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Ellie and Addison

Hair Accessories (and a winner!)

Happy Monday everyone!  First item of business – winner of the Scentsy Giveaway!  I sure wish I could say “Who wants a Scentsy?  You all get one!!”  Kinda like Oprah with her cars.  “YOU get a Scentsy and YOU get a Scentsy and YOU get a Scentsy!  But since I’m not Oprah, and since Megan probably wouldn’t love me giving out over 300 of her candles, I guess I can’t say that.  What I can say is that I just had Kenny punch the numbers in a random number generator on his computer (that’s right – I’m staying out of it) and the winner is…  Jennifer who said:
  “I have seen these but don’t have one yet.  I would LOVE one.  I love for my house to smell good when someone walks in.  btw Erin I love your blog and your ideas.  Thanks for sharing!”

Thanks and Congratulations Jennifer!  Send me an e-mail (link is on the side of my blog) with your information and I’ll make sure Megan gets in touch with you.  If you didn’t win and are interested in buying your own Scentsy, you can click on the links to Megan’s site in the giveaway post.
Ok!  That was fun.  Second item of business:  Hair accessories.  How I organize them that is.  (This is my blog after all.  Items of business aren’t going to be all that business like around here.)  A few of you have asked recently how I organize my girls hair accessories so here is my system…

Several years ago I bought these two long ribbons to hang all of the girls’ little bows and clips.  I wish I could remember where I ordered the ribbons from, but I can’t.  They would be simple to make though – just long ribbon attached to rings with a bow at the top.  You can’t see in this picture but the bows at the top each have my girls’ initials on them.  Anyway – this is what the bows looked like three years ago when it was just me and the girls.  Nice and organized and color coordinated.  I like to call this time the “pre-Kole era”.  Back when things made sense and my whole life was color coordinated.

Here’s what they currently look like.  Post Kole.  Still organized on the ribbons…just not nearly so neat and tidy.  A bit like my life now.   See – I needed a third.  He has mellowed me.  :)

For now I just loop their headbands through the bows on the top, but this is only a fraction of the girls’ headbands so I’m trying to figure out a better place to keep all of them together.  Since my “post Kole” life is a bit hmmm…what’s the word….insane!  I haven’t had time to deal with them yet.

I organize their clips, small elastics and bobby pins in little plastic containers.
And use some longer containers for their bigger elastics.

I also use a longer one for their toothpaste and toothbrushes.  

It all fits nicely in a little cupboard inside of their bathroom mirror.

Accessories are easy to reach when it’s time to do hair.  Regardless of who is getting their hair done!
And since we’re talking hair accessories, I can’t resist posting my all time favorite picture of my girls in their bathroom…

{2008 – ages 2 and 4}  
I remember Addison hugging Ellie waiting for her to be done brushing her teeth (she used to do this all the time).  I walked by the bathroom one night and just happened to have my camera in my hand.  Nothing like catching a precious, fleeting moment between your kids.  I’ve always loved this picture. 
Hope your week is off to a great start!  Color coordinated or not.  :)
p.s.  You can see a mini tour of this little bathroom my girls share here

xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “Hair Accessories (and a winner!)

  1. Hi Erin. Great post. When my girls were little I went crazy over organizing their accessories by color. No joke. I had about six clear shoes boxes labeled by color. LOL. It worked but I can’t believe I did that. Now that they are 11 and 13 we’ve narrowed it down to this cute container I found at the container store for their elastic bands and a few little accessory clips. I can tell you love The Children’s Place just as I do. I’ve seen a lot of the clothes I used to buy them in your posts including some of those cute little barrettes in this post. This maybe Aliya’s last year shopping at CP now she likes Justice and they both love Aeropostale. Oh what to look forward to :-) Have a great Monday.

  2. What a sweet picture! Your girls bathroom is so cute! And your bows and headbands still look great! They would all be in a basket if it were me. ;-) Maybe it is a good thing I have all males in this house. lol!

  3. I miss those hairbow days! My girls (now 22 and 18) store all their hair accessories in a tote that has trays inside that we got at the containerstore years ago. My oldest took hers off to college and now has it at her apartment. Plenty of compartments for clips and the bottom holds ribbons or headbands. I use extra clear boxes for additional items under the sink too.

  4. Oh Erin posts like these just make me want to run out and borrow a bunch of girls for 18 years or so. I remember those days of pink ribbons and fun flower headbands and I want them back!

  5. Good morning, Erin. I ran across your blog a few weeks ago through one of those “rabbit trails” and wish I could remember how I got here! Haha! I really enjoy your posts and wanted to say that you have a precious family. My girls are 29, 26, and 16. So we’re out of the barrett stage, but I used to have a similar system. I braided yarn in a long length to hang in their bathroom for the clips and such. My oldest now makes hairbands and she keeps hers in a large vase. She just sticks one end in the vase all around the top. Maybe that would work for you. Seeing your girls makes me miss those days when ours were small. Enjoy them!

  6. I use an over-the-door shoe organizer with clear pockets in my daughter’s bathroom. The little pockets work perfectly for organizing all of her hair accessories!

  7. I feel more organized, just knowing my hair accessory system is very similar to yours.

    Sadly though, I probably don’t even need a system because Audrey hates to have her hair done – she prefers “just hair” – ha!

  8. Just sharing a tip I’ve read and used before…take an empty oatmeal container, or similar shape but smaller, cover with some cute scrap paper, and slip headbands around the outside – like they are hugging the container. It’s an easy way to see all of them at once. You could even store something else inside!

    I enjoy your blog, Erin. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I need to find that bow organizer you have! Right now, ours are just thrown in their bathroom drawer. No organization whatsoever.

    LOVE that last picture! Such a sweet moment. And I used to wear pink sponge rollers as a little girl. Brings back so many memories!

  10. I love how you organized your little girls bows. I have one little girl and right now everything is tucked in one drawer. But your post gave me some great ideas thanks for sharing. And I love the picture of your girls in the bathroom those moments are just priceless.

  11. Love your hair accessory organization!

    Do your girls really take their clips out of their hair and NOT leave them in their rooms, on their beds, in their backpacks, etc? Do they really go into the bathroom, take them out of their hair, and put them where they go? I have five girls … and ribbons, headbands, and clips are ALL over our house. I find them everywhere: In their rooms. In MY room. In the kitchen. In the car. In various drawers and cupboards throughout the house. We have designated “spots’ for them in the bathroom, but do they get put back there? NO! I’m ready to send my girls over to your house for a week or two (hey, you are only an hour away from me, so this isn’t such a stretch!) and then they can learn your ways and will follow the good examples of Ellie and Addison and will come back to me with some organizational habits!

    Love that picture of the girls ~ Addison’s hair is so curly!

  12. Wasn’t the last episode of The Good Wife the best? I remember you said that was one of the shows you watch. I love that show! It is my favorite one! -Erin

  13. I love that adorable picture of the girls! (: Their bathroom is so nicely decorated. Could you please share the name of the green that it’s painted? Thanks!

  14. you are a gal after my organizing lov’n heart!

    Your solution looks just fabulous with or without color coding. You have a place for them, and they are in their place. :)

    when i first saw the photo, i thought you had hung up two belts (which would be clever as well!)

    i very recently featured on article on organizing hair accessories on my site – i just may have to go back and add your pic to the mix as well.

    hope you are having a happy weekend!

  15. Hi Ashley!

    I wish I knew the name of that green color! I took a green bin in to the paint store and just had them match it. Sorry that isn’t much help to you!

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