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Master Closet Organization (take one)

Well.  I was hoping to share my complete master closet makeover with you today but I’m going to have to break it up into two posts because I took TOO MANY pictures.  Not the first time.  Certainly won’t be the last.  This closet ended up being a major undertaking.  I started it in January and didn’t completely finish it until March.  And it’s not that it’s that amazing of a makeover or anything.  It just took forever because I went through every. single. article of clothing I own to decide if I should keep it or toss it.  And I tossed a lot.  Several bags went to Goodwill.  New organizers were bought.  Lots of organizing took place.  And now everything is right in the world.  Because everything is right with my closet.  :)  
Aside from my clothes, I also needed to organize some accessories. 
 So I bought these fun baskets from Target.  (Ten bucks each baby!)  
Then I made some fun labels for them.  A lot of fun was going on at this point.  

I decided to just use the same labels I made for my linen closet.  Quick and easy.  (I just circle punched some scrapbook paper.)  Plus I have a thing for clothes pins.  And for the color yellow.

 It’s hard to see my handwriting in these pictures (click on the pic if you want to see it closer.)
Or instead I’ll just make it easy for you and tell you that these baskets hold HATS, BELTS, SCARVES, and TRAVEL BAGS.  
My belts.
Kenny’s hats.

 My scarves.

 Our travel bags.  

Before my closet makeover most of this was dumped together in an over crowded plastic bin.  
Now everything has a place. 
In my closet, not on my hutch.  :)  
I’ll show you their real location and the rest of this little project tomorrow! 
But aren’t we off to a lovely start!?
xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Master Closet Organization (take one)

  1. I LOVE this! I am so anxious to see the finished project! You are so right about everything being right with the world when your closets (& home) are organized! LOVE it!

  2. Hi Erin
    Thanks for the inspiration! You inspired my to tackle under my bathroom sink last week. It was really bad…I am still smiling every time I open it. Can’t wait to see the rest of the closet! I have several of those bins (green) in my laundry room, love them.

  3. Oh, I SOOO need to do this soon. Our master closet and guest room closets were the two big-ish projects that I didn’t get to over Lent. I can’t wait to see part 2! Thanks for the motivation : )

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Stacey – that is too funny! I love random dreams like that. :)

    Cathy – So happy for you tackling under your sink! That’s such a problem area. I know what you mean – nothing like opening those cabinets and smiling every time. Feels so good!

  5. Dang! I need to live by you so I can stalk your Good Will… you have the cutest clothes!! I think you should do a mystery box giveaway of your hand-me-downs…or better yet, I’m mail you a box to ship them to me! heehee :-)
    Those labels with clothes pins are so cute! I’ve been eyeing those bins at Target for a while – the dollar store had some similar ones so I scooped them up, but they’re not quite as big. Excited to see your follow-up post!

    Malissa :-)

  6. Love, love the basket tips. This is what my master closet needs. We are off to St. George in a few days and I love their Target. Look forward to your part two! I love my house but my master closet is the one area that we say … would do it differently!

  7. I took on my closet floor over SPring Break. just the floor of it, can you imagine?

    baby steps.

    Scarves! Thanks you for the solution as to what to do with them!


  8. I love the colour of the baskets! Erin, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, check out my April 18th post for information. Have a great day!

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