Thanks!!!

  20. I absolutely LOVE your blog! So glad I found it through Pinterest!

    Question about this post in particular – do you have a related post on the ribbon bow holder you have for your daughters? I want to make one for my daughter’s increasing bow and headband collection! The one you have looks simple, which I like!

  21. Thanks everyone!

    Hi Jamie! I’m so glad you found my blog too! :) I actually didn’t make the ribbon bow holder – I bought it on line. I think the site was called Simply Bows? Google that and let me know if you can’t find it. I do think it would be SO simple to make though. It’s just two ribbons (the back one thicker than the first) sewn together at the top on a key ring.

    Hope that helps! :)


  22. I aspire to have as many organizing containers! I would love a long magazine rack just like yours for my mudroom. Can you tell me where you got it?

  23. I love all the organization!!! It makes my heart happy! :) Where did you find the red boxes you use for keepsakes? I love their smooth look.

  24. Just found your blog through Pinterest tonight! OMG! Organization heaven! I love, love, love it! My kids teased me when they were young (they weren’t the only ones) about putting all the canned goods together in alphabetical order OR hanging all the same colors together in the closet. Now they’ve grown up and I have grandkids :-) so some of your ideas will come in handy. A lot of these items weren’t around when my kids were small, so I had to be creative. That’s why I love clear containers now, too! Like you, I really love being able to see what’s inside even though I still label everything. Thank you for sharing and hope your presentation went well…I,too, am inspired to go organize everything! :-D

  25. Love your blog and all of your organizational ideas. just a few quick questions…

    Do you know where I can find the white magazine file you show in one of your pics? I have looked everywhere I can think of for one with no luck.

    Did you refinish your hutch? If so, do you remember the type of paint and the name of the color?

    Thanks so much!!!

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