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Master Closet Organization (take two)

On to the rest of my master closet re-do!  To truly appreciate this minor turned major project you first need to witness the sad state my closet was living in.  I now present to you the before and after!
(drum roll please…)


Ahhhhh.  Like I’ve said before, all is right in the world when all is right with your closet.  :)

Couple things that were driving me crazy about this closet:

1) It’s the only place that I have to store extra home decor which always makes it look like a cluttered mess.  I don’t handle clutter well.

2) THE HANGERS!  I began hating my big brown hangers two weeks after I bought them.  They took up SO much room and they were total dust collectors.  I don’t handle dust well either.  I was running out of room and couldn’t squeeze one more shirt in this closet.  Kenny’s solution was to buy less clothes.  Silly man.  My solution (the right and only solution) was to buy new hangers.

And that’s exactly what I did.  :)

After researching a variety of hangers I finally decided to get these Huggable Hangers because my main goal was to save space.  I bought these at The Container Store, but you can also find them at Target.  My Target didn’t have the grey ones and I wanted grey.  I also wanted an excuse to go to The Container Store.  :)  They aren’t too expensive ($1 a hanger so $10 for a pack of ten) but when you are buying over 200 hangers it gets a bit costly!  I justified this little purchase to my husband by swearing that these hangers are coming with us to the new house and I won’t buy new hangers again for a long time.  And let me tell you – I really meant it!  I LOVE these hangers!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Nothing slips off of them, they are so thin and lightweight, and they seriously doubled my closet space!!

The baskets I shared in my first closet post hold hats, belts, scarves, and travel bags.
They fit perfectly on my side of the closet.  And don’t they add a nice pop of color!?  They make me smile every morning when I waltz in to get dressed.  :)

I mentioned that I majorly cleaned out my clothes.  Three huge black garbage bags to Goodwill.  I can honestly say that I only kept what I really love and wear.  When I’m sorting through clothes I always ask myself two questions:  Is this something I love to put on?  Did I wear this last season?  If the answer to either of those questions is no then I toss it!  I also organized my tops by color (aside from the extra warm stuff I keep at the far right).  I do this often because it makes it easier for me to find and put away my clothes.  And because let’s face it.  I suffer from OCD.  Just a tad.  :)
Next to my tops are my jackets and coats.

Next to my jackets and coats are my skirts and dresses.  (Jeans were relocated to my dresser.)
Here’s another thing I love about these hangers.
They come with clips you can attach for skirts and slacks.  Perfect!
You may remember when I shared my bathroom drawers that I mentioned my curling irons and blow dryer have been moved because the drawer that used to hold them now looks like this:


To solve that little problem I bought this fun Chevron basket to hold my curling irons.
Up high and away from little hands!

Some of my shoes are located in our little make-shift mudroom in the garage, but most of them stay in the closet.  Lined up nice and neat until a certain someone gets her hands on them…

So that’s it for my side of the closet!

Kenny’s clothes got a makeover too.  :)   I organized all of his slacks, dress shirts, collared shirts, and long sleeved shirts together.

His belts and ties are organized on this little tie holder I’ve had for years from Bed Bath and Beyond.
I moved some of my home decor to my laundry room cabinets, but still store most of it in this closet…


I’m excited that in my next house I’ll actually have a place for home decor.
But this works for now.


Remember how I said my new hangers saved me so much space?



Check it out!  I fit all of my clothes and still have SO much room!  Looks like it’s time to go shopping!


So that’s it!  Master closet is completely organized.  A project I was thrilled to check off my list!
Thanks for hanging in there with me!  I hope I didn’t crash any computers with picture overload.
 I got a little excited about this one.  :)
Enjoy your day!
IHeart Organizing
xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “Master Closet Organization (take two)

  1. Looks awesome! I’m totally copying your darling baskets, I think I’ll make a Target run tomorrow. Remember my closet organization I shared with you last year? Well it’s almost as bad as it was before, but you’ve inspired me again. Maybe I’ll find time once school’s out to tackle the closet. Thanks for the inspiration (again) ;)

  2. The thin hangers can also be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and Costco. You can buy them in packs of 50 for $39 and you can use the 20 percent off coupon!

  3. Erin it looks great. I changed out my hangers with the Joy Mangano hangers years ago and I love them also. HSN has them in huge packs much cheaper than out in town.

  4. Looks Great Erin!!! Those hangers look amazing! The color of the baskets look like they match some of your clothing, perfect fit!!! I’m sure you will enjoy this space, until your next closet is ready for you!

  5. Looks great! Now I’m inspired :) I do have a question for you. Where and how do you store your purses and luggage? Those are a few things in our closet that take up SO much space.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Nicole – great tip about about the hangers! Thanks!

