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No sleep and a new header

Things have felt a little crazy around here the past few days with both mom and baby being sick.  Kole is completely sleep deprived – which of course means I too am completely sleep deprived.  Reminds me again of exactly why I struggled so much when my babies were newborns.  Sleep is key to being able to juggle life with my three busy monkeys!  Kole is on a lot of medication (his cold went straight to his lungs) and is doing breathing treatments every few hours so hopefully he’ll start to feel better soon.  The only upside to him feeling down and out is that he is awfully cuddly.  I have to admit that I have loved snuggling him and rocking him at night – even though I pay for it in the morning.  I’m actually feeling a little better and am crossing my fingers that I can get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling like a new woman tomorrow!  As it turns out, organizing was only a temporary upper so we need a serious cure for the common cold.  Get on that people.  I know I have a lot of smart readers out there.  
At this very moment, Kenny is watching some show starring Bruce Willis and is spewing Armageddon references right and left … “Harry doesn’t know how to fail!”  I had to do something to tune out both Kenny and Bruce so I finished my new fall header and changed a few things on my sidebar.  I just love putting up a new fall header!  Makes me so excited for this season.  Here are a couple of past fall headers I stumbled on…

My headers can’t be quite as big as they used to because of the Blogher ad placements.  Still, I love going through our fall pictures.  They make me miss living in Virginia!  In other blog news, I also changed my blog url to  You can still get here by typing my old url  Either one works!  
Well – that’s it for me – I’m off to bed.  Wish me luck.  :)
xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “No sleep and a new header

  1. Being sick seems to be the theme around here. Especially in Ohio when we have 3 seasons in one week! Love the picture of Kenny holding Kole. There’s nothing more attractive about a man than his love for his kids and his family!

  2. Oh hope you are feeling better! Can’t imagine being sick and taking care of a little sick one too!

    And as always, adorable new header! I need to find the time to update mine!

  3. Thank you for caring&sharing, pleease take it easy on yourself and get some R&R too. We all, especially your lovely family, need you to feel your best. I’ve found that the most effective cold&flu treatment has been a ‘freshly’ squeezed lemon or lime with a glass of water every couple of hours when severe (rinse teeth afterwards because the acid can erode enamel). It’s best to have this on an empty stomach like before meals and first thing in the morn. Whenever I have felt weak this remedy has nipped it in the bud countless times. And for a sleep aid, if you need one, I’ve noticed apples are Amazing. Anyhoos, we hope you are feeling better soon.
    Oh and beautiful header as always.

  4. echinacea and zinc help you heal faster and I swear by a netti pot (strange contraption that works wonders for congestion).

    I love DoTerra essential oils and there are several that help with healing from illness.

  5. Here’s a tip to feeling better: Put Vicks rub on your feet before you go to bed and put socks on over it.

    I swear it works. My grandma did this to me as a kid and the next day I felt better. Obviously this is for you and not baby. :)

  6. I swear by Sudafed for getting rid of a cold but I have to say, if it does the same for you as it does for me, it will knock you out cold. I make sure to only take it at night so that may not be an option for you w/ your three little ones…Someone else mentioned Mucinex and I’ve heard that’s great as well. Hope you (and Kole!) feel better soon! :)

  7. i love your new header! we are sick here, too…ugh! just me and the baby (well, she is 2 so not quite a baby anymore). i am turning a corner, i think…but it is SO HARD being sick when life just keeps going on!

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