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Organized Bath Toys

Hi everyone!  Several of you have e-mailed me and asked questions about how I organize certain things (and about other topics) and I just wanted to let you know that I WILL get around to answering your questions on my blog at some point.  Thank you for being patient!  A few of you asked recently how I organize my kids’ bath toys.  Great timing because sorting through them was on my trusty “to organize” list.  BTW-it was pouring rain today.  I was planning on exercising with friends and running errands, but because of the weather Kole and I opted to spend the morning at home in our pjs.  I got so many spaces checked off my list!  I always organize best when it rains.  :)  Now I just need the sun to peek out so I can take pictures of everything!  

I’ve had my kids’ bath toys organized the same way for years.  About every 6 months (usually while my girls are in the tub) I dump all of their toys on a towel and go through them.  I get rid of stuff they aren’t playing with anymore and put away toys that aren’t for the tub that always somehow make their way into my “tub toy” bins.  Because I sort through these toys so often it’s a quick ten minute job.

I just use simple plastic bins that I’ve had for years and divide the toys by categories…sorta.  They get messed up and that’s ok.  I’m fine as long as they aren’t spilling all over the place.  

I keep all of the bath toys under one of the bathroom sinks.  I keep the lids off so that they are easy for the girls to grab and put away.

After bath time we always toss the toys in the sink.  Then after the toys have dried off (for the most part) one of us tosses them in the bins.  Letting the toys dry out a little keeps them from getting mildew-y.  Is mildew-y a word?  I guess it is on this blog.

 Kole was so content playing with all of these toys while I was going through them!  It was seriously the longest he has sat still in weeks.  I think we may need to re-organize the tub toys more often.  
Like every afternoon.  :)  
 Happy Tuesday everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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21 thoughts on “Organized Bath Toys

  1. I guess you are not a morni
    Great way to organize bath toys. I love tubs and baskets for underneath the sink. But, for wet toys that has to be the best way! The rain was nice today. We needed it. I needed it. I painted over a few spots on the wall and scrubbed the fridge. It was a pj day for me too. My bed is calling my name. have a great week.

  2. Whoops. Started that comment off wrong. I was going to say I guess your not a morning person. I know you are with 3 kids…lol. I like the peace at night so I stay up way to late. Thought I deleted that.

  3. Thanks Erin for this blog post! I aim to tackle the bath toys this week!

    It has also been pouring rain all the way on the other side of the world in Brisbane Australia and today I too had a PJ day and organised my playroom… one of my areas on my list marked off :-)

  4. Love a cozy rainy or in our case – snowy afternoon to organize! Super excited that I have this afternoon off and it will be that. Although I’m not organizing tub toys these days – I so appreciate your tips. Inspires me! Hope you have a great day.

  5. You are a genius Erin.
    I organize my kids bath toys basically the same way, but we keep one plastic basket (with holes for the water to drain out) on the side of the tub. They usually dump that whole basket in there each night and then we quickly throw them back in after baths. But the basket gets gross ebcause the toys are wet. Drying them in the sink is such a great idea! Thanks! :)

  6. That’s pretty much how we do it too, but I love the idea of putting the toys in the sink after bath. Most nights, if we don’t unload and dry them off together (which rarely happens!), they sit in the tub and I go back later that night or completely forget all about it. Tonight, they’ll be going in the sink to dry off! Thanks for another great idea!!! ~Gina

  7. Holy hotcakes! That is a LOT of bath toys! We get a new little bath toy set once a year(like a 5-6 piece set, this year it was a dishes bath set)…and it sits in a drainer in the bath…and then it gets thrown away and we get a new one after a year of use. We just don’t have the space for that many bath toys.

  8. Phew! That’s ALOT of toys for bath time! I like in and out lol. They get a small basket to play with but that’s about it. Do you have issues with molding on certain toys?

  9. If your toys ever do get mildew-y, you can just soak them in a gallon of water with about 1/4 cup bleach for about 30 minutes, then rinse. I especially have to do this with the squeeze ones that suck up water!

  10. Hi Penelope! I haven’t had mold on any of our toys yet. I think it’s because I put them in the sink to dry out after the tub.

    And I know! My girls have a TON of tub toys. They went through a phase where mermaids and tub toys were all they wanted to play with. :)

  11. Wow! Your girls have a ton of bath toys! My girls would be so jealous. This mean mama only lets them have a couple at a time. Quick baths = not to many bath toys. Note to self: don’t let me two little girls see this post! :)

  12. They did a story on bathroom toys and it was pretty interesting. After you use the bathroom toilet some of the water from the toilet always comes out of the bowl and lands on the toys. I found that pretty alarming and decided to just throw the toys away as they had mold on the inside and who knows what else but I didn’t want that on my kids’ toys and threw them all away.

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