    Jessi – I store my purses and luggage in a closet under my stairs. My smaller suitcases are in side of the bigger ones to save space. They are just lined up in the back of that closet. Not a perfect solution but the only space I have for them! :)

  7. I’m so glad to hear you like those hangers -I’ve been eyeing them for a while. We have all white plastic hangers in our closet and they drive me crazy. I was at our Home Goods a couple weeks ago and saw the Huggable hangers in an 18 pack for $7. Hopefully they’re still there when I go back! Maybe I’ll have more motivation to clean my closet out if I have pretty hangers to put them on. :-) Your closet is fabulous!!

  8. Wow, it looks great! It cracks me up to see all those shoes lined up so perfectly. That would never work for me – my 3 year old is always in my closet. She would be all over those shoes in a few minutes and it would be a complete wreck. Do your girls ever get into your closet and mess things up? What about Kole? Shoes are a big temptation in this house. Whatever is lying around will get put on, walked around in, used for dress-up purposes…drives me crazy. I have to keep all my shoes in those plastic shoe boxes (from Container Store)

  9. wow!! looks so great! (tip: right now costco has slim line, no-slip hangers for $9.99 for 35. just bought 4 boxes yesterday and i really did triple my closet space!)

  10. I love Joy Mangano’s huggable hangers. Go to she has amazing colors to choose from and great deals! I got a beautiful turquoise a few months ago. I’ve also got gray navy black yellow green. LOL Not all for me for the hubby and kids.


  11. It looks so great, Erin! I can only imagine how relaxing it must be to step into that each morning.

    PS – judging by Kenny’s polos, we’re going to have a hard time telling our husbands apart in May. Stripped shirts abound in our closet, too : )

  12. Looks amazing – let me say I’m jealous of a few things… 1) walk-in closet!!! 2) you have a Container Store near you. My closet is a nightmare, but I wouldn’t even know what to do with it – soo.teeny.

  13. Awesome! That looks great, and it’s inspiring me to get going on cleaning out mine! I haven’t since before I got pregnant…and Lillian’s almost one now! I also organize my clothes by color ;)
    I wanted to let you know you’ve won the Versatile Blogger Award;
    swing by
    when you can to pick it up! :)

  14. Those hangers are the ONLY way to go. I wanted a specific color too and had to buy from the good ol shopping channel..but it came with other organizing goodies so that was a plus!

  15. I actually groaned out loud when I read that you took your clothes to Goodwill! Man I wish you were my neighbor. Iw ould gladly have taken those off your hands:) There’s going to be some lucky Goodwill shoppers in your area!

  16. Oh I’m such a bad shopper my husband owns twice as many clothes as I do…but I tell you seeing those hangers make me feel like I won’t have reached adulthood until I’ve thrown away all the extra wire dry cleaning coat hangers.

  17. Seeing your pics made me realize how much having only one type of hanger adds to the closet looking organized. I think I need to do some hanger shopping as I start working on my closet.
    Ps. Love your purse in the picture with the container store bags :)

  18. I’m not patient enough to read everybody’s comment but wanted to say that you can get very similar hangers at Ross, TJ Max and the like and they are…well, less. just an FYI. (they probably did NOT have gray though)

  19. Those are the best hangers! They are a really good investment. I also have a minor obsession with closets and having the hangers perfectly spaced across the rod. My shoes are lined up like yours but for some reason I have them turned so the toes are pointing toward the back wall of the closet. :) Your Goodwill just hit the jack pot with your donation I’m sure.

  20. That is really nice. I loved these hangers too and used them but found they “shed” the felty texture and they would warp when I hung something heavier. So then I found these hangers (they call themselves “super-grippy” which is corny but true)and they have all different models, they’re compact and strong, and more non-slip than anything I’ve seen before. I re-did all the closets in my house with them. They’re made in Germany by a company called mawa, no idea what that means. They are neat hangers!

  21. I absolutely love the teal baskets!! Did I read correctly?! You are taking clothes to goodwill of yours?! Oh by the way would you like my address!! Haha! I love your posts!! You keep me inspired!

  22. At the risk of sounding like a busybody, why not keep your handbags in your closet and move the home decorations under the stairs?

  23. Anonymous – I need a shelf for my home decor and there isn’t one under the stairs. Plus I don’t switch out my handbags that often so I don’t want them taking up precious closet space. :)

  24. Awesome closet makeover!!! I just purchased the green target baskets for my closet. Great minds think alike. LOL!!! I am in love with that collection of baskets. I have several around my house. ;)


  25. I was searching for closet before and afters and came upon your site. Awesome! My question is how many hangers did you use?

  26. I found “Super Grippy Hangers” online. After trying them out, I did my entire closet with them. They come in shapes and sizes for anything you’d need to hang (including sizes for women and kids), they’re sturdy and they don’t stretch clothes out at the shoulders. I love the way they keep clothes on the hanger. My closet looks so tidy, it’s easier to find the clothes I am looking for. One thing that took getting used to, you can’t just “grab and go” – you have to take clothes off the hangers because of the super-grippy coating, so they might not be for everyone. And they’re a little more expensive but they are so well-made I think they’re the last hangers I’ll have to buy.

